Friday, March 30, 2012

Mrs. Magnolia would love to be Don Drapers Secretary

Mrs. Magnolia sat in a park on a bench reading her favorite cookbook and trying to figure out what to cook her Husband for dinner.

 The book (The Family Circle Fish & Poultry Cookbook  1955)

 "Oh what's this Mrs. Magnolia found?" A Lobster dish!

 She then headed back for home and stopped to take some pictures in the trees..

Thank heavens for her Mastercraft purse

and Petticoat

"Would you like a coffee Mr. Draper?"

I have had this dress for awhile now and was waiting for the perfect time to wear it.
Since Mad Men season 5 premiered this week I thought it would be perfect.
BUT HEY!! I haven't watched it yet... "Why??" Because it's been so long since it was last on the Hubs and I decided to Re-watch it from Season 1. Right now I am in the middle of season 2...

 Mrs. Magnolia loves to make faces. But when her husband is taking the photo and sees the face made on the still image in the camera he looked up over the camera to see what his wife is doing.

 Which made Mrs. Magnolia laugh!

Later in the evening when Mrs. Magnolia switches back to Vintage Coconut this photo was taken.
In which I was making YET ANOTHER FACE...

 Did you know at one time in my life when I was little and asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I used to say a Ventriloquist. *LMAO*
I swear up and down left and right I am not joking. Whenever I think about that now it gives me a good laugh. (I was not your average child.) And I bet my parents are glad that dream did not come true. (No offense to the Ventriloquists)

P.s. Some of you were wondering what type of Cat Eyes I am looking to get in the future.
"When I said in my last post about Cat eyes with gold and rhinestone accents."
These glasses are for sale here:

These are along the lines of what I have in mind. I love the look of them, but I am all about finding a bargain and that is something that needs to be waited out.
Plus I don't know how my Man will take the news... that I am obsessed with vintage glasses.
(I have been trying to keep it a secret.)


  1. Take a letter Mrs Magnolia...

    Dear Ms Coconut, thank you for the great photos. I am especially liking the new glasses.

    Love Lakota x

    PS. believe it or not I am actually frocked up this Friday!

  2. O,SQUEE!You look heavenly!!!
    I am lusting over that frock and those glasses,and your hair is too DIE for perfection!!
    Yeah,get some lobster into your husband,pronto!
    O,I think I'm only up to season 2 of Mad Men,I got sidetracked!XXXXXXXX

  3. Why Mrs Magnolia, you're gorgeous!
    Loving this frock very muchly, especially when you give us a flash of red-hot ruffle-y petticoat too!
    Those glasses you found are beautiful but I'm sure you'll find what you want if you wait patiently. The vintage gods will provide.
    You pull the BEST faces, Mrs M/Mrs C! I'm going to show Smallest LB, she will appreciate the skill involved.
    Have a happy weekend! xxxxxxx

  4. Oh honey, Mr Draper will need lotsa cream in his coffee today. And you might wanna add some brandy coz when he sees you coyly peering through those fabulous frames and get a peek and your GORGEOUS red petticoat, he's gonna need all the help he can to get through the day without hitting the cocktails. You are so, so gorgeous!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. Dahling, as usual! Love the dress and the petticoats (which we called can-cans, back in the day).

  6. YOu look magnificent in those glasses! Love the pop of red in your frock pictures.

  7. Oh gosh those those glasses are gorgeous and that frock to die for! I love the peek of red poking out underneath!!! xxx

  8. You look fab xxx
    I have never seen Mad Men. I have no idea how I ever missed it, as it must have been in the third season before it came on to my radar and I refused to watch as I hadn't seen the start.

  9. Not a Mad Men fan except that it brings so many people into the Vintage Lovin' tent! Your dress is so cute and man, that petticoat! Don Draper would hire you in a second, and no doubt you'd have him whipped into shape in a heartbeat, that cad.

  10. Jon bought me the Mad Men boxed set two years ago and I still haven't watched it. I love your frock and those killer specs but most of all I'm loving your hair, it's fabulous! xxx

  11. I don't know anyone else who looks better in cats eye glasses than you!! You also need this in you're life
    Your hair and everything looks wonderful.... apart from ventriloquist face. bad times.

  12. I love your posts they always make me smile your photo shoots are such fun ;-) Love your dress and kelly bag and those glasses you want are lush ;-)) dee x

  13. I love you in your Don Draper slave secretary frock!
    you make up is looking gorgeous amor.looking so vintagely beautiful in them lovely specs.
    eyeing that Kelly bag and red petticoat.
    A ventriloquies eh? I wanted to be a witch,wait I am a witch.

  14. Wow you look amazing!!!!! I just love your dress!!!! Just beautiful.
    The glasses are fabulous, and you suit them so much.
    Love v

  15. Ohhhhh my!!! I'm looking for the perfect cat eyes to adorn my face. I'm can't see a thing out of my right eye, but do not mind waiting if it means I find the ULTIMATE CAT EYES Meeeeow! I love your frock and cute poses :) Thank you for such nice remarks about my new do'!

    Xxxx Claire

  16. oh i´m sure mr draper would love to hire you darling, but are you sure you really would love to work for him haha
    i just don´t know where to start, i love everythng about your darling look here!!! the victory rolls are amazing, i thought with a fringe they would like weird but now as i see your take i definitely will try this too! and your dress is amazing! and you have to get you this amazing sunnies;)
    love and kiss,mary

  17. Look how amazing you are in these pictures, blooming beautiful! I adore the dress and the hair and of course i adore you! Those cats eyes are super cute, ive been on the look of for some new specs too :O) Scarlett x

  18. You look so cute.Love your dress and hair.I haven't watched any of Mad Men.The parts I saw I started nit picking the fashion flaws and I didn't want to make people mad who watch it so I don't glasses are so pretty love the style.Hope you get some.I need to get the ones my dad broke fixed.I think it's time for new glasses cuz my regulars are getting worn out.:(

  19. That dress is FABULOUS! And I love those specs too. And I also ADORE Mad Men. Season 5 will be on over here in about a MILLION frickin years! I love love LOVE the gorgeous pic of you laughing in the trees! Sarah xxx

  20. Now how cute are you!!!

    Love your outfit, suits you perfectly!