Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My garage sale loot for the end of April

 My wood salt and pepper shakers from my previous post needed some friends. I paid $2 for this little spice rack.

 50 cents for this DANSK Spider candle holder and a set of brand new green candles.
I grabbed these off the table faster than you can say *WOOHOOO*

 As far as I am concerned you can never have enough glass Pyrex measuring cups.
I paid $1 this one. If you look at the price they want for these in stores now... you would buy all the ones you came across too. *lol*

 Milk glass table lighter $1 " I missed it the first glance over the table. I am SO GLAD I took a second go over. The lady who was having the yard sale was a very nice older lady.
"She even had some faux fur coats for sale. Although they were quite small... but still that just adds to her coolness factor."

 After yard saling I always stop off at Salvation Army. That is where I bought these judgmental monkeys. $1 for the pair.

Vintage bath towel 99 cents Salvation army

 $2 for the 4 bracelets and the COCONUT necklace

 These fantastic vintage earrings were also purchased from the nice old lady for 75 cents. I asked Claude to show them to you guys. Too bad he is more worried about his claws rather than the earrings.


 Sterling Silver "Wood carved look" BEAVER!!! $2
Apparently the ladies at one thrift shop in town did NOT put on there reading glasses to see the .925 Sterling imprint on the tail.

 ("Lets inner NERD out") TURTLE POWER!! So if you must know I have a place in my heart for the TMNT. When I saw these two cups from 1989 for 10 cents I willingly handed my dime over.

Raphael is my favorite!!!

 A book from 1966 about a man named Mr. Bumba who helps a Donkey
"I woun't give the story away just in case... "

 Wooden top pull thing.... We have yet to try this amazing creation that was purchased for 10 cents

The date was Sunday April 29th I had just finished up at dollar tag sale day at one of the thrifts I go to. When we got in the vehicle Mr. was heading in the direction of home. When I said "Can we go check out (Other thrift store we usually only go to on Sundays)
Mr. gets in the other lane to head to the said store.
I look through the ladies clothes and don't see much to jump around over. I am walking PAST the baby section when I see something bright and vintage on the very FRONT of the rack... as I get closer I make out a shape that  I am very fond of. My heart starts racing a little faster... I run the last 3 steps and grab!!!

 This MOST CUTEST BABY Bathing suit!!! OH MY HECK!! A 60s baby lobster BIKINI!!!!
Even if I tried to tell you how excited I was when I pulled this off the rack... you still would not understand. I swear on the ride home I said how much I loved this at least 5 times. Thank God I married a patient man. *lmao*

But seriously people... WHAT are the chances that this cute little swimsuit would end up in my claws?? I mean hands..... REALLY HOW MANY vintage lobster swimsuits could there really be out there? And somehow... one just ended up in my town... on the front of the rack for me to spot?

I would not have seen it if it was in the middle as I had no plans to look through the munchkin clothes.

THANK YOU vintage Fairies.

The store was having a buy one get one free on clothes. So of course I am all about deals... I needed to find something else to purchase with the lobster bikini. I found this  crazy cute little ruffly dress.
It's made of some sort of delicate material and the inside is like a little slip.

For those of you new to my blog. No I don't have any kids, and I am not pregnant. *LOL*
But I do buy things for my "Future baby coconuts" which I plan on creating ... well... in the future.

P.S. Curtise I will take a vid riding my bike sometime soon.

Lastly I had to laugh because it was laundry day for my ("Adult floral pattern quilt")
I am a sucker for cute things and try not to OVER-LOAD the Mr. with my cute obsession.
But I needed a quilt so I went to grab my Queen size Tinkerbell quilt. Putting my Tink quilt on the bed with my small throw pillow collection made our bedroom look like it belonged to a little girl. *hahaha*
To me is screams HAPPINESS...
But I can't imagine how "manly" a guy could feel crawling out of a bed that looks like this to go to work.

Every time a child says, 'I don't believe in fairies,' there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.

x Peter Pan


  1. Hee hee! As always you crack me up. Your posts are like merry tunes to my ears! LOL
    That is certainly a beautiful find that lobster bikini.. wowzers I hope you're still blogging when you get a little coconut to put in that!
    Happy Days! x

  2. Ahahaha, too much funny! Mr FHCS is a patient man, but I think even he would draw the line at Tinkerbell bedding and strawberry cushions. What is the charm you have used on him? It could be useful. You need to devote the time from now until you have a baby old enough to wear the lobster swimmers to find a matching adult set for yourself - go go GO!

    Also loving the jewellery, spinning top and lighter and looking out for another pyrex jug, mine fell victim to my slate kitchen floor and clumsy hands.

    1. oh you absoultey had to have this adorable mini me lobster retro bikini, i even imagine a little coconut girl in it and the future coconut baby will be the happiest girl in the world in it;) and the bracelets are amazing too!
      love and kiss,mary

  3. Wow - so many interesting things! The bathing suit is so cute and very unusual - you were meant to find it! The little dress is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. I love the lobster swimmy! CUTE.

  5. I CANNOT believe you found a vintage lobster baby bikini! What ARE the chances? A gazillion to one, that's what! The thrifting gods sure do love you, Miss Coco! Of course if Future Baby Coconut is a BOY, he will not be so appreciative... You would just have to keep going till you had a little girl, that's all!
    So you have done some seriously great shopping there, Melanie. The spinning top, the Pyrex, the earrings, the spice rack - all wonderful. But I do agree the swimmers are the best!
    Your Mr must love you VERY much to put up with a Tinkerbell quilt cover... But as my OH always says, a REAL man need have no fear of pink, it merely serves to enhance his masculinity. Pass that wisdom on to Mr. Coco, I'm sure he will apreciate it! xxxxx

  6. I love all your finds but the swimsuit takes the cake!! I so hope a baby girl coconut fills it one day because it is too precious! I also am a TMNT fan those cups were a score. xx

  7. I can't believe you found a lobster bikini!! You need to look out for an adult sized one so you match your future offspring!
    I love the salt and pepper guys, they're so cute. Everything you found is amazing, you find so much stuff - more than me! I love everything you get, it's all amazing! Love the judgmental monkeys, they have preconceived ideas about your lifestyle

  8. OMG!!!
    A bikini lobster bikini! Cuteness overload.
    now you need to find a matching one for you.
    The little ruffly dress reminds of the dresses my Mama used to dress me up.
    Oh i love all your wondorous finds, especially love the adorable wooden spice rack guys.
    You stole heart with the Pyrex.
    Love the lobster with a mustouche holding the pretty rhinstone earrings.
    Awww bless him,Mr. Coconut must really love you to sleep in such girly bedding.

  9. Love that spice rack and the continued lobster theme!!! That Pyrex reminds me of my childhood! Both my parents are from Europe and seeing the measurements in mls is quite apropos!

  10. I love reading your blog and I love your garage-sale findings. :)