Monday, May 9, 2011

My Saturday sale finds!! A better weekend than the previous! *Ya*

I am going to make this post fast and to the point. Because I have a movie on Netflix to finish and this will be my 4th attempt at making it to the end of it. I keep falling asleep...... *ZzZzzZzZ*

These are my garage sale finds. I hope to have more weekends like this past one, I finally found items I was hoping to come across at yard sales!

*Funky Apron/Smock $1*

*small rosebud plate 50 cents*

*Green apple bandanna 50 cents*

*Olive and Cheese tea towel Italian linen $1 each*

*Flowered vinyl chest $1 (Going to store my sewing material)*
I had to put some elbow grease into this purchase. Thinking it was just dusty I figured I would just have to dry wipe it off. Once I got it home... I realized it needed a GOOD cleaning (After seeing a rather way lighter spot up on the top). I used my Olay body soap *lol* and a scrub brush and some water... After all this work.. that soap better have moisturized this sucker!
The seller told me it came with her Mother's vacuum cleaner it was the storage box for it. Later changed into a chest to keep all her piano stuff.

(Sorry Nelly I didn't get her Mother's name *wink*)

*Gorgeous Elgin American Compact $3*

*Brass Made in India shamrock designed dish $1*


*3 vintage Solair chairs $2 each for a total of $6.00*

I spotted these chairs whilst sitting in the vehicle which was still moving, I told my guy... "HURRY PARK!!! THEY HAVE the chairs I want.. there is two of them..... NO THREE OF THEM!!! gooooo before someone else comes!!!!"

The sellers at the sale I purchased them from said: "We thought those would be the last thing to sell... actually we didn't even know if they would sell"

But guess what it gets better... I previously only had one little lonely yellow solaire chair.. finding these 3 has now made a set of 4!

In closing I have yet to tell you the name I came up with for my Lilac beach cruiser. I named her....


    Thats all I can say, aargh! Nice Elgin compact, I collect them and haven't seen one like that before.

  2. @Kitty
    I was jelous the week before when I saw a guy with two green ones in the back of his pickup truck.. I am sure he got to one of the garage sales I went to just minutes before me!!! So imagine my suprise... when a week later I beat someone to them. =)

    p.s. I am jelous of all the stuff in your store, so we are even. ;)

  3. Anything that has elephants on it is a win in my book! Ok maybe not anything but that is one amazing top.

  4. I love that top soooo much, the print is insane.
    Great scores on the chairs. the colours are so vibrant and pretty. xxx

  5. Adore the name you came up with for your bicycle! Thumbs up from me!

    The rosebud plate is so gorgeous and chintzy! Also loving that wacky apron! xxx

  6. Oh my darling VC you did so well and I will frgive you for not getting more history on the box (dont do it again!! lol)I love those chairs too well done and that compact is so sweet I have had no luck lately so will keep having fun thru your finds.

  7. I want some chairs like that! And now you have four of them?? Lucky, lucky you. Beautiful score.

  8. @Miss Magpie The top was the loudest thing at the sale!! *lol*

    @Vintage Vixen I hope to find a few more of those chairs. If I find another green and brown I will sell the set of brown. And keep the two green and two yellow.

    @VainGlorySinner It seems the more bikes I get the longer their names get. *haha* I am going to have to start shortening the ones in the future.

    @Nelly Lucky the people told me about the stuff without me even having to ask. They had a story to alot of their items at the sale.

    @Midcenturymadam Thanks!! I am surely going to be keeping my eye out for more. I have known people in the past who had them and just figured they were old chairs and had taken them to the landfill. =/

  9. I cannot believe you got three of those gorgeous chairs to make up a set of four! And the chest is amazing - what a hell of a lot of work you had to put into it - worth it:)) xo

    Lucky girl!