Saturday, August 25, 2012

Frocked up and calling the police!

 Well this "Frock on Friday" post is a day late, for good reason though!! I think it was the most weirdest Fof for me so far yet. I was waiting for the Mr. to get home from work so we could go out and take my Friday frock pictures. I told him I wanted to take a drive out to the rural farmland. (Being a person who loves farms!) So we hopped in the vehicle and set out to take these photos.
I had my post pretty much worked out in my head but in the end NOTHING went as planned.
 We reached my chosen destination and the Mr and I got out  and were ready to snap some photos... I was about to climb up on a big boulder and strike a pose when I inhaled the most FOULEST smell I have ever smelt. I looked in front of me and [If your squeamish quit reading NOW!!!!] There was a black garage bag tossed behind the rock. Surrounding the bag the ground was blood soaked and there was maggots everywhere. I turned my head and covered my nose and mouth and bolted for the vehicle. "Come on" I said to Mr. Coco. There is something dead in there and it smells horrible.
I told Mr. we should phone the police because.... well you never know what could be in the bag and just in case it's something important or well evidence I would feel bad if we just left and never said anything.
We drove about a mile and a half from the "Disgusting place" and stopped to call the police. After the whole incident... I was so grossed out and COULD STILL smell whatever it was thrown behind the rock. But I managed to take a few photos with the self timer while Mr was on the phone and Mr took a couple while we waited for the police.
When he told the dispatcher what we found she asked if we could please stay there and she would get someone out right away. We stayed right where we were to wait there was no way I was getting any closer to that Horrific scent.
 The dress was found in a church thrift for about 75 cents. It's homemade and reminds me of something a vampire lady would wear. Mr. thought I looked like a Priestess dragon slayer!!! *lol* 
The beautiful head band was a contest win from Desiree @ pullyoursoxup 

 About 25 minutes later the police showed up. "She could even smell the foulness from a mile and a half away." We took her to the area of the nasty thing... She first took photos of the scene. (I stayed in the vehicle for two reasons "I am very squeamish" and was slightly worried the bag could contain human remains or a household pet.) If I ever seen any of those things the image would be branded in my mind forever and I would be traumatized. *SERIOUSLY*
*Police takes photos while talking to Mr. Coco*
Okay so the police didn't really want to open the bag either. She was talking to Mr. Coco putting on her black rubber gloves. Mr. Coco said.... I was going to look in the bag but I didn't have any gloves or anything. She said " I HAVE GLOVES and I don't want to open the bag!!!"
The bag was actually moving because of all the maggots inside *shiver*
It turns out someone threw a bag of fish guts behind the rock?!?! WTF!!!
What a weird place to un-load your fish guts.... out in the country on a roadside pull-in.
The police said she was happy that it wasn't human remains.... because there is a missing woman and when we told them what we came across they were worried it might have something to do with that case.
All I can say is THANK GOD it didn't.
So after all this rigmarole by the time I got home I had to go to work and couldn't post my FOF!!
In Happier and less yucky news I got something lovely in the mail!!!

Member my seashell necklace?? Well Vix had a string at her house she no longer needed and said she would send it to me. It was packaged in this pretty little 1930s box complete with a lovely little tassel on the front drawer. Oh and look at the SEXY fairy on the card. *RAWRRRR*
I did burst out laughing when Vix's first words were "HELLO LOO!"
Loo is the nickname I have for my Mr. and he has the same nickname for me.
We have been Loo & Loo for years now. We rarely even call each other by our real names.
Thank you so very much Vix. I promise to do something wondrous with the string of shells.

*Mourning over the fish guts*
P.s. Just recently got finished Garage saling, I didn't find too much but I did find a few things I will post soon. One of them was a 1962 white Samsonite vanity case that has the initial M on both of the front latches!! *YAY* M for Melanie!! It's a little dirty but I will see how it cleans up.
I suppose it was a surprise early Birthday Present from the thrifting Gods. Because I have never found any luggage with M's before. My Birthday is exactly 1 month from Yesterday and just like last year.... I am NOT counting the sleeps!!! But the good news is I am less worried about getting 1 year older than I was last year... Last year I was FREAKING OUT!!!
~*Vintage Coconut*~


  1. No point freaking out about getting older, Melanie, it's the one thing that happens to every last one of us - if we're lucky.
    Ooh, what a story! Fish guts, huh? Bizarre!
    Still, despite being a day late, your NotFriday frock is fabulous, it's a Sarah Misfit-esque kaftan affair, made extra special by your Sassy Vamp headress. Lovely! And the mourning photo is rather a stunner.
    Vix is a darling, isn't she? Shells, that cute box, AND a sexy fairy - what more does a gal need?!
    A Samsonite vanity case, now that sounds good. Nice to have an M for Melanie, but keep a look out for anything with L for Loo, that would work too! xxxxxx

  2. What a lurid tale of fish and foul smells! Love the home sewn vampire queen outfit (of course it's a queen, non royal vamps wear black). Cool on the fun finds that weren't fishy.

