Monday, December 17, 2012

Birthdays, snow, ketchup and Mustard

 December is a busy month in my Family!
My Dad's Birthday is on the 10th My Grandmas is on the 15th
The pic above and below was taken when we went out for dinner to celebrate Dad's big day.
Mr.Coco and I
 I am putting my faux furs to good use!
I went out shopping and put my Christmas tree brooch on my Leopard coat.
  "MAM please keep the fire exit clear"
While out I spotted a basset hound dog brooch in a thrift. I purchased him so he could stand next to my Christmas tree. (And pee on it.)
You can see him in the below pic.
 This is what happens when you have a DUH moment and put onions, Sauerkraut and jalapenos on your polish hot dog (BEFORE) you put on your ketchup and mustard!!!!
Thank Goodness I was only in the Costco food court!
I did get some weird looks... but I think that was more because of my hair, coat and blue eyeshadow...
Less about my bun
 We had a small snowfall.....

This morning I woke up to a Winter wonderland!!
 I have a thing for snow berries!!
He likes fresh snow, here he is showing his excitement!
 He hates being wet! To bad snow and wet go hand in hand *lol*
This is what I see when I look outside!! I suppose I could expect to have a white Christmas.
P.s. When you click on my pictures do they not show up alot bigger? I have had a couple comments asking for bigger pictures. When I try and make them bigger in my post it throws off my whole blog design and the pics and words run into my side bar stuff. I can make my sidebar smaller if I have too.
(Someone let me know please)
Thank you!!
How does it look outside in your neck of the woods?


  1. You were getting ADMIRING looks,darling.
    Your Polish hotdog looks SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! MMMMM, I could scoff that quite happily.
    Funny how in families there are often groupings of birthdays like that!YAY to any kind of celebration,I say, and especially in Winter.One needs lots of celebratory activities in Winter!
    Looking foxy in your faux furs;I really love what's going on with your hair lately!
    You and Mr Coco are a lovely pair of cocnuts! BOOM BOOM!

  2. Fabulous pics (yes, they do get bigger), Ms Coco, and I must say you do look divine in your leppy. xx

  3. I'm am so jealous! Ever since we moved to Northern Nevada, I've been waiting for it to snow substantially. We get .5" here and there but I want at least a foot of snow.
    By the way, you and the Mr. make a good looking couple.

  4. Hiya, we've had a few snowflakes but generally it's just been cold and/or wet. You and Mr Coconut are such a cute couple, love your hair too xx

  5. You and Mr. Coco look adorable, and I envy your snow. We're still having weather in the 60s and 70s. (15-21 degrees, for you Celsius people.) When I click on your pictures, it does enlarge them, by the way.

  6. Helga's right, they were looking at you with admiration (and jealousy over the leopard coat!)
    Happy Birthday to your Dad & Grandma, people with December birthdays are always fabulous (ha!ha!)
    No snow here which I'm happy about! xxx

  7. You look so glam! Yes, clicking works on the pictures.
    I love your snowy landscape and I'm sure at some point we shall get snow but all we've had so far is biblical rain.

  8. my grandma's birthday is on the 12th, my dad is on the 14th :D

  9. Oh you and Mr Coconut look so lovely together and I have to say you look so very pretty, your hair is looking very much so!!!!!
    I would be so looking at you because your coat is amazing and looks so chic on you.
    A winter wonderland for Christmas is just perfect, just once in my life time I want to experience one.
    Sending furry squirrel hugs and love V

  10. brown,,,grey,,,dull,,,NO WHITE. JUST RAIN. and COLD. (CENTRAL NEW YORK STATE 8-(( )

  11. Awwww, you GUUUUYS! You would make the most adorable BABIES!
    Of COURSE folk were staring at you, you're gorgeous and wearing leopard print faux fur. I would be staring, in admiration and envy!
    Jersey is a funny boy, and I love your snowy view. Did you find your new warm and waterproof coat? You're going to need one!
    Happy birthday to Dad and Granny - we have one of those clusters in March (my OH, Eldest, and my mum). Weird! xxxx

  12. Send some snow our way! I also want your super sexy hair, it's looking gorgeous. mmmm that hotdog looks delicious, and Jersey is very sweet, dogs just love snow! Keep looking amazing!

  13. Walking in a faux fur in a winter wonderland! Love it. You look great, as ever, so nobody cared how you prepped your hotdog, they just thought HOTDOG! Who is that celebrity in our midst?

  14. OK HOW have I missed your last posts???!!!

    Firstly: that dress is rock n roll matey... SO GOOd!!
    Secondly: YOu and mr c are so cute in that photo.
    Third: That's an excellent bun you made there. I think people were staring coz you were photographing it.
    Fourth: SNOW!! Winter Wonderland. So different here. Hot as hell. I'm wilting and withering in it. Snow would be exciting right now.

    Lastly: x Happy Days

  15. meeeooow how gorgeous you look with your leoprint coat! and you are such a dream couple, absolutely adorable that photo of both of you;)
    love and kiss,mary

  16. Love your coat, you look lovely. Glad to see more christmas came your way. Have a lovely Holidays!!