Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who the heck is Vintage Coconut?

Hello everyone if you are wondering who Vintage Coconut is, it's me previously Lime Vintage. I have changed my Blog name along with its look also.

My main reason is: When I joined here I had not a clue what to name my blog or if I would even be around here for any amount of time. So I quickly came up with lime vintage because of my love for lime green and well LIMES. lol

But in a few weeks I will have been here for a year and I like to blog but many times have stopped for quite long lengths of time. I vowed to do better this year and I plan to keep my word. So I decided to help me get motivated I wanted to freshen things up a little and give it a little more thought.

Why Vintage Coconut?? Well I like coconuts.... (oh man we can all see where this is going.. first limes now coconuts) But no NO no I promise its not like that. I acquired a Coconut monkey which I like quite a bit. I plan to add more to this one man collection but have not come across them yet. I also love hula girls and Hawaiian stuff. When I think of coconuts it also makes me think of all those other lovely things. Sitting at my desk I just got last week that I bought from the salvation army for $15.00 (Which will get repainted in the spring) I thought now what am I going to put on my desk and decorate it with?? The first thing I went and got was the coconut monkey. Followed by a pineapple shaped candle and a little Hawaiian hula girl. Those are the things I look at when I sit down at my desk. I could have picked anything.. but I chose them. Which is a fitting reason to choose vintage coconut. And now I feel a bit better about this little blog. Because I did not choose the name rushed while signing up. I have chosen something that has some sort of meaning to me. Because I plan to stay here and plan to continue blogging. The people I have met on here are all delightful and alot have the same interests than me which is sometimes hard to find other places. Heck alot of people I know think vintage is silly or OUTDATED!!

So that is why I like to talk to all of you. *Smile*

I will post a regular post again soon. We are getting close to the weekend so everyone have a GREAT one!


  1. Lovely new desgin and name! Hope to hear more from you soon!

  2. Wonderful weekend wishes from Norway!

  3. Hiya, t5hanks for the name 'Astrid' for my dolly, I like it best so far. I didn't realise you had a blog so am now following you back. Keep up with the regular posting!

  4. @VildesVerden Thank you =)

    @Kitty I wanted to name my future (If I have one) Daughter Astrid. But my other half woun't agree. Its such a sweet & unique name, I love it. I wish he saw things the same way as I do. Hhaha

  5. I also have been wanting to change my blog name but THE ONE still hasnt hot me in the head yet Hope it hurrys up tho.I really am enjoying your posts (wait am I repeating myself) lol