Monday, May 30, 2011

I Love Lamp! Well lamps.. Bowls too if you really wanna know.

Hello there everyone!

Here is my finds from the past couple weeks, Things have started to add up so I better hurry and get them posted. Two weeks ago I got this funky lamp at a yard sale the seller had a sticker with $8.00 posted on it I asked if she would take $6.00 she said yes and the lamp became mine. It just makes me happy to look at. (Turned on or not it doesn't matter) *lol*

I found this Gem in a local thrift store for $6.99. I told myself I better think about it before I purchase. (I do that sometimes.. half the time I don't return to buy the item the other half I do) Sometimes it just helps weed out purchases.. but other times I end up regretting it because when I go back it's gone. I got up bright and early to go get the lamp I could not even sleep properly. *hahah*

I am still looking for the perfect shade to this Halloween colored lamp of amazingness!

These Pyrex bowls were found at an estate sale and had a price tag of $7.00 which I happily paid. They are in quite good condition and will brighten up any kitchen. They sort of had a bit of a dusty like film on them but once washed once it has gotten better.

My Guys Birthday was on the 21 we went to a Restaurant for all you can eat ribs. *mmm* *mmm* I wore this lovely little vintage dress to celebrate. I love the ric rac design on it along with the flowers. It's a tiny bit big, but heck that didn't stop me.

*lol* @ my face "There was windows all around the restaurant, I just wanted the pic of me next to the barrel to hurry and be taken." I am sure you can tell!

New vintage cruiser found at local thrift for $14.99 (I couldn't just let it sit there you guys!!) This is a green All Pro Elite (Apparently came from Kmart back in the day) I bought it because it was green!!! My first green bike. WOOHOO! I took it on the first ride tonight and that is when I took this photo. P.s. my thermos matches!

Oooh Ohhh look at the kickstand! I named the bike (Grasshopper Elite)

It sort of looks like a grasshopper with those legs!

I have more to show and will do so next post.

See you soon!


  1. All TOO fabulous my darling! That photo of you is hilarious, you look really pissed off, you should see the pics of myself I reject, ha ha ha! The lamps are stunning, I never find standard lamps that good or anywhere near that cheap!

  2. Lamps, tick. bike, tick. look on your face PRICELESS !!! lol

  3. Your finds are so fabulous I HAD to follow you instantly. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Come by and say hello sometime (having a blog link party Friday - no rules, come share your link)

  4. Such fabulous lamps and Kitty's right, you look seriously annoyed standing next to that barrel. Your dress is so pretty. xxx

  5. @Kitty I just needed people to know why I looked so mad so they didn't think I was some moody woman! LOL

    @Nelly ahahahaaaa Nelly I really should have got a few more shots taken. But most likely they could have only got worse.. I might have ended up SCOWLING.

    @DearHelenHartman Hello Helen nice to meet you. =)

    @Vintage Vixen I was just annoyed with the people eating, looking at me standing next to a barrel. haaa

  6. I love the lamp, the lamp base, and the bowls! I cannot believe you got that lamp for so cheap!! AMAZING find!

    My best friend and even my sister, sometimes tell me that when I am not conscious of how I look, I can look angry. I tell ya, I am the least angry gal on the block! lol! But sometimes if there is someone staring at me or pointing, I guess I would be annoyed too.

  7. what cool lamps.I love the color of the bowls.Your dress is so cute.I just love blue.And I think your pose is cute too.I am always worried I look like I have a big mouth when i smile and all you see is teeth and bike is it.x

  8. Oooo is that second one a "fat lava" glaze lamp? Those are veerrrryyy popular these days!!

    And a bike? Wow, I just don't find goodies in my thrifts anymore.!

  9. @Tara I used to get told that too. But I think part of the problem was when I was not wearing my glasses I would squint and look completely pissed at the world. *lol* Now I wear my glasses 95% of the time and in a few weeks I am gonna give contacts a try... "So I can wear Sunglasses again. God I miss sunglasses"

  10. @vintage_kitten
    I bet we all worry about silly things no one else ever thinks ;) hahah

  11. @1950's_atomic_ranch_house
    I am not 100% sure... But with all the research I have done on it, it really does sound like its a lava sort of lamp. The top half is pretty bumpy and rough with a glaze over top.
    I guess I will have to keep searching. I am pretty sure the lamp is called a lava glaze or drip.