Sunday, December 9, 2012

I am in love with Elna (Apparently)

 *Shifts Eyes* uhhh... Okay so I broke down and purchased my 3rd Elna!
(I admit I have a problem people) But really could I pass it up for a $20?
Last night I cleaned the whole thing up and down. Today I did some testing.
She sews like a dream of course. Quieter than my NEWEST sewing machine that's (not really my newest because I keep buying ones that are decades older than even me.)

I was worried about the "As is" at first but realize they thought the case was broken and couldn't get it closed. *hehehe* There was nothing wrong with it, it was just designed different than the older cases and is in perfect working CLOSURE!

 All metal (Light blue and white) from the 1970s
It came with a mother load of bobbins and all different colors of thread. Even some different feet and 6 different stitch pattern cams.
*Whispers* "Thank you Santa!
I purchased these mouth blown shiny brite's that were hand crafted in Poland from Salvation Army.
They are now hanging from my Christmas tree. They are small and add a little vintage charm.
 I like taking photos out of the car window. That is how I got this shot of the Hampton Inn sign in the midst of snow flurries.
 Another out the window shot. Christmas lights & neon
 My "Hobo girl" look!
 A playhouse I just had to take a tour of outside of the hardware store.
Speaking of ducks.... well actually Geese
 I wonder how this white Canadian goose feels. He/She stuck out like a sore thumb and was the only one in a flock of about 150. The goose was so cute I couldn't stop watching it. It's the first one I have ever seen.
I am pretty sure it was the Royal goose!
 Yesterday while out grocery shopping I spotted this woman ahead of us at the self checkouts.
I told Mr. ("See that lady? That will be me in the future.)
 She was rocking snake skin print pants and those awesome red boots. And I could tell she didn't give a damn what anyone thought about it.
And that is something I think is really cool!


  1. Damn my eyes those red boots are heavenly with the platform and chunky heel! I love that you collect vintage sewing machines:). Yes you do, you are officially a sewing machine collector my lovely! And don't you love it when people think something's broken, you know in your heart it's not, you hand over the moolah, take it home and behold you were right!!!! Your glass ornaments are utterly exquisite and I LOVE the pic of the snow flurries. Is that goose enormous or what?!!! xoxoxo

  2. Great finds! Love the stitches on your Elna sewing machine. I like older metal cased machines they are mush more quieter and are solid. Those boots that woman is wearing are pretty awesome.

  3. Love the sewing machine - great price too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. That sewing machine is lovely great buy and those decorations are lovely to. Christmas is fast approaching thats for sure :-) Those geese look like there having a party. Have a great week, dee x

  5. I never knew sewing machines did cool stitches like that!
    Unfortunately I have no room to put one if I found one. Love your new old Elna! Xx

  6. DUCK STITCH!!! Congrats on the new old Elna - I am ready to ditch my stupid stuck-in-reverse- Brother piece-o-crap and pick me up a twenty dollar Elna!

    And I love the lovely goose too - hope he found his flock!

    Sarah xxx

  7. So that's where the geese in my park have turned up! Loving that lady's boots and that machine looks great! x

  8. Those duck stitches are a quack up! And red boots - they change who you are at the very center of your being. I mean it. Just bought red cowboy boots and just knowing they are in my closet makes me way more confident. You must have a pair.

  9. Now, my Elna Twin, you are ahead of me - by TWO! Des is right, THREE Elnas makes you a collector for sure. Or an obsessive. Or both! Bit like me (and you!) with coats...
    Oh dear, there is so much vintage gorgeousness to collect, no wonder my house is in such a state!
    Anyway, Hobo Girl, loving your baubles and your sign-in-the-snow photo, and the gaggle of geese.
    And that cool lady's red boots ROCK! xxxxx

  10. got to love those red boots! get yourself some!! You mad lady, but you know, if you're going to use a third sewing machine then what the hell. I reckon that's a Royal goose, look at the other geese bowing to it xxx

  11. OMG, $20, make me HOLLA!
    So bloody what if you've become a collector of sewing machines?! They're useful,and therefore an excellent thing to collect!!! Love the stitch variations! Fabularse!
    Yup, that lady rocks.We only get better with age,doll!

  12. Hello beautiful Miss Coconut!!!!
    Yes you have a collection for sure, but what a fabulous one!!!! The stitches are so cute, I would be going mad and putting them on everything.
    Sending a big squirrel hug and lots of love V

  13. I can't believe what a great buy you got on that Elna! Lucky you!!!

  14. Loads of fab stuff in this blog! That sewing machine was such a bargain, I love the daisy stitch especially, and ducks! So cute. Love your snow flurry pic too, I'm always on buses and want to take photos out of the window but I'm embarrassed because of the other passengers, sometimes I pretend I'm just looking at a text on my phone or something and snap a sneaky pic. Those vintage baubles are beautiful and that lady is fabulous, I'd love to reach the stage where I really didn't give a damn what anyone else thought, then I could take photos on the bus! xx

  15. Oh wow! That's my Mums Elna, she had it before I was born and still works perfectly. Only had a problem once when my brother put a sewing pin down the hole near the bobbin holder. Lol. Great buy!

  16. Lol. Not the actual 'one' but the model.

    1. That gave me a good laugh. I knew what you meant!

  17. Oh for a sewing machine with a duck stitch! Everything would have ducks upon it .. I would unpick hems just so I could redo them .. forget blind hems, ducks are the way forward!

  18. but how fabulous are this duck stitch and the flower stitch, you make me jelous i want a elna too :( and gosh i love the red boots of this lady madly!!!

  19. Yesss. A very cool 'i dont care what people think' lady!!!! I wanna be her!
    A machine for only 20 dollar?? I'm jealous!
    Love that snowy picture!

  20. Oh I really love the snow and I miss it so much. But you are's a lotta work! Thank you so much for your very sweet and encouraging comments on my blog :-) I also love a beautiful sewing machine...they just don't make 'em like that any more.