Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The little kid side of me was OVERJOYED today!

My 1985 Grimace toy and I

Today had been a very lazy un-exciting day... I woke up early to tutor my Grandmother on using the Internet. After that was done I came home had lunch and looked over the new garage sale advertisements for this weekend.

Then I decided I would like to go and check out what our local liquidation store had got in and pick up another jar of barrel cured pickles *mMmmm*

Figuring nothing fantastic would happen I left the house in giant sweatpants! *lol* So we head to the store only to get there 2 minutes before closing *BOOH*

So I ask my guy if he would like to go get a ice cream cone at McDonalds.

Well THANK GOODNESS the liquidation store was closed or what happened next would have never happened. We were sitting in the drive thru lineup when out walks through the door Birdie!! I seriously *GASPED* rather loud. My guy said "What?" I pointed to Birdie outside the front of McDonalds.

Seconds later... I see a big furry purple thing coming out the door! IT MUST BE MY FAVORITE McDonald's character... IT WAS! It was Grimace!!

This time I seriously *Squealed* "Thank God my man knows I am weird.." Cause had I been on a first date or something I am sure that would have been the end of it! *hahah* After Grimace Hamburglar walked out!!!

*OH MYYYY* How exciting. The line was sort of long but I didn't care!! I was watching Birdie, Grimace & Hamburglar. We got up to the speaker ordered our ice creams and I told my guy... "We have to turn around!!! We need to go back to the parking lot!! I WANT A PICTURE with Grimace! So he pulls the vehicle around we get back in front of the building to which he says: "You know it's just kids getting their pictures taken right??" I replied: "I don't care!!!!" I LOVE THEM!! *bwhahahah*

So as we are walking towards them I said "I know I am not a little kid but can I please get my picture taken with you?" The workers helping the characters said "Yes of course!" So I was happier than a kid in a candy shop! I skipped up and PROUDLY got my picture taken with them! Grimace is what really mattered but the fact I got all 3 was even better!
Just the fact that I blogged about this within hours of it happening just goes to show how truly excited I really was... and am. I hope my future kids don't mind when I rent a bouncy castle for their Birthdays and I AM the one jumping around inside screaming and yelling and having a blast. I hope they realize I might just get more use out of their toys then they do. Heck probably half of the time I will secretly purchase it for myself and just let them play with it. *Shhh don't tell!*

I don't like alot of seriousness... I like FUN! How often do you let your inner child out?? I know some of you do more than others *lol*

x__Vintage Coconut


  1. Too funny VC am glad you had such fun tho.xx

  2. You are one crazy woman! I love that picture of you with those characters I've never even heard of. xxx

  3. Hahaha! This blog made me laugh! Grimace looks so adorable! I've never seen any of those McDonalds characters before so maybe they weren't used over here in the UK so booooo!!! Grimace looks so cute!! xxx

  4. HAhaha this is just plain awesome! Those characters defined a generation- and you barely see them around anymore!! Lucky you :)

  5. @Nelly Heheheh yes and now I will have memories of it forever! *lol*

    @Vintage Vixen The McDonalds characters were created in 1971 (Except the yellow bird she came out in 1980s) When I was little these are the guys that were on all the commericals, and all of the kids food packaging. (Apparently they slowly started phasing them out in the late 80's. They don't use them much at all anymore I bet half of the little kids that seen them... probably didn't even know who they were. *lol*

  6. @VainGlorySinner Pretty much now all they use is Ronald McDonald. (I would of still got a pic of him if I could).. but GRIMACE is way better!! Yes and very very cute! I guess the reason why I was so happy is because when I was about 3 - 6 these were the characters I always saw!! These guys are what came in all the happy meals. Now they just use anything and everything that is popular.

    @Alyssa YAY someone knows who they are!! I wish they would still use them! Now I might have to look for some of the 70s & 80s toys for my future kids, so they will have a idea of who these guys are for when I track them down to get a pic with them again in the future. *lol*

  7. Aaah, finally I can comment! That first picture of you is gorgeous, love it! My fave kid characters are probably Wallace & Gromit, being that I have a 3 year old I know ALL the kids movies almost by heart. VB has about 60 DVDs of her own so there's no escaping them! You look exactly like I do when I go to garage sales btw-I'm like 'YEESSS' punching the air when I saw what you're wearing, *BIG LOL*

  8. Ha,you gorgeous beast!!! That's soooo cute!

  9. I have to admit I am a sucker for balloons, luckily my husband knows I will squeal and demand a balloon if I see them!

  10. Ha ha that's cute!

    Well, I talk to my cats and sing when I feel like it and sit on the porch and watch the birdies and the wind blow in the trees, so I guess that's child-like enough (or childish lol).

    I think I'll go buy a kite and fly it. :)

  11. i love your headscarf! those illustrations are super cute! =)

  12. How cute.I started gigling as I was reading your excitement.I could picture loved grimace and the hamburgler.I havent seen them since I was a kid and they were on the commercials on tv.How lucky they came out and you got the photo.Love the photo.

  13. I wish they still had the commercials with them, I hardley even see Ronald McDonald on the commercials anymore.
    do you remember this ditty
    "big mac, filetafish, quarter pounder, french fries, icee coke, thick shake, sundaes and apple pies"
    ot the other commercial they had with the little girl in her rain boots singing
    quack quack waddle waddle