Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm not going to miss it this week! *Frock on Friday*

Okay so I missed the last two Fridays.... But look I made it this week. *lol*

Here I am downtown a little up the road is one of the thrifts I frequent and that is where I was headed.

The frock I wore today was being a tad problematic. When I purchased it (Months back in a $5 bag sale) I noticed it missing a button on the wrist cuff. Then once washed and ready to be hung a button popped off the front. (*sigh*) I was too lazy at the time to re-sew it on so I kept it in safe keeping all the way up until today when I finally went to sew it back on.
The buttons are in sad shape.. apparently they are so old they have decided to crack all over the place. "No wonder they are just popping off."
I couldn't even sew the button on the dress with thread so I could wear it. I had to use EMBROIDERY THREAD to keep the darned thing on.
So on the list to buy is 9 good condition vintage buttons to help this lovely frock live many more years to come.
Here I am in the Mall! "Guess what?? Santa is coming TOMORROW!!!"
(No not to your house..... to the Malls in my town!)
I wanted a picture here because of the happy snowman behind me. *lol*
Didn't get no full dress pics while out.... *woops*
Here is some last minute in the house pictures so you can properly see this frock.

Jersey the Boxer says: "Momma has really lost it this time. She's a twirlin FOOL"

I kept warm all day with these grey leggings under my dress.

Did I split my seams dancing???

Jersey is bashful

I suppose you will never know... *heh*

I have had such a great week in the thrifting department.

On Wednesday I found myself a rather FABULOUS faux fur coat "VERY HAIRY" *laugh*

I also found a long vintage petticoat. "In very good condition"

Today I found two Mid Century Fat Lava jugs "That sounds sort of ... dirty doesn't it? I can assure you it's not.

Lastly I scored a vintage *whispers so Nelly can't hear* Wedding dress.

"I am not a wedding dress collector, this will be my first one other than my actual wedding dress I own. But it was included in a bag sale and I probably paid about 50 cents for it. There is NOOOO WAYYY I could have left it there. I will have to show you ladies some pics cause I can't pinpoint what decade it's from.
I will put my mannequin Galaxie in it.




  1. It's so funny to see you all rugged up in your (gorgeous) dress, leggings, boots and woolly cap while we are sweltering over here.

  2. @Kylie .... You just had to rub it in huh??? HUH??? *lol* The next time I turn on my portable heater, I will think of you.

  3. You look very wintery! Another gorgeous frock, I was too hot to frock up yesterday.(Rubs it in hehe) Tell Santa I said hello and I want some good vintage presents for xmas thanks!


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  5. Oh sweet, I just love your frock, it looks great on you. Pom pom hat!!!! Every fabulous girl, must have a pom pom hat.
    Happy weekend to you! V

  6. Man its been hot over here.Rub a dub dub.
    Now where the heck is teh wedding dress? Huh? I wanna see and I wana see now!!!
    Did I meantion its been really hot over here.

  7. Twirlin fool! You look so gorgeous in that twirly button-poppin' frock. We must have pics of all treasures please!

    Sarah xxx

  8. I love that frock on you, VC! I wear leggings under mine, too. Those buttons are so cute and so's your hat.
    I wanna see that new fake fur coat...please! x

  9. Twirly dress! YES! It looks great despite those inconsiderate buttons. And a wedding dress, they are a blessing... and a curse. I had one for a costume and now I can't get rid of it, can't find a place to store it. I hope you do something amazing with yours.

  10. I love the dress too bad about the buttons they're pretty.

  11. oh really a gorgous dress hun!! this are my colours too;) and you always have the most amazing hats!! and santa was in our mall today too, how is it possible he was there and in your mall? things i don´t understand haha
    love and kiss,mary

  12. Aw they're such meanies! Don't worry, it's getting pretty chilly here too. Gorgeous frock, you look so cute in it with your pigtails x

  13. A twirling FABULOUS fool!!!
    Love this frock!Bloody old fragile buttons!
    Ooo,must show us what you've been scoring!!!

  14. Well its been 36 degrees here today, better now at 8pm but jeez I almost started sweating again just looking at your outfit!! Better show Nelly the wedding dress before she spontaneously combusts..*big LOL*

  15. Don't worry about missing friday.I did too.Just love your dress.Mr.Snowman is so cute.Jersey is so cute.I want to give him a snuggle.You will have to post your goodies.Can't wait to see the wedding dress.xx

  16. Its allright to miss frock fridays, i love the colorful yet dark print on this dress.
    Darn buttons,cute hat.
    I cant wait to see the fury coat and oooo a wedding dress.
    I been looking for a wedding dress for my big self. Jersey is the cutest.

  17. You look adorable.
    Love your nail polish, what color and brand is it?

  18. Haha, you twirlin fool! Love that frock, never mind about the pesky buttons.
    SHOW US the faux fur and the wedding dress - please! Can't wait! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. aahhh you look lovely ;-)) Look forward to seeing your buys. dee x