Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Orange Bridge

 Hello Everyone! My gosh I have been silent since before Christmas, so I will give you a brief update.
 p.s. This is the result of yet another 8 hours or so of snow flurries
(The only pic I have of Christmas Eve)
My Christmas Eve was the worst probably in my life. I got the flu early in the morning and spent the whole day in bed minus like an hour or so where I "tried to watch t.v. or spend time with family"
It was a weird flu! For some reason whenever I tried to watch t.v. I just felt worse and had to go back to bed.
(I will admit I even cried at a point thinking I might MISS CHRISTMAS!!!!)
But the Mr. went and got me some Buckley's cold and flu... and on Christmas morning I was feeling about 90% So thank God for that. Some other people told stories of feeling like crap for days so I guess I kind of lucked out.... a bit.... somehow.... okay well maybe it would have been better to not have got the flu at all.
THE ONLY plus side.... is I didn't intake any calories that day so I had lots to spare for Christmas and Chinese food.
 I did miss my traditional Chinese Christmas Eve buffet dinner. But we made up for it on December 26. So instead of wearing a red Christmas dress and get all dolled up. (I actually went in sweatpants a tshirt and a wool sweater.) *Ahhhh such is life*
Just goes to show you can't plan everything.
 This was what I wore out today shopping. The tank top is a cute 60s tent style found at a thrift for $1. These pics were taken in a local park. This spot is the little "Japanese" garden area.
 Mr. and I
Stopping here for pics was a last minute decision. But it was so gorgeous with all the fresh snow I am glad we did.
I promised you some finds (Plus I need to catch up) so here we go.
Some mine some going to be shop stock.
 Vintage pressed glass bowls and not just one but TWO
 Two little deer
 Vintage tap dancing shoes
(Will end up in Etsy at some point as they don't fit me)
 Velvet jewelry box
 The cutest little shoes ever
 Kitty letter holder
 Powder shaker (See the holes in the Kewpie's head?) This little shaker even has wings on it's back
Gingham Jar
My new pen holder. Complete with Crabs, prawns and starfish ... even a urchin.
Was a souvenir from the Queen Charlotte Islands at some point back.
Jersey and my build a bear boxer found at a thrift shop a couple months back.


  1. Boy that flu just blew in and bowled you right over didn't it? You poor thing, just make sure you look after yourself, coz you don't want a relapse, which can be worse (spot the hovering mother hen). The snow looks amaaaaaaaaazing and I love the pic of you and your darling together:)). Treasures galore - oh thank you for sharing these pics, I get so excited when you show us your loot!! I LOVE the pen holder - it's completely mad and can you imagine the smell when they were making it? Bowls - gorgeous and Kewpie!!! Big hugs darling xoxoxoxoox

    1. I just imagined the smell..... *yuck* Thank goodness it's locked in the resin for hopefully many years. "Lol" I may have to name everyone inside my pen holder.

  2. Oh no, crazy Christmas Eve-spoiling illness! That's not very festive, is it? However, you recovered quickly and that's good. Shows you are healthy. Shows you are resilient, ready for anything. Ready for... What will 2013 bring to the darling Cocos? You know what I'm wishing for, don't you! Hahahaha!
    Anyway, if I can just stop clucking and brooding for a minute - gorgeous pics in the snow, it looks so beautiful. And so many treasures, that bonkers pen holder is right up your street, and surely you are keeping the shaker Kewpie? Has she met the others, are they being nice to her? I think Jersey is a little jealous of your Build a Boxer, look at his sad face! Give that dog lots of love!
    Have a very happy new year, dearest Melanie, looking forward to following your adventures for another year! xxxxxxxx

    1. Yes I know what you are wishing for! *lol* I will wish the same for you. *wink*
      Yes the Kewpie shaker is staying with me. She hasn't met the others yet.... because I am worried they will be jealous and push her off a desk or something. =/
      Jersey's face pretty much always looks sad... Sad or confused. But I assure you he is a happy dog. *haha*

  3. So glad you are feeling better! I had a super weird 24 hour virus early this year and I passed out cold and woke up on the floor of the loo with no pants on... GLAMOUR!!!

