Monday, May 2, 2011

Garage saling can HURT you!!

Hello all! This weekend I garage saled both Sat & Sun and let me just say it was a busy weekend. My Sat was spent traveling from sale to sale all around three areas of my town. On Sunday there was a big community garage sale going on and I am sure we saw about 35 or so sales. I really didn't buy much, I don't know if I had a vintage lover just steps ahead of me or what but I was somewhat disappointed. I had imagined in my head since I would get to go to so many sales I would have a pile of vintage treasures!! *Wishful thinking*

Here Are my favorite finds of this weekend:

~*Lovely tea set*~

The set was $3.00 and is in perfect condition I don't even know if it has ever been used. I am no expert and have no clue if it's Chinese or Japanese if anybody knows please do share! I would love to know a bit more about it, especially what it says.

~*Pretty black velvet embroidered shoes*~

I have tried finding info on these lovelies (Using their description in the google search engine it kept bringing me to shoes from the 30s and 40s) I don't know much about vintage shoes (heck maybe these are not even vintage) But I do know one thing they are super cute and do not look to have been worn. Maybe tried on a few times (Once by me in the driveway of the garage sale)

~*Funky fiberglass desk lamp*~

When driving up to this sale I seen the lamp on a table. I decided not to buy a rather rusty red metal one a few weeks back and then was wondering if I had made the wrong choice. Now I know I didn't because when I asked the older Gentlemen with the white Shih tzu with a cute under bite the price. He said "A dollar?" To which I said "SURE" to which he said "This lamp is older than you" to which I said "That's the way I like them" (THANKFULLY he did not take that the wrong way) *lol* I don't want to be known as the weird garage sale chic who hits on all the senior men. *lol*

~*Swift fox / Howling Wolf*~

These are wooden toys I found for my future baby coconuts. Whenever I find something I think I will like for decorating the future coconuts room or just for them to play with I have started to purchase it. "Because who knows IF I will ever come across it again" No coconuts are on the way yet. But most likely in a year or two. By then who knows what I will have *lol* Maybe bins full of toys!! *haha*

So just when I had only a few more sales to go to... my ankle decides to do a (go to the side sort of thing) And the next thing I know I am down on the pavement amongst rocks, asphalt and dirt. Not only did I fall... It happened in front a group of people. *Sigh* After my man helped me up and I rolled up my pant leg to the knee I fell on.. (The opposite one to the STUPID ANKLE) I announced "I don't think we can get to those last sales"

My knee hurt, was stinging and bleeding a bit.. plus I was embarrassed too. We got to our vehicle (Lucky it was close as we had went to get it and moved it closer to the area we would be shopping from.) I ended up going home (Without our planned lunch) There was many hot dog and Smokey vendors all around the area selling pop, cotton candy and other yummy things. My man BBQ'ed me some hot dogs while I iced my knee and to cheer me up he bought me hot wing chips. LOL (I suppose I am a easy girl to please) SO EVERYONE make sure you are careful while garage saling. Tell your ankles "Don't fail me now!!" Heck I might have to do that next weekend.


  1. Oh, you poor darling! Injured trying to find a bragin...ouch!
    Love that lamp, reminds me of some of Kitty's vintage treasures and those shoes are just beautiful. They remind me of Indian slippers.
    I'd love to see those wooden animals transformed into brooches then everyone could admire them! xxx

  2. Youch! I've never mentioned the time I lost my car door -literally- outside someone's sale, I felt like a right wanker. I was so intent on getting into that house I totally forgot to look for traffic. It was a $2000 error, grrr. The tea set definitely looks Japanese to me, although I'm far from an expert on such things. The shoes also look Asian but new-ish, I reckon they'd be very comfortable, personally I'd be wearing them for my around-the-house slippers.xx.

  3. Hey VC you clumsy clot lol just kidding poor you last time I went over on my ankle I couldnt walk on it for a week so feel sorry for you.So glad you got some nice things sales can be so dissapointing at times and freaking awesome at others and to Kitty oops on the door

  4. Think of it this way, that boo boo on your knee will heal, and you'll still have these nice finds! (Glass half full kind of thing you know). Love that lamp, esp. for a buck!

  5. @Vintage Vixen I seen a few of very gorgeous Indian slippers at the sales but none fit. *boo*
    Maybe next time! The knee should be all better by Friday in order to start the sales all over again. haha

    @Kitty Oh my gosh about the door!! We crazy shoppers have got to be careful. My guy told me the weekend before this one I didn't even wait to get out of the vehicle before it was fully stopped. =/
    I have not worn the shoes for a great amount of time but the try on a few steps they felt rather good!

    @Nelly LOL Hey now I thought I was walking normal!! Next thing I knew I was down. hahaha At least I didn't fall into someones table of fine china or something. (Oh God) Could you imagine!! *EEEK*

    @Uncle Atom
    Very true and a good way to think of it. I am going to re cord the lamp in the near future and then it can take its place on my computer desk with the Coconut Monkey, Hula girls & Pineapples. I think it will fit in nicely.

  6. Aw your poor knee! Wear at as a proud garage sailing battle scar!
    Love the wood toys for you future coconuts- every time i'm at the thrifts i'm so tempted to go thru all the baby clothes!

  7. Awesome finds!
    Hope your knee don't get permanent scars.
    We girls go through a lot for a bargain, don't we? ;))

  8. Cute, I remember having little wooden animals exactly like that when I was young!

  9. O dear,wounded in the name of bargain shopping! A noble cause,at least.Poor knee!
    The tea set is adorable,I love it!And the faux woodgrain lamp,it's fantastic!
    I'm not above flirting with the elderly to gte to the bargains......!!!

  10. Love that tea set I collect japanese things.and the tea sets are always amazing.great detail.And those shoes are adorable.sure hope your knee is better.I hate when things like that happen.I fell runnig to the phone when my husband called.guess i was over legs just went out from under me