Thursday, November 3, 2011

My first antique furniture purchase

Continuing from last post

"I walked into a room where there was not one but three FREAKING vanities.
Omg! My heart started to race and I had the hugest grin on my face...
I ran to find Mr. Coco"

The store is quite large and I saw him walk off into a section that had records and musical instruments. Sure enough he was still there! I am sure I probably looked like I had just seen a ghost. "Babe they have vanities here" I said.

"Not one but 3 maybe more" ... He told me he would come take a look in a minute. (*Psshh MEN!!!*) Here I am after months of creeping on classifieds and scouring thrift stores and he acts like its no big deal and in the mean time my head is gonna explode with excited-ness.

I tell him I am going back to look. In the mean time the salesmen.. (Probably thinking I am some sort of wack job since they saw me breeze past them with eyes as big as saucers) Asked if I found something I liked.

"Yes a few of them I replied"

He told me prices.. one was WAY OFF my range $325 "too rich for my blood"

Another didn't have original mirror... Then thats when I stumbled upon her...

She was nothing like I had been imagining "Which is weird"

My dream vanity was:

Dark wood

Art Deco waterfall

Round mirror

Like this one below

Those were my stipulations.. That is what I had been searching for these past couple months.But once I saw this one I couldn't stop looking at it. (Then my mind would say "No it's not a round mirror... it's wood isn't dark enough.) So I would doubt for a few seconds... and then fall right back in love. She was 50.00 more than my $200.00 I planned to spend. This is one of the first times I saved Birthday money and added money to it to buy something really worthwhile. (Yay me)
The vanity is all the way from England. It was shipped over to Spokane Washington at some point and then the antique store I bought it from.. purchased it & brought it over the border into Canada. So she has had a long trip to say the least.

She is 1930's and a burl walnut wood

My vanity in the store

(I named her Hazel)

Right before I was about to purchase her one of the other employees had to go and point out... It had a matching wardrobe. (I would have been better off not knowing that.) Because it was very gorgeous and I did not have the money for it.. and had to split up the pieces and leave the wardrobe on the store floor.

I am very sorry gorgeous wardrobe *sniff*

So I bought the vanity loaded her up carefully and was ecstatic to finally be bringing one home. This is a pic right after we unloaded it. Sitting in the dining room.

Hazels mirror: Has some small dark fleck age spots in a couple areas and a odd wave flaw in the glass on the left side.

(It's sort of eerie)

One thing I loved instantly is the decorative celluloid designs on the sides.

She has a small top drawer, three middle big drawers and two side cupboard doors. I will be doing a Vanity post in the near future once I have everything organized. I am trying to plan where I want all my stuff to go and that is a job in itself.

One of my new favorite places. Sure beats sitting on the couch applying my makeup in a small compact mirror. The night I got her settled in my bedroom I applied her wood conditioning treatment. After that she shined more than she did on the store floor.

How weird would you think I was if I told you I play Hazel 1930's music. I am pretty darn positive it must be her favorite and I REALLY wanted her to feel at home here.

When I move to a bigger place I can for see many more Antique furniture purchases. There is just something about a piece from another time that seems so wondrous. I mean seriously I know I would not have the same feeling buying something from Ikea. *lol*

I do wonder about Hazels previous owner.... Who she was "Was she a sultry siren or a proper lady, what kind of things did she like and what did she store in Hazels drawers.." I will never know.

But it will not keep me from imagining.


  1. Hehe! I loved this story! Hazel is just stunning and I love the embellishments on the corenrs, I've never seen anything like that before! I love imagining where things came from Xoxox

  2. Hazel is lovely, how nice she's found a loving new home...
    As for the wardrobe, I doubt you'd fit ALL of your clothes inside anyway!!! Those old wardrobes always look alot bigger on the outside than they are on the inside.

  3. What a beautiful piece of furniture. Glad you found your ideal dressing table.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Stunning and that is a fantastic price (for where I come from anyway). You would be paying at least $500 for that here. I love that you play 30's music to her, that is gorgeous. She likely still has some energy vibes from previous owners - don't you think - hmm, now I sound crazy. Lol Sherry:)

  5. Oh Hazel its so lovely to meet you at last Your lovely new owner adores you so much and I can see why.Maybe I shall even meet you one day and get to rub you over with that special polish that you love so much.

  6. Oh wow that is a beautiful dresser, and cheap too! SCORE one Mel!!!

  7. Hazel is fabulous, and we all said the right vanity would be waiting for you and there she was - amazing. Here to vintage furniture finds, hoorah :o) Scarlett x

  8. aaahh Hazel is a cracker ;-)) Im so pleased to see you found her. I know just how you feel about imagining who had her and what lay in her draws etc i thought about the same as you when i bought my vintage bedroom furniture. And i think its great your playing 30's music to her ;-)) Enjoy her, dee xx

  9. Yay.Hazel is beautiful.I am so excited for you.Rose has a matching dresser so I am hoping it's still there for my next purchase.My mirror has some of that as well.I had the same reaction when I saw her.Heart racing and couldn't stop looking at her.She looks so pretty all dolled up.Great find.I am sure hazel loves her new home.xx

  10. Hazel is a beauty! I love the celluloid detailing and the colour of the wood. She deserves to have music played at her and treated with love and respect.
    You need that wardrobe now, keep hinting so you can have her for Xmas. xxxx

  11. Hurrah, you and Hazel have finally found each other! She's been WAITING for you!
    She's beautiful, just perfect for you, and it's so great to know that you are treating her well!
    I think you are one happy Coconut! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS. I think her previous owner was a Proper Lady with a Wicked Side. Know anyone like that...?!

  12. I agree with pastcaring, she was a sultry siren masquerading as a proper lady. I love how you can feel your excitement jumping off the page! It's a grand dressing table :)

  13. Hazel is gorgeous! Yay!!
    Not weird to play her some 30's music.
    Now you need to dress up a la 30's while doing your hair.
    you will have to go back for that stunning wardrobe.
    I loved the intensity of your story.

  14. Oh wow Hazel is beautiful, so lucky to have finally found each other! I cant wait to see more of her!!

  15. Oh yay, you found her! Hazel is gorgeous, I do love deco furniture, although my dressing table is 40s. Like you I get amazingly excited by antiques, and if I had the money...

  16. Oh Moconut I'm so, so excited about Hazel!!! Congratulations on popping your antique cherry love, she's an absolute winner. Very similar in shape to mine, the waterfall shape (I didn't know that until you told me) but Hazel is way more beautiful and I love the chair! I can see you spending luxurious time doing your hair and make up instead of having to perch on the couch in a hurry to get the job done. So happy for you!!! xoxoxo

  17. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Hazel is a beauty. She's lucky she has an awesome owner. I'm glad your search is finally over. As an owner of ikea furniture I can tell you it doesn't compare to having a vintage beauty.