  3. Great story Ms C. Glad it didn't end in the way I was expecting. I love your vampire dress. You do look a bit high priestess-ish in it. I think it's funny that you described the stench as a scent. Now what kind of scent would that be? Scent of rotting corpse? And good on you guys for doing your civic duty too.

  4. Gah! Oh wow, you had me on the edge of my seat! I love this post because it shows that not all outfit posts are glamorous. :) I'm glad it wasn't the missing lady too. Can you imagine you two being interrogated? "No, seriously...I just wanted to have my picture taken on that rock. Honest!"

    1. I bet they would have thought I was the suspect being dressed in some weird vampire-ish attire and wearing a halo of roses!!! *LOL*
      I was actually worried when we had to call the police because of my outfit. I said to my husband.... "What if they think I am weird?!" lol

  5. What a gripping tale! I felt so sorry for that policewoman having to open that bag, I know what you mean about being traumatised for life if you'd seen anything gruesome, I'd be the same. It does amuse me though thinking what did the police make of you out in such a remote spot dressed up to the hilt, you probably made their day! xx

  6. Oh WOW, your blog post was amazing, one of the best FOF I have ever read. So glad that it was nothing criminal that you discovered. Your dress is on my WANTED list - I love it. As for getting older - I am convinced that I am improving with age!!!

  7. Oh sweet you had me so worried reading the "fish gut " story!!!!! Your beautiful red dress would forever be the dress you wore when you found a....... Well let's not go there. You do however look very pretty in the red dress.
    Yay a birthday soon!!!!!
    Love v

  8. Eew, fish guts with maggots, I'd have spewed I think, poor you!! But looking on the bright side, how fab is that kaftan, eh? I totally love it so feel free to send it my way if you ever want to offload it!!

  9. Well, that was pretty disgusting. Who even has a bag of fish guts, much less just abandons it in the coutry. Still, I' sure the maggots were glad of it. Hmm...

    Good one on the luggage find!

  10. Oh that sounds hideous, but thank god it wasn't something more tragic.

    Your dress is fabulous and it reminds me a bit of something Endora from Bewitched would wear (apart from the colour).

    Your new vanity case sounds awesome and I can't wait to see what you do with your shells.

    Nikki x

  11. Thank goodness the bag didn't contain anything too hideous. We've obviously been watching far too many crime dramas 'cos I think we all suspected the worst!
    Love that vampirish frock, I bet the police was wondering what satanic ritual you were performing out there! xxx

  12. Yuck! Fish guts! Of course, that's better than the alternative. When I bought my house, the previous owner had emptied his freezer into the trash cart and had left it at the curb. I didn't realize it was full of meat till the flies, maggots and the SMELL tipped me off.

    I vote with Mr. Coco about the priestess thing. Very dramatic! :)

  13. ieieieiuw... but it was an interesting day, right!! Sometimes things need to be shaken up I guess... ;P

  14. Well, I know it seems like you had a very unpleasant adventure with the fish guts but I can't even begin to tell you how much it cheered ME up!! Thanks!

  15. WTF?? Fish guts? Why would anyone dispose of them like that? That's so horrible, your description of the smell and maggots made me gag a little.

  16. Damn you're a natural-born storyteller Loo!! You had me holding my breath, especially with the pic of the copper and Mr Coconut. You got so gloriously frocked up too, looking absolutely frickin' amazing!!! Lovely to see the headband on your beautiful noggin sweetie:)). I truly hope the stench didn't linger on you and your frock. xoxoxo

    1. oh my god i really thought first you found something reaaaally creepy there, thank god it was only fish shivers me too now....
      but you look gorgous like a godess dressed in red!

  17. Holy guacamole - a fab red kaftan, a marvellous mystery and a happy ending!!! OMG imagine how traumatised you would be if it were a missing person hacked into maggotty pieces - EW!!! Sarah xxx

  18. Ewwww, fish guts .. even fish cooking makes me want to heave. I had to leave the room the other evening because they were talking about stripping varicose veins and I was feeling increasingly more lightheaded. I do like your mourning picture!

  19. That's one AMAZING dress! Love it!

  20. BIRTHDAY FREAKOUT!! It'll be fine!

    eeeewww, the stench of death, I know it well, don't ask, there's no bodies under my floorboards - anymore

    Love your witchy/vampyr dress - so ridiculously cheap too! xxxxxx

  21. No idea where I've been,but OMG what a story!!!
    SO happy it wasn't anything truly sinister...ugh...bad enough though.I can't bear maggots.
    Your frock is fab though!And the pictures are also fab!
    AND yay for Vix!


  22. Oh my! That is my worst nightmare because I live in the mountains and watch wayyy too much television. Fish guts would have been a nice title for this post haha. Lovely frock and scenery. I dont smell a thing.