Monday, January 10, 2011

Mannequin girl is in Canada + finds

Update on my mannequin girl. To tell this story in a fast way, the mannequin I was watching had a buyitnow and I was just waiting to get paid so I could purchase her. Her bidding price was $10.00 lower, of course she all of a sudden got a bid before I could make the purchase. Then I realized I would have a fight on my hands. *hahah* I just HATE having bidding wars against people so I had sort of gave up hope. Until I had a thought.. Check the sellers store again. AMAZINGLY ENOUGH he had listed the same mannequin girl 3 hrs earlier again with a buyitnow. I had to act fast!! There was no time to waste.. I bought that chick faster than you can say HOT SALSA! Good thing too.. cause I suppose the seller now realized his fiberglass people were priced pretty darn well because now he charges 10 more dollars than he had previously. I checked the tracking today and she made it through customs and was in Ontario. So I assume she should be here within 2-3 days. *Whhoohoo*

Other than that here is a few items I found whilst thrifting.

Cute leopard beret hat $0.99

Makeup bag with mirror $1.99

This amazing blue coat with purple buttons and purple silk lining in the inside. It is too big for me sadly. The store I was in was having a sale and so darn busy. I just wanted to pay for my stuff and get out of there. It is 100% pure wool. Since it does not fit me properly, I think it would be excellent for a flasher. lol


  1. Congrats on the buy, I think the waitting is half the fun when you know it's your's. It will be just as Christmas should have been when it arrives.

  2. Keep us updated on the mannequin- she sounds great! And I LOVE that coat- would it be worth getting it altered? Its very pretty!

  3. @Atomic Mum
    It is very exciting!! I have been wanting a mannequin lady for years so it's as if a small dream is finally coming true. lol

    @Alyssa Bee I will do a unboxing post the day she arrives. (Hopefully tomorrow) *fingers crossed*
    Since the coat would probably need quite alot of altering I think I will find a new home for it. After all this store has this 1.00 tag sale weekly and I am sure by next fall I will have found a better suited and fitting vintage wool coat again for the 1.00 price tag.