Monday, December 31, 2012

My last post of 2012 Happy New Year!

 Well here we are at the end of 2012,  I wanted to do one more post and this is it.
I am showing you my last finds of this year. The picture above is a stack of old patterns I got 31 from the mid 60s - mid 70s.
One thing I hope to learn better in 2013 is to sew. I said the same thing last year but I didn't do much practicing. (Shame on me) I told my Grandma she needs to help me. But now she is second guessing her skills. *hahah* She used to make dresses for herself back in the 50s, 60s & 70s but hasn't done much since. She pretty much only does repairs and simple sewing nowadays.
 My first Elvis tee
 Lady in green dress barrel mug
 Deer vase / Planter
 Perfume bottle 1
Perfume bottle 2
Johnson brothers
Gravy boat, serving bowl & serving platter
$4 for the three pieces (Can you believe that?!)
 Small pyrex  (I think I have the other two bigger ones in this pattern. Of course they are packed.... so I woun't  know for awhile.) *lol*
 Dior shoes.... (These confuse me) I really don't think they are real Dior .... or maybe they are... I don't have the slightest clue. If they are they are from the 70s. Never been worn the bottoms are pristine. They seem a little fragile. Where the thrift store had put the sticker on the shoe (When I went to take it off some of the black material came off on the sticker. (DARN STORES)
 Little squirrel figurines I found yesterday
YES I named them!
 Slightly demented but sort of cute too. I think these cushion covers are quite old. The backgrounds are velvet. And whoever made them probably invested a few good hours into each.
 "Stop looking at me SWAN!"
 Vintage children's styling doll.
 Strawberry Shortcake doll
Yesterday my Hello kitty toys told me they wanted to go for a drive but only one could fit in the "kitty car" So they had to borrow my Husbands vehicle.
 But his Masterchief got upset and threatened kitty to get out of his seat.
Thank you to all my followers for following my blog. I enjoy your comments, messages and friendships!
For 2012 I only did 63 posts
2011 I did 87
I was determined I would beat my 87 from 2011 in 2012 (But I did not) I sort of slacked a good couple of months.
Okay so I am going to give it another shot. *Cross fingers*
I hope 2013 is a great year for everyone.
I am sure there will be lots more vintage finds.
A LOT more garage saling (You know once all this darn snow melts and we enter spring season) *hah*
Maybe 2013 will include more Hello Kitty too!
 I wrote this by candle light. Everyone was watching the Expendables 2, so I found myself a corner in the kitchen. It's actually sort of peaceful & relaxing,  I may have to do it again. The candles burning are Pine & Happy Holiday. Soon they will packed up and stored back with the Christmas items.
And I will have to bring out the "New Year scents" Whatever they may be.
Happy New Year to you all!
Vintage Coconut.


  1. Happy new year, crazy coconut! Love your fab pyrex treasures and your little Vanessa and Warrens! Hope you have a fantastic 2013! Sarah xxx

  2. Happy New Year,darling!!! 2013 sounds like a sci-fi film to me...!
    Youa always find THE best stuff!!! I'm quite envious of your Pyrex.I never ever come across any I like, in fact, none hardly at all!
    Let's just rock the hell on, and here's to fabularse posts just when you feel like it!XXXXXXXXXXX

  3. You made some really good scores during 2012! Happy New Year to you and the Mr.

  4. Happy New Year to you and the Mr. You found some really awesome things. The squirrels are totally cute and so is the deer vase. The sewing patterns are great too. If you need help or advice let me know. I do a lot of sewing.

  5. You have the BEST EYE for super cool stuff. Except for the dolls which kind of creep me out I'm afraid to admit. Yep, my res is to sew more, too. Here we go 2013!

  6. Tee hee!!!!!!! We have all been here giggling, you have two squirrels that are two squirrels!!!!!!! Love them sweet.......feel very honoured. Thank you.
    You are just gorgeous sweet, thank you for all the wonderful treasures you have shown us.
    Happy happy new year to you and your family.
    Much love and furry squirrel hugs. Love V&W

  7. Happy New Year to you Miss Coconut. I for one have enjoyed your every post, I love your style & your vintage finds. I do hope we see more of you in 2013! Xx

  8. H N Y to you! No pressure on the posts.. just make it a hobby not an obligation!

    Wow great finds esp the deer planter and the Elvis tee..

    Looking forward to following your thrifting/life adventures in 2013! x
    GREAT photo of you at the computer by candlelight.

  9. It's like the cat's face is sliding down it's body......

    Have a wonderful 2013.

  10. ooooh your elvis tee!!! i love it, and i´m so jelous about those great patterns you found, amazing! also the perfume bottles look great!
    darling i wish you all the best for 2013!

  11. you can never have enough Hello Kitty! You're a mad lovely lady and it's been great to meet you. You always find the maddest stuff and naturally I'm jealous of it. Big hugs! xxxx

  12. I'm in love with the two perfume bottles *_*

  13. Ooooh, look at all the patterns!

  14. Happy New Year!!!

    The deer vase and the barrel mug's awesome!!!

  15. My goodness, what a huge haul of patterns! Tell you what - I'll make something if you will! Come on, let's get some Elna action in 2013! If any of those patterns are easy and would fit me, I'll buy 'em off you! Vix has been nagging me to try and make a pair of flares, after I failed to buy those mad Crimplene ones when I went to Walsall!
    I know we are supposed to say no pressure, blog when you feel like it - but bugger that, blog MORE, Melanie, I miss it when you're not around! I love seeing your bonkers stuff and your outfits and catching up with what you've been up to. Those squirrels HAD to be named after Vanessa and Warren, and I am rather taken with your Pyrex pattern.
    Happy new year to my favourite Coconut! xxxxxx

  16. Happy 2013 to you too! Those patterns are fantastic, and I'm in love with that Johnson Bros -- never saw that pattern and will now be looking for it! You always find great things, enjoy them! No sweat on the blogging we all take breaks. Sometimes life takes over! I'm only now catching up on blog reading and saw you have a crazy Dec with birthdays. We have the same -- my birthday end of nov, our daughter 13 days later in mid dec, then my husband 17 days later, count in extended family it starts end of Oct and the number grows to about 8 birthdays along with the holidays! I love the birthdays, could do without the stress of the addition of the holidays! I hope you reach your new goal for 2013! XXX

  17. So the women mug is actually the 1st mug of a series. In the series she takes off her dress, dives into the mug and the last one she is sitting at the bottom.


  18. I love old fashioned perfume bottles! Why don't they make them like that anymore??