Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend out of town day trip!

Happy Easter everyone!!! My Easter weekend has been quite lovely.
We had our turkey dinner quite early (Thursday to be exact) It was the best time for every member in our family so it was over and done even before the weekend started.

For the past month or so I had been searching here and there for a beach cruiser. I have wanted one for quite some time and just couldn't forget about it. The prices on these bikes can go quite high!!! And oddly enough in the United States you can get them for some very good prices at Walmart or Target. You even get selection with over 10 styles and brands to choose from.. but NOT HERE IN CANADA!! To this date the Canadian Walmarts still do not have even one beach cruiser in their stores yet?!?!
Whats up with that?? I am sure Canadian people are just the same as American people I mean we all ride bikes RIGHT?? *haha* "Just last week I saw my neighbor with a cruiser parked next to his igloo" *wink*
So after getting a tad impatient and not wanting to pay the big bucks the bike shops wanted.. I decided to turn to the classifieds.

So a week and a couple days ago I had come across a ad for a gorgeous lilac colored cruiser. I sent a message to the seller saying I was interested in the bike and wanted to buy it. After 2 days or so with no reply I thought "Hmm someone might have beat me to it, and the owner forgot to take down the add." I still had a glimpse of hope (CHECKING DAILY) and still seeing the ad still up. But after about the 5th day with no contact I just sort of gave up.. Well exactly one week later we got a reply. The owner apologized and had been away on a vacation!! Guess who was first in-line for the cruiser?? "ME me ME!" So we established plans to meet on Saturday. (The bike was not even in my town) I got so crazy with my search I sort of widened my areas to scour for a cruiser. We made a day trip out of it. Did a little shopping and grabbed a quick burger. Then it was time to go see the bike. I knew I was going to get it as long as it didn't have some huge dents in it or big scrapes from a crash or something. When we met with the owner and she wheeled the bike outside I INSTANTLY loved it!
It reminds me of Cotton Candy, Unicorns, Bubblegum, Flowers & Happiness.

Once a test ride was taken and the money was paid we put my newest edition in the back of the pick-up and set off for our trip back home after a quick visit with the In-laws who reside in the same town as CottoncandyUnicornsBubblegumFlowersHappiness cruiser came from.
I have yet to name this bike *Rolls eyes* "I know I was in the same predicament in my blog post last week with the blue vintage cruiser I purchased for $8.00 but a name has since been decided upon and the blue bicycle is called ~*Hyacinth Orchid*~

The drive home was lovely because the highway goes through mostly farmland, and I saw SO MANY cute baby cows on the trip. (I love cows!!)

I rode the cruiser for the first time today to a coffee shop. I got a large coffee made my way over to a bench and had a few moments of relaxation before the ride home.

I hope you all had a great weekend


  1. You're so lucky to get the bike - it's so beautiful and what an amazing colour! I agree, you might have to come up with a shorter name for your bouncing new bike;))). I cannot believe you took in such a beautiful view on your way home! Glad to hear you had such a lovely weekend - BTW I love your wallpaper:)) xo

  2. O,how divine that cruiser is!!!! Don't you love it when destiny steps in!!! Hurrah!

  3. What an awesome new bike!! Fabulous colour, must make make you feel very stylish riding it. How many bikes do you have now?

  4. Ok what are you calling this one? lol

  5. @Pull up your socks
    To me the color was quite unique. It would never have been my first choice at all. But when I came across the ad and seen the bike I thought "WELL THAT is a gorgeous bike" Normally I would go with Green or Yellow or Orange. lol

    @Helga HOORAY for destiny & Bicycles & Classified ads for that matter!

    @Kitty It feels VERY different from my other two bikes. I sit alot lower and feel as though if I closed my eyes I could be riding a Harley! LOL I technically have 3 bikes, 2 vintage and this one. But I do have a 4th which I purchased a few weeks back that I am fixing here and there and then will be put up for sale.
    It has become a bit of a obsession. But I just ADORE biking now that the weather is warm. And anything that will count as a cardio workout and that I enjoy doing sounds GREAT to me!

    @Nelly I have not decided FOR SURE just yet. lol
    I take the naming very seriously. *LOL* ;) After all I may have the bike for life!
    I may be 80 years old riding this purple beast!

  6. I love that little cruiser, I need to dust my bike off now it's warm enough to go out cycling.
    Just catching up on your purchases, love the vintage frockery, jewellery and the donkey. xxx

  7. that bike is the bomb,I used to have a blue cruiser ,when I lived in Long Beach and they have a smooth ride to them.
    the name is adorable,beautiful view amor

  8. One thing is for sure, I love baskets on the front of bikes! Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage. Hope to see you again soon.

  9. Love the cruiser.The color really very pretty,and love the basket.I told my hubby we need bikes so we can ride to the river and go fishing and put jetta our little dog in the

  10. LOVE that bike! I adore the color! And the basket is cuteness! I have not ridden a bike in forever and now that summer is about a month away, I have been contemplating buying a bike. This post is inspiring me for ideas big time! I bet you will get years and years of enjoyment out of that fab bike!

  11. @Vintage_Kitten
    Once you start riding a bike it becomes rather addicting and relaxing. Plus they make the CUTEST baskets for little dogs. Alot have cute covers so they woun't jump out and get hurt! Too bad my Boxer can't fit in any!! LOL

    @Tara You will not regret getting a bike. I only started riding again because I found a cute white vintage one. After riding it all last fall.. I could not WAIT for the snow to go away so I could ride again. I then found the blue vintage one and now this lovely lilac cruiser. It's funny they all seem to ride very different. I try and go on a ride every night but once in a while I take a night off. I am trying to lose a few pounds and have found that now after about a month or so my calves look more defined!! *WOOOHOO* Now I just need that progress to get to my thighs. lol
    It's fun to ride to one of out local coffee shops for a warm cup of coffee. But soon I will probably be switchin it up for a cold ice tea or something. hehe

  12. I LOVE these bikes! Great find!