Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My out of town day trip

*Blows bubbles*

Hello all!

On Saturday as you might know I took a out of town day trip to do some thrifting in new territory & see if I could find myself a vanity.

Mr. and I had alot of fun when you go to the same stores OVER AND OVER... it's really nice to go somewhere completely different.

Red square table cloth with a embroidered swan on every corner $1

60's eye glasses case $0.25

Key pendant $2

Bangle $0.99

Mr. Coco's Mom lives right near where we went. So in the evening before we headed home we had plans to go over and have a visit with them before heading home. When we got to their house they came outside while Mr. tarped my vanity to keep her safe from rain. Whilst outside I showed my Mother in law my purchases below..... I would love to know what she thought when she seen them.
If your son married someone who purchased items like this... you would??

(Caption here)

60's flower bathing cap $0.25

Vintage towel dress! (OMG I loved it when I saw it hanging on the rack in one of the Salvation army's there.)
Now if Coconut lived in the town she visited. She knows where she would be going to do her laundry...

(I was thrilled when I spotted this laundromat)

Here is me outside of a AWSOME vintage & antique store called Blast from the past. I could have spent hours looking at everything in this store. They have EVERYTHING you could imagine inside.
And the owners are quite nice too!

What do you think of Mr. Peanut? You know.. this guy

Picture from 1940's taken from http://www.freewebs.com/waterburyct/moredowntown.htm

Picture from 1950's taken from http://www.urbanremainschicago.com/index.php/rare-c-1940-s-hand-painted-american-prototypical-mr-peanut-promotional-product-costume.html

Well I think he is quite cool and guess what??

When we walked into the store and I saw Mr. Peanut I was SOOOO EXCITED. I knew I had to get a picture. But I asked permission first. The lady working was so sweet she even asked if she could take the picture for us and moved stuff around so Mr. Coco and I could get a pic with him together.

She said it was no problem... and then said "But had you asked to get into the costume... I would have had to say no" *lol* "Then I would have told people, Guess what a customer asked today? They must not have had anything important to do." *hahaha* ("Thank God I didn't ask") *wink*

So if I was rich and had extra money I think I would buy the costume and walk around town. Throw peanuts at people maybe?? *heh*

This place was closed maybe it will be open next time.

So after going to all the thrift stores I had on my list and only coming across one (Beat up) Vanity at a Salvation army for $300.00

we were about to go to the next town an hour away.

On our way to the highway driving though downtown... I seen a store on the street corner. And in that store window I seen a GORGEOUS VANITY. I yelled to Mr. "OMG we have to turn around. I SAW A VANITY in the front window of one of those stores." So we parked and went in... I ran into the store front area to see what I had spotted. Dear God it was a gorgeous bedroom set with a wardrobe, foot board, headboard & vanity for about $2400.00

It was absolutely stunning

(Part of the set, pic taken through window)

The store was quite large and hubby went to go look and guy-ish stuff while I went to search for what I was looking for....

I walked into a room where there was not one but three FREAKING vanities.


My heart started to race and I had the hugest grin on my face...

I ran to find Mr. Coco

To be Continued....


  1. Love Mr Peanut and the Aloha laundromat looks awesome...we've got a pretty cool old school one here which I'd love to take pics of, but it seems to be a gathering place for the local undesirables so I'm too scared to go inside.
    Can't wait to see your vanity!

    I want to see les vanities!

  3. @kylie We have the same issue here with our laundromats. I luckily only have had to go two times once because the washer broke second time because the dryer. *heh*
    I remember when I was a kid going to the laundromat with Mom. It always seemed so fun and I loved the little boxes the soap came in. She would sometimes let me sit in the little laundry cart and push me around so I didn't get bored.

    @pinktutu72 I SWEAR.. I did not end on purpose... My post was becoming way to long and of course you know I am gonna have alot to say about the vanity sooo her debut will be next.

  4. ooohhhh you can't stop there in mid flow ;-)) Please tell us you got one ? Great buys by the way loving the glasses case and that swimming hat just made me smile ;-)) Can't wait to hear the rest. dee x

  5. Well you must have bought one, because you mentioned your Mr. tarping it down to the car....

  6. You are a crazy Coconut! You look fabulous in your swimming hat, I'm sure your mum-in-law appreciates your style!
    So many great things to look at, don't you just love finding new places to browse?
    You and Mr Peanut make a lovely couple, though obviously he's not as cute as Mr C.
    Come on, come on - show us the vanity!!!!!
    Toujours l'amour. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Come on - you're a tease! Show us!!!

    If you were walking around my town in that costume throwing peanuts at me, I would crash tackle you to the ground, drag you home and never let you go! And we would be BFFs.

    And that swimming cap ROCKS MY WORLD.

    Sarah xxx

  8. Yere ya tease!! how could you but we know you got one since you said Mr had to tarp the vanily earlier lol

  9. That swimming cap and towelling dress are making me green with envy!!! How mad that you and Sarah are both owners of key jewellery, must be something in the air.
    That Planter's man looks a bit scary to me, if he started tossing peanuts at me I'd have to run and hide. xx

  10. Love the towel dress and cap.Awwww I love mr peanut.Cool pic.I have a mr peanut that makes peanut butter.It an old one where you cran the hadle to do it.But I could never get it to make peanut butter.You made my heart race reading about your vanity.Cheeky co conut making us wait.lol.I can't wait to see it.xx

  11. @delia hornbook Yes delia I did get one (Thank God) I would have probably cried if I had to go home empty handed. *lol*

    @Kitty Yes yes yes and I am thrilled. I am just trying to organize all the draweres now. (Bah I don't know how to set it up.)

    @pastcaring I am not so sure about how alot of people in my family think about vintage stuff. I DO KNOW SOME FIND IT VERY WEIRD I like to wear dresses from 50-60 years ago. I had SO MUCH FUN in a new place and looking through their thrift stores. I ALREADY want to go back!! *hahah*

    @Misfits Vintage I had to have it to be continued... Because no one wants to read a short novel. *lol* That swimming cap is the devil to get on. My God and while pulling it kept snapping into my ear. *OWWW OWW LOUD NOISES* AHHA

    @Nelly Yes I have her... and probably stare at her for a minute or so every so often in absolute happiness. I (for now) No longer have to scour the classifieds and press refresh over and over in the furniture/ dresser & wardrobe section. *lol*

    @Vix come join the key fad! Hurry you don't know what you are missing. *heh* I laughed out loud reading you would hide from the planters man. What if he just wanted a hug Vix?? LOL I have come to realize... if I was ever wealthy I would buy the weirdest stuff!

    @vintage_kitten If you ever feel like showing us your peanut butter maker I would be thrilled!
    It sounds cool even if you have never got it to work. I will be doing my vanity post soon. *yay*

  12. That blowing bubble pic at the top of the post? LOVE IT! You're a funny little coconut, my dear! :)

  13. You are a loco coconut, look so adorable in your swimming cap.
    Love the swan table cloth.
    I always flip off people dressed as characters that are holding up signs on street corners. Mr. Peanut woulnt of gotten flip off cause he wasnt holding a sign up.
    Cant wait to see your new vanity.

  14. haha i love the picture of mr.peanut and you this is so great and also the aloha laundromat;)

  15. LOL! You are so silly in your pics, love it!
    You made my day.

    That's a cool eye glasses case.