    The snowy pics are gorgeous! And holy guacamole if those tap shoes are a 40 I'll take em!!!

    Happy new year! Sarah xxx

    1. *Eaaak* I am glad I didn't wake up on the floor of the Loo... or it would have been a messy situation. *EEEaash*
      The tap shoes say size 7M in their inside.
      I am an 8 and they aren't even close to fitting. It seems I will have to wait to tap my little heart out. =p

  4. the powder shaker and the letter cat are amazing!!
    So sorry you missed out on Christmas eve. My boyfriend had the dreaded flu too and now I've got some sort of virus - rubbish. Though I'm hoping I won't have to miss out on a Chinese takeaway later! You look fab frollicking in the snow and are those hello kitty pjs I spy?! Jealous!! xxxx

    1. Yes Clare! A friend got me the Pj pants for a Christmas gift. I have wore them EVERY night since I have received them. (Of course I have washed them...) *lol*
      Oh jeaz your boyfriend got the flu too??? And now you are feeling rubbish. =(
      I hope you get better rather quickly so you can stay up till midnight and yell HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. So sorry you got the flu! Right before Christmas, Grandson #2 came down with an awful cough and went to the doctor. Then Grandson #1 came down with it right after Christmas and had his turn at the doctor. Now I have it! I wish I could find a miracle cure like the Mr. got for you!

    Those pressed bowls are gorgeous, and the tap shoes remind me of dance lessons back in the day. An older lady taught the class, and those look like her shoes!

    As always, you and the Mr. look adorable in your pics!

    1. Oh gosh it seems as though the sick bugs are making their visits EVERYWHERE right now.
      I hope you and the two Grandsons recover quickly.
      I never took any sort of dance lessons. But after finding those tap shoes (I knew they were too small when I purchased them.) I have thought.... hmmmm maybe I can find a pair in my size. And practice tap tap tapping!

  6. So sorry you had a crummy Christmas. That is no fun. I know for a FACT. But I'm so happy you're feeling better. I do think you need to find a pair of tap shoes that fit you because I think you need to do a happy little tap dance!

    1. I just hope never again do I get the flu DURING the holidays. I can't even remember the last time I had the darn thing before this time.
      I agree about the shoes, I will be on the lookout.

  7. We've been getting steady snowfall for the last week. I actually got a white Christmas! I've had the flu exactly one time (knock on wood) in my life. It came on quickly and lasted about 36 hours. After that initial onset I was fine but had the lingering body aches and cough. I drank a lot of liquids and bland foods.
    That pen holder is just awesome. I'm jealous. I haven't been going out thrifting much due to the fact I don't know how to drive in the snow and the car doesn't have a heater.

    1. *Yikes* The car doesn't have a heater? That reminds me of the guy I seen the other day driving a Jeep with no back window. I was thinking (That guy must be freezing his butt off. And even if he does have heat... it woun't do anything.)
      I don't really like snow driving myself. I haven't had to do it in a few years. And now if I had to I know I would be nervous.

    2. Yeah the car doesn't but luckily the truck does and it's a 4x4. I see a lot of people out and about in shirt when it's 36F out. I can't figure it out. It's so cold out.

  8. Oh sweet you poor wee poppet, I so hope you feel better soon. What a truly poo time to be sick.
    I am so in love with the tap shoes and just hope they might be my size when you list them.
    To you and all your family, may 2013 be filled with so much fun times and happy memories.
    Love Vanessa

  9. The orange bridge is absolutely fantastic with the white snow. I love the pictures. You have a good eye. Tis the season for bugs. Very sorry they found you.

  10. I'm so pleased you made it out of your deathbed to enjoy Xmas, take good care of yourself and keep a good supply of potions in, we don't want a New Year relapse!!!
    Love the letter kitty and the baby powder dispenser. Maybe you'll have a good use for him very soon?!!!
    Sending you loads of New Year love and kisses! xxxx

  11. Glad your feeling look cute in the snow.Mmmmm chinese food.I haven't had any in a long the pressed glass and that kitty letter holder.

  12. Aw, sorry to hear you had a bad X-mas. :/

    The powder shaker must be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life!