Monday, November 21, 2011

Lets catch up... Shall we? *Lots-O-Pics*

It has been over 2 weeks since my last post! *Shocked face*

So let me catch us up. It has SNOWED here twice already. Both snowfalls melted within two days or so... Above is a pic of me during the second snowfall. (I got out of the shower saw it was snowing, jumped into the first items I could find and took this pic.)

I mention in my about me I am obsessed with blankets/bedding what have you.
Below are two recent finds

Cotton loomed Bates Bedspread $3

Bed spread number two (no makers tