Saturday, December 22, 2012

Furry Flurries

(Thursday outfit)
 It has snowed all day today! I just got home from shopping and now it's time to relax and stay cozy. Here is my 3 outfits from the last three days. I have lots of finds to share with you so I will post some soon.
 (Friday outfit)
I have been feeling "REALLY FESTIVE" *lol* Obviously I am sure you can tell. When I wake up in the morning I pretty much want to dress like a Christmas Elf.

 I restrained myself today. And decided not to do a theme red and green. But I might go back to that Tomorrow. *laugh*
 This was the first time I was able to wear this late 60s maxi dress. It was a little too small before but now it fits like a little vintage dream.
*Snowy Path*

Here's the dresses tag. *hehehe* Isn't it cute? "I am a PUSSY CAT"
Speaking of Pussy cats...
On Thursday my Mom and I went and visited a family friend. She has a cute Cat named Kit Kat.
Kit Kat was a homeless kitty she took in,  and now lives a lavish life and is spoiled rotten.
She has long shiny silky black fur.... but the most cutest part of Kit Kat is her feet.

 The white fur on her toes is EXTRA long, she has little puffy fluff feet!
I hope you are all ready for Christmas. Because now it's just RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.
We have a tradition in our family to go out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve. I cannot WAIT!!
*Laughs* I will take some pics at the Chinese buffet.
P.S. I plan to go dressed in Red and Green (I am just warning you)


  1. Oh I wish it snowed here. If it did, I would dress like a Christmas elf, too.

  2. Our Christmas Eve tradition is a seafood blowout here at home and that includes lobster!! Merry Christmas!!

  3. What better combination then red & green at this time of year. Who cares if you resemble an Elf!!! That maxi dress is amazing & the tag makes it even more special. I'm sure I'd get into Christmas a bit more if it wasn't so hot. We'll all be crowded around a table on Christmas day eating cold food & sweating on one another....Lol. Merry Christmas!!!! Xx

  4. Oh fluffy cat toes! They are too cute. I always trimmed my cat's toes due to huge fox tail problems. You look great and there's nothing wrong with being festive. We got some snow today too so I was super happy.

  5. The snow's all gone away here to be replaced by heavy rain, we're hoping it stays that way as Pat works on the gritting lorries and we don't want him to have to go out on Christmas Day. You look beautiful in your maxi dress in the snow and everything about Kit Kat is cute, I've not seen fluffy cat paws like that before. I'm planning to wear my green velvet dress on Christmas Day so I'll be dressed festively alongside you Coco, have a lovely night at the Chinese buffet! xx

  6. Ha, I was thinking of wearing my red maxi dress with green accessories for the Christmas Eve party we are going to, so I'll be rather Elvish too! Those red boots are perfect for Christmas, Melanie, and as much as red and green are a festive colour combination, leopard print says Christmas to me too!
    We haven't had any snow yet, just lots and LOTS of rain...
    Love that maxi-that-now-fits and especially the Pussy Cat label, and the photo in the snow is magical. Kit Kat is a beauty, I have never seen a cat with fluffy toes before!
    Enjoy your Chinese on Christmas Eve, Melanie, and have a lovely Christmas with your darling Mr! xxxxxxxx

  7. How nice to have snow for Christmas. We had it a while ago but now it's been rainy for days and is going up to 12 degrees C today - so much for an alpine Christmas! What a fab label, and how lovely that that pretty kitty now has solving home. Havens wonderful Christmas and Christmas Eve dinner! Xo

  8. Bah humbug! Not keen on the snow but hate the rain we've been lashed with for over a week.
    You look fabulous in that maxi, hooray for it fitting! The label is incredible and so's Kit Kat and her feet of fluff! xxx

  9. I would love to have a white Christmas one year. It was 40C today (104F). Phew. Love your boots in the first pic. Have a fantastic Christmas!

  10. I love your surprised look in the furry hat! Please send snow our way, it's hideously mild here. Very tedious. Lovely to see you frolicking in the snow with your gorgeous jackets. I'm eyeing up your red boots! and love Kit Kat, those hobbit feet are adorable xxxx

  11. Nice photos!!!

    would you like to follow each other?

  12. What a gorgeous cat! My mum's cat has tow tufts too. And I love all that snow!
    Merry Christmas to you and the Mr xxx

  13. Your festive outfits are adorable. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas.

  14. I'm in love with your red boots *__*

  15. Love the leopard!My area got more snow than we know what to do with!

  16. From the top of your tag to the tips of your boots I wish you a Merry Christmas and a vintagey treasureful new year.

  17. Merry Christmas beautiful Miss Coconut!!!! I hope you and your family have the most wonderful time.
    Much love and happiness. V&W

  18. The cat's feet are so cute! If I wasn't allergic to cats, didn't mind hair everywhere and wasn't too selfish to look after anything but myself (and my husband a bit too), I might have one!

  19. You look gorgeous and sweet as always. Hope you have had a wonderful christmas, and i hope the new year ahead brings you much love, laughter and fun. dee x

  20. Holy guacamole - those boots are INCREDIBLE!!! And Kit Kat's boots are gorgeous too! Hope you had a fab xmas. Sarah xxx