Friday, November 4, 2011

Mrs. Mercy Morbid (Frock on Friday)

Hello everyone! I wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments about Hazel my Vanity table from last post.

She is rather chuffed upon hearing all of your comments.

(You see that?? You hang around with other bloggers from different parts of the world you start using their slang.)

Although.. since Hazel is English I figure it is fine.

Now onto the FROCK!

"Hello I am Nanny Mercy I am here to care for your children"
Dress: $1.00

Carpet bag: $2.00

Leather boots: $0.75

Leather gloves:$1.99

Hair flower: Tara

Cross necklace: $0.99 Clearance Walmart

Black glass bead necklace $5.00

Total spent: $11.73

So this dress was lusted after by me for a few weeks. I am pretty sure I seen it the day it came out onto the thrift store floor. The price was about 8 dollars. (Not bad not bad.... But not the best when you are a lady who can clothe her entire body for half that at times.) So what did I do?? Well I took a chance on waiting until this immaculate dress would end up becoming the dollar day tag color I needed it to be. I am sure 4 weeks went by. I would check on her from time to time. Lucky for me she was placed in an area of the front window that I could see when I would pass by. (As the store is seriously mere blocks from my house) I must have muttered "My dress is still there" many times to whoever I was with when we would drive past.

Patience paid off! I went right at opening time on the day her tag color was on discount. Un-hung her and thought in my mind... "I did it.. yes.. I win!"
The other half seen these skull roses I was bringing with me for photos and said: "Well... NOW you look Morbid"
Hence the name ... Mercy Morbid

So how could I make this frock post even more fitting?? Well see the building in the background? Would you be a little spooked if I told you it is a abandoned sanatorium? It started up in 1907 and ran until 1958

It is a rather chilling place to look at. I try not to look into the windows in fear that I may see a face or someone waving. *EEEpp*

After the Sanatorium closed they reopened it for other purposes until 1984 when it was closed permanently. People who have snuck in and caretakers and security of the property say it is haunted.
(See the look on my face above)

I am 1 a little bit sad a building so old is just left like a hollow shell
sitting to rot. 2 A little creeped out, and worried about hearing a strange noise or seeing someone that shouldn't be seen.

Maybe I was worried a woman from the past would see me and think "Ohhh there is my friend Pearl Anne I must go say hi to her!"


  1. I love your morbid frock look,! Cool skull flowers .
    Fab scenery, i am in love with all kinds of creepy.
    you should of gone inside the sanatorium and taken fotos, that would of been so cool.
    Im loca thats why i get bugged by spirits.
    Adorar your hair, red is your color amor.
    Lol@ my friend pearl anne.

  2. You look so very fabulous in red!!!! Yay when a dress just waits to be your treasure. Oh oh I am so in love with your carpet bag, I have been wanting one forever, it's at the top of the very long "vintage wish list". V

  3. You look super hot in that red! I love your hair too :)

  4. You look great and the frock is gorgeous. I bet there is many a tortured soul roaming around there they were horrible places even pregant unmarried mothers went in there never to come out again. I cared for a lady just like that a few years ago and her stories was truely heartbreaking. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  5. I love your Mercy Morbid look. What a bargain too. In the charity shops our way, the £1 rails consist of the dregs that no-one would be.

    Pictures of the sanatorium are very atmospheric. Desolate.

  6. you are such a wonderful story teller and you look beautiful in that dress even with that expression of trepidation(didnt know I could say big words like that did ya?)I read a book called Story of Beautiful Girl a month or so back about those types of places SOOO sad how they were treated.xx

  7. You're hired! I reckon Mercy Morbid would keep my kids in line. Love the hair and frock, and yes the sanatorium is BOUND to be haunted, any spooky orbs turn up on any of your photographs?

  8. Mercy Mercy Me. Or rather you!
    You look bloody fabulous in that frock, well done for holding your nerve and waiting, and hurrah, the dress for waited for you too!
    Old abandoned buildings, especially hospitals/institutions have a real atmosphere about them, don't they? Any ghostly happenings? Did anyone recognise Pearl Anne's frock?
    LOVE this look on you, beautiful bag, great beads, sexy gloves - there's nothing that isn't totally wonderful, including you!! xxxx

  9. Gorgeeoous frock! You are brave I wouldn't have been able to stand the strain!

  10. I agree with Dora red is your color.You look gorgeous in red.I love that dress ad I love your hair.Cool skull bouquet.I would be afraid of seeing something in that building too.I have moments either i want to look or I am terrified to check it out.xx

  11. How totally gorgeous you look!So divinely morbid!Love it!That shade of red is rather fetching on you,darrrrling!
    Ew,creepy building!I certainly wouldn't like having somehting like that nearby,goodness knows what went on in such places! You look too good for anything nasty to bother you,though!

  12. O,and I'm bloody gagging with envy over a)your hair and b)that bag!EEEK!XXX

  13. Super fabulous frock is PERFECTION on you, Miss Mercy! And that bag is AWFUL! You'd best send it over and I'll get rid of it for you. Yes, I am THAT good a friend!

    Sarah xxx

  14. we love vintage stuff as well - your style is amazing <3

    X the cookies

  15. The bag, the dress, your beautiful face! I can't tell you how much I love these pictures and the fabulously creepy setting. x

  16. Wonderful dress, and I see you also like a bargain, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    So nice to have found you.

  17. Red looks so outstanding on you! And I love your fringe :)

    Would be a pleasure if you visit me on my blog too!

  18. I love the asylum look! I couldn't do the waiting game it would drive me insane. But your waiting payed off. I love the red with the black and your dark hair!

    Em xx

  19. well i wouldn´t leave my children with you alone there, but i absolutely love this fabulous and morbid blood-red dress on you. oh and your hair, i love it so much, you black beauty ;)

  20. What a beautiful dress! You look fabulous in red, my dear.

  21. I'm sorry Nanny Mercy but the job was filled by zombie Mary Poppins, but I'd much rather have you look after my wicked wee ones my dear! I cannot believe your whole ensemble was so inexpensive - you look utterly glorious and genuinely scared of looking through those creepy windows. Aren't you just a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit tempted to go in? hehehehe!! xoxoxoxo

  22. You look morbidly amazing! You could totally be a long lost relative of the Addams family in this ghoulishly gothic frock!

    Oooo a Sanatorium! There may have been some spirits looking out the window hoping that you'd come inside and play with them. *creepy laugh* xxx

  23. I LOVE your dress!
    And you look stunning in that hair style. <3

  24. Amazing pics, you look stunning and im a huge fan of any item of red clothing - hot mama! Scarlett x

  25. Love that red shade and you look fabulous!! Your jewelry and accessories are to die for!

  26. Your hair is so adorable! Love the way it looks with the red coat and that awesome fall scenery! =)

  27. I love your outfit and these picture, you look so good, that dress is really beautiful, the color, the length, the shape are all perfect. You are so beautiful; also that bag is pretty awesome! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  28. You look divine in that devilishly red dress. Seems I've missed some of your posts and I am - chuffed? Is that good or bad? Anyway, am adding you to my blog roll so my lazy arse won't miss any updates again!