Thursday, January 27, 2011

~* The gold lace dress *~

On Wednesday I went out for another day of second hand shopping. I didn't find much at the usual places I go maybe cause I had just been there 4 days earlier. Either way I decided to go visit one I hadn't been to in a couple months. By the time I got there I realized they closed in 20 min so I would not have much time. As I scanned the dresses one caught my eye. It was gold & lace and really quite sweet.
It was not vintage but it kind of did have a resemblance to those 50's & 60's party dresses. Remembering the store did not take debit.. cash only I realized I would have to leave it behind and I did. Only to go back there today hoping it was still there so I could get it. Walking in the store I headed straight for the dresses and caught a glimpse of the bottom of the dress peeking out from all the others. *I was HAPPY* So here is is the $8.00 gold lace dress.

Now to be honest at this time it is a little small on me.. but I have plans.. oh do I have plans to start working out. lol "Don't most of us?" I really want to wear this to the next wedding I attend. Other than that I don't have many occasions to wear a fancy dress.
But I could just get my man to take me out for dinner and ask him nicely to get dressed fancy with me. (Don't laugh I might do it.)
Now at this little store they have all the purses hanging off racks. But what I found out once and forgot about was they keep all the lovely little dainty purses in a drawer. They do not hang with the others. And one time years back I found the drawer only to forget about it. But today I stumbled across it again. When opening the draw I came across these beauties.
Disco Diva

Bumpy Blue

Shimmery Sequin

Black Beauty

I had to leave some I liked behind, after all I cannot be a purse hoarder.. not all in one day anyways. Hopefully there will still be some of them there the next time I go. But I did not have the cash to purchase all the vintage purses in the store. And even if I did .. I have no clue where I would put them all.
Another thing I like is hats and here is one I came across today also.

I told my Mother I want this to be my garage saling hat! *lol* I go to garage sales quite often on the weekend in the spring and summer months. And this hat just looks like a weeling and dealing hat to me. *hahaha*
Now to accesories.. look at these vintage sunnies I came across for the amazing price of 50 cents

Now for the last pic of this post. I paid 30 cents for this black and translucent fauceted bead necklace. It is nice and heavy, and I know I will get alot of use out of it. These style of beads always catch my eye I love the way the shimmer and shine in the light.

Talk to you soon...

Vintage Coconut


  1. That dress is beautiful- you coulda fooled me into believing it was vintage!
    Love the hat too- tres chic!

  2. @Alyssa Bee
    I thought it was vintage too when I first came across it, then I seen the inside tag.

    Vintage or not love it! =D

  3. Great sunnies and I even like the beads! I wonder if the clear ones are crystal?? It's very hard to tell from a photo.

  4. @Kitty I don't know for sure I just figured they were cut glass.

  5. The dress, the hat, those sunglasses, the bags, the beads...where do I start? Fabulous finds, each and every one of them. Thanks for popping by, I'm folloeing you now. You look like my kind of girl! xxx

  6. @Vintage Vixen
    Thanks for the follow!
    It's only been a couple days since my last thrifting adventure and I am already jonesing for another. I swear this vintage stuff is a addiction! =O

  7. Hi VC just found your blog congrats on your win with Astrid I just love what you have found the bags wow I iwll have to get mine out and take pics for you to drool over lol and where did you get that WISH sign from?I love it.Great post will go read your older ones now.

  8. @Nelly
    We have a store here in Canada called feilds. They had a 80% of last ticketed price clearance sale on a whole isle and the wish sign only costed me $1.60. I would love to see your bags!!

  9. Hi! I do love your gold dress but my favourite has to be the little blue beaded bag. I also have managed to collect a good few vintage evening purses... they're irresistable! xxx

  10. Holy feck,what fabulous things-esp those bags!!Oooooooh!!f course you can be a handbag hoarder! I am!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!I'm following-you look like a rockin' kinda gal!~

  11. @Comtesse de ferveur
    I agree they are irresistable! =) I just don't know how many I should limit myself too. hahah

    @Helga I suppose I can a hoarder as long as I hide 50% of it from my other half. LOL
    Thanks for the follow, it's appreciated =)

  12. $8?! Congrats missy! :D

    What's wrong with being a purse hoarder? ;))