Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update: Eyeglasses (fit for a clown)

Here I am to update you on my glasses. Normally a post like this would probably not be at all humorous.. but this one just might. (Let me grab a re-fill on my coffee and then I will continue this little story.) All right here we go.

On Thurs the 10th I ordered my two sets of glasses. Shipping time was estimated a week, so I was VERY surprised when my glasses arrived on Mon the 14th *Holy heck* fast shipping.

I excitedly opened the package glass case number one was the lucky brand (black frames)tried them on and INSTANTLY loved them!!
Case number two Kam Dhillon (purple ray-ban style) I opened the case and first thought was.. "Jeaz these are a little huge" Thinking it was just my eyes I walked to the bathroom and put them on looking in the mirror. I wanted to laugh but was so confused as to "WHAT was the person that made these glasses smoking?!?" Now some people might like these.. they may fit someones style. BUT HECK NO!! Not me!!!
I knew they would have to be returned, lucky for me the business accepts returns and even pays the return shipping. (Now that is a great business)
Now I knew I had to take some pics for you guys of these glasses before I packaged them back up within hrs of receiving them only to send back for a credit to get another pair.

But first glasses Pros & Con's

-They were purple (I like purple)

- They were way wider than my actual face.
- They made my eyes look weird.
-The 4 times I put them on I felt like I could get hired to do children's Birthday party's.
- I felt like a 80s geeky secretary.
- My cheek bones do not require to be framed in glass and my ears to not need any magnifying either.

So now I wait for my account to be credited.. so I can once again pick out another pair of frames. I really wanted something Ray-Ban-ish. But I do not want to have to make yet another return.. So I am thinking I will go for some tortoiseshell rectangular frames. And hopefully come across a nice pair of vintage specs within the next 6 months to fill with my prescription. It looks as though it will be a ongoing battle. By the next year I could have 5 pairs of glasses.

I will let you know what I ended up getting when I get another knock at my door in the early a.m. from the FedEx man.

Here's a cute little video if you have some time to pass.


Sincerely x__Vintage Coconut


  1. The black ones are great, the purple ones look cool too but I agree they are definitely a bit big for your face. Ah well, 50% right ain't bad!!

  2. The black ones rock! I love the colour of the purple ones but you're right, they are far too big and haide your gorgeous face.
    What a great company to pay for return shipping.
    I'm still hunting for my perfect pair, by the time I find the right ones I'll probably need a new prescription! xxx
    PS The poodle says hi to his Cananadian cousins!

  3. @ Kitty
    I agree that if sized down a little those purple glasses would have been great!!
    And your right 50/50 is better than 0 out of 100! lol

    @Vintage Vixen
    I hope you find your perfect glasses soon. Lucky for me my prescription is good for two years. LOL That is alot of glasses switching I tell ya!
    Canadian cousins say hello to cousin poodle, and wanted to say that they are watching Canadian geese out the front window. *lol*

  4. Cousin poodle's currently in the kitchen watching a fox sneak around the garden. xxx

  5. @Vintage Vixen
    This gave me a good laugh! The poodles seem to lead quite interesting lives. ;) hahah

  6. Oh wow they are a little on the large side! Remind me of a couple of people here who used to wear large glasses in the eighties! Hope you find some alternatives that you like.

    I just found your blog through Jems' x

  7. love that yellow/green print on the sides of your blog

  8. @Rose&Bird I have picked out about 3 and now just have to make the desicion. lol "Hmm which will I like best?!" It is always so hard!
    Nice to meet you Rose. =D

    I love Yellow and Green together. That full green rose is rather intriguing. =)

  9. Yep,the black ones rock! The purple aren't sooo bad;maybe the black ones come in purple??

  10. Ah, the black spectacles are superb, and I do think they make your natural eyecolour more intense. They underline it nicely. Have a good week;-)

  11. i love your funky glasses! you remind me of rosie the riveter and betty paige! =)

  12. Hi, Congratulations for the win at yurtcraft! :) and a bigger congratulations for turning to cloth.. :)

  13. The black frames are too cute! I love the color of the purple frames but I agree they are a bit big. You have such a delicate and lovely bone structure and the purple frames overwhelm you. So, it is a good thing you can return them. I would love to see what you are able to find to replace them!!

  14. Those kinda looked like the glasses my husband wore when I meet him in 1982. LOL!!!

    Return! right choice.


  15. they look fabulous on u - i could never pull of - they WORK for u!


    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~