Monday, January 31, 2011

Coats and scarves

~* Coat Number one*~

~*Coat number 2*~

My Mom took these and heck did this picture make me laugh. As soon as I saw it I thought of the Mad Hatter. Thank goodness I never went anywhere like this.

*lol* I think this is a mens jacket.. regardless I am loving the color of it.

~*The Scarves*~

They are a bit wrinkled.. but are all going to get a good washing and then put in with the other scarves that grace my red samsonite train case.
I do keep on collecting these because they are included in the stores sale.
I probably pay about 25 cents per scarf.

I like tying a scarf on my purse usually matching whatever I am wearing that day, or wear them as a headband. What do you all do with yours? Any intriguing ideas?

Lastly I will show you my most recent E-bay purchase. I bought this adorable acorn pendant. It has not got here yet but when it does I am sure I will wear it right away.

~*The cost of Shipping*~
I sell things every now and again on E-bay. What in the heck is going on with shipping costs?! I sold a pair of jeans and shipped them out this afternoon standard ground costed me $18.00 to ship within my own country! It is now cheaper for me to ship items to people in the United States, for me to send a pair of jeans down there only costs me about $13.00 I have noticed alot of shipping quotes on items I am interested in are quite high, which usually puts me off from purchasing them. Sometimes it just does not seem worth it when you pay double the shipping of what your item actually costs.


  1. I love you in your Mad Hater hat! Great finds, I do love a vintage scarf or two. I tend to wrap them around my head or neck but the French knot them to thir handbags, which looks quite cool. xxx

  2. I think scarves knotted onto handbags are very chic, it's something I do particularly with kerchiefs. Love your new finds - especially the gold scarf!

  3. I'm trying to get into scarf-wearing lately, mostly around my head in some way. I've noticed that postage to and from Canada is steep, when buying from USA always insist on first class and check the rates on, after much practice I know the international rates better than the sellers, LOL.xx.

  4. Hello gorgeous!!
    Loving that white coat! It's just what I need!!!
    Scarves.Hmm,I consider myself to be not very good at scarves.I mostly just have them at the neck,with a brooch.I love the ones you've scored.There's some fabulous prints out there!

  5. Ohhhh! First scarf is my favorite, so cool!

    You're lucky you've got your mom to thrift with.
    I always thrift with my aunt everytime I visit Sweden, she was the one that got me started when I was about 7 years old. :D

  6. I love to wear vintage scarves! My favorite hair tutorial for using a scarf is from Vintage Vixen...

  7. The purchases are great but I'm more taken by you posing with the mannequin!