Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mannequin Fascination

Well I am just a TAD excited today and I thought I would share why!
My other half and I got all our Christmas shopping done in the beginning of Dec. By the time we had bought for everyone else.. our monthly budget was (Well lets just say a little *BLAH*) So we decided we would purchase our own gifts for each other in Jan.

Now I really racked my brain on what I want.. or need for that matter. And I could not come up with much. My biggest want that I had in 2010 was a female mannequin.
LOL (Okay so I am sure that sounds a tad odd..) But I do sell on E-bay from time to time and I thought it would be nice to have a lady model the clothes I could not fit my derriere into. I want to start selling more and I have items I should really put up. Trouble is I don't want them hanging on a hanger.. They just will not look as good as they should. So I told my guy "I think I want a Mannequin for Christmas"
I don't think he thought I was serious until I blabbed on and on. So if all goes well. I should be able to finally get something I have been wanting but having alot of trouble finding locally & for a decent price.

Now something you may not know about me. I really DO like mannequins. I only have half of one.. but hes very dashing and handsome. *snicker* I found him at a indoor flea market about 9 years ago. Everyone thought I was joking when I started carrying him around the store. "What are you doing with that?" They said "Well I am BUYING HIM" I replied.. I don't think they quite believed me until I was at the register.

His name is Draik and I do believe he will also be happy when I get my Christmas gift.. cause it may mean he will not be so lonely and just may end up with a hunny.

Anyways before you all think I am nuts I will shut up. *lol* When Misses mysterious shows up at my house I will be sure to introduce you all to her.


  1. That is so funny! I am currently looking for a mannequin, too. Those babies can be expensive.

  2. @mimomito That's for sure I was debating on making a paper mache and duct tape one! LOL
    Then I thought about all the work it would take and that it might end up looking like a monster.. So I decided against that.

  3. Good grief! There's something about you that reminds me of Bjork. Is it you in the wig? Is it you posing with a very handsome mannequin? I dunno, but whatever it is, I am smitten! You're adorable and I hope you get your mannequin missus.

  4. @Darlene Things were looking grim when the mannequin I was watching started getting bids. BUT BY THE GRACE OF something.. the man that owned the store added one for a Buyitnow and just LUCKY I got it within the 3 hrs of him listing her. She was marked shipped today.
    I AM SOOO happy I don't even know if it's normal to be this excited about a fiberglass human! =)

    He is rather dashing I agree. *heheh*

  5. I think Draike is awesome I would have bought him too