Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How do you Muu?

Muu?? WHAT!!??

How do you Muumuu? This is how I Muu!

For mere cents I purchased these lovely squares of fabricness *haha*

and had a happy time of taking these odd pictures of how I muu.

"This ruffles my feathers"

"Oh dear I seem to have shrunk"

Stuff from Hawaii = HAPPINESS!

"This is my new bicycle basket I am running with"

"Ta da see"

Another Hawaiian Muumuu

"Odd dancing ensues"

"Hold me Jack"

And that was the end of my fun Muuuu-ing, for now anyways.

In other news I have purchased yet another vintage cruiser bicycle. And it's GREEN this time *woop woop* favorite color cheer! I will have to show you all it.... Hopefully on the weekend she will have new tires purchased for her because the current ones are well... rotted, crusty and hard!

Until next time

x____Vintage Coconut


  1. Woop woopp on the colour green my fav colour too cant wait to see him/her.And you mu mu well lol

  2. ooooh these remind me of my days in Fiji - beautiful women swanning about in splashes of beautiful, wild colour:) xo

  3. You are crazy! I do love your mumus and the fun poses. I've just won a Hawaiian maxi dress on eBay and am dying for it to arrive. xxx

  4. @Nelly
    I have 4 now that are considered *MINE* meaning I have not promised I will buy it and sell it. *hahah* Although 4 is a little abnormal so I will surely have to choose another I ride the least to sell too.

    @Pull Your Socks Up!
    Fiji sounds lovely! I really only liked the blue one that I wore in these pics. The others were just bought to make this silly blog post. I do have a few that are not pictured that I do enjoy wearing on hot summer days.

    @Vintage Vixen
    OOooH! Take pics when you get your maxi I want to see it!! =D

  5. Love your muu muu' like a dirty word.ha ha.they are cute patterns and colors.Can't wait to see pics of your new cruiser.

  6. I am in love with the pink and white one !

  7. Darling VC thanks for your ebay comments.In Aus the lowest price for bidding is .99c is yours only 25c? I would have replied via email but cant see your email anywhere.

  8. hahaha! You are too funny! Muu Muus and Titanic!
    p.s. Grasshopper looks like a sweet ride!