Sunday, April 17, 2011

This weeks GARAGE SALE *hYsTeRiA*

This Saturday was my FIRST garage sale weekend of the year! Did I have fun?? HELL yes I did! Here is the story... Alarm started going off at 7:00 a.m. The earliest sales here started at 8:00 a.m. So I hurried applied makeup and made coffee. When I was ready I woke up the guy.. "Men always take no time at all to be ready to go" *Thank God* So of course it just had to be raining... I was worried that may ruin my plans but I just dressed warmer and made sure I had a hood. First sale I did not purchase anything. The seller decided since it was raining she was not un-packing her boxes, until the rain stopped. Hrmmmm After a few no luck sales I was a bit depressed.. Then as luck would have it I hit one where I purchased this picnic basket set for $2.00 My main plans for this is bicycle picnics. I will strap this lovely square shaped basket on the back of one of my vintage bicycles and off I will go for a lovely picnic in nature. (I seriously can't wait) I came across 4 other picnic baskets on my sale scouring. Mine was the best price!! Now I know there are prettier sets out there. But this is going on the back of a bike... If it falls off I don't want to cry. *hehe* I also purchased some craft supplies from the same sale. The lady charged me $2.00 for a box of 5 packages of fimo 3 packages of googly eyes some cute little Terra cotta pots (which I will paint and use as tea light votives. Plus two larger packages of modeling clay. SCORE!!! At another sale I was at a older woman "Who had quite a bit of vintage things" was obviously a painter. While walking up the driveway on both the left and right there was paintings leaned up against other items. A few grabbed my attention (Now I was making sure to remember not to go crazy.. because who knows what would be at the other sales.) But I did know I wanted one of her pieces of art. I chose this delightful one. Price paid $4.00 I think it is beautiful and adore the frame too! After paying I looked down on the ground and in a box was this blue box. I decided I would take a peek as to what was inside. While opening the lid the lady said "That stuff in that box there is free.. feel free to take whatever you want out of it." This is what was inside.. A box of costume jewelery! *YIPEE* I made sure to hide my emotion's.. and act like a normal human being. Here is the contents. Prepare for PICTURES!!!

My favorite.. The gold coral looking ring, it is so fun, eye catching & BIG. I put it on asap and wore it all day long.

At a man-ly sale.. which there is not many of so I am sure my guy was happy. I spotted this jackass.

He was there amongst tools and fishing & hunting stuff. Did I really like him? Or did he just stand out more than anything else because his bright red glaze. I LIKE HIM I REALLY REALLY LIKE HIM! He is quite heavy and rather neat. I paid $1.00 for Mr. mule the seller wanted $2.00 we bargained and the rest is history.

Last item I am gonna show you was the one that had me smiling all the way home. Last year I became more interested in riding bikes than ever before. I had a modern bike but preferred to get a vintage one which I did a 70's Peugeot named Casper purchased October 1 2010. As soon as the snow was gone I was out on Casper!! With bikes bikes bikes on the mind I had a want for another. Now I surely did not think I would find one my first garage sale Sat of the year... But I did! Here she is.. Mrs xxxxxxxxxx noname? A blue single speed Norco cruiser bike. I have yet to make up my mind (Will let you know in the future)

First ride realized the handlebars were adjusted too low and facing down on a weird angle. And that front wheel has a slight bent rim. (That's okay.. It's all fixable!) Here she is on day 2 Vintage Coconutafied! Handlebars set the way I like them, adorned with a brown vintage look basket, purple silk flowers & a matchy blue bell. *ding ding ding* Here I come! There is a few more things I want to do to this bike in the near future. So far I love it. The bikes cost was $8.00 (Thank you nice man who sold it to me, you seriously made my Saturday afternoon ... well WEEKEND for that matter. Could even turn into month!!)

I did purchase a few other things but these are the main ones that I figured were worth typing about.

I hope you all had a great weekend! And here is to hoping we all have a good week.

x__ Vintage Coconut


  1. Wow can't believe you got all that jewelry for free! I love the little silver rose earrings and the mineral (stone slab?) necklace. Lucky bike find too, I have a 1970 blue Schwinn cruiser that I got for $8 too!

  2. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani)
    I suppose the lady thought no one would pay for that jewelry.. I know I would have!

    Omg a 1970 Schwinn for $8 WOW!! That is a amazing deal.

  3. Great scores all round and awesome prices-seriously. Even if you don't want to keep that extra bike, I don't know about your area but where I live vintage bikes can bring great prices on ebay. Isn't it funny about jewellery, either you find it or you don't, then when you do it's often a BIG bingo. last weekend I got 5 pairs of 70s/80s sunnies, 3 brooches and 2 pairs of earrings for $1. One of them was the Ted Lapidus pair I wore in my last outfit post. Of the names you left in your comment on my blog, I'd choose Viola for the bike. And I see you won ANOTHER giveaway, woo hoo!

  4. @Kitty
    I really like both bikes and since I ride everyday I figured I needed options.. *lol* "Females"
    As long as it doesn't become like a shoe obsession I am sure it will be alright.

    Although if I come across them I do plan to purchase them do a little fixing and try and re-sell for a little profit.

    The deal you got for all your stuff is AWSOME!
    Garage saling sometimes REALLY is better than thrifting. No thrifts around here would let someone have all that stuff for a buck.

    Viola is rather pretty =)
    I was thinking a Hawaiian name for the bike, but I looked at a few web pages and nothing really jumped out. I will still search until I am content though.. Or I might end up changing it over and over and that is no good.

    I told my Husband about the contest.. and he said "I am gonna have to get you to start purchasing the lotto tickets instead of me". heheh *woo*

    I plan on holding one very soon

  5. Wow great finds, I did no buying this weekend, but next weekend is Easter and I'm all over it!

  6. Woo hoo VC you scccooorrreeeedd well girl!! Love all that jewellery another dream of mine to find a heap like that.
    I am with Kitty love the name Viola or maybe Violet?

  7. What an awesome bunch of items! I cannot believe that box of jewelry was free- so mamy pretty pieces!
    I totally know where you're coming from with the new vintage cruiser- I have a brand new bike, and two vintage ones, and I nearly always choose to ride the oldies! They seem to be so much more well-made too.

  8. I am positively green with jealousy over the jewellery!

  9. I love the idea of bicycle picnics. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  10. O hurrah,such great scores indeed! I'm all agog over the jwellery!Wacko!Some lovely treats in that box-in fact,I like 'em all!Love the bicycle too,the picnic basket will be freakin' awesome strapped on the back,with your boxer running alongside!!

  11. Wow, you totally scored!! Enjoy all those goodies & anyone with a husband who supports such thriftiness, you are one lucky girl!! That said, today i dragged my husband & 4 reluctant children into a massive antique centre & guess who had the best time?? There were some 'rooms' set up just like our grandmothers, it was a real step back in time. Love Posie

  12. Gosh, that's an absolutely amazingly fantastic thrifting day!! ♥♥

    I really like your red mule, and that painting with the lovely frame. :)

    The Cat Hag

  13. gorgeous flea market finds! these silver rose earrings fit perfectly to my rose ring, i bought on a flea last year.

  14. awesome finds,love the jewelry box and earrings.
    cute little burro and I been looking for a nice basket like that.
    your going to be the coolest girl on the block in that bike.

  15. I so *heart* that mule! And the free box of jewelry-wow!!!!

    Great yard saling! I plan to hit the sales next weekend and hope I am nearly as lucky as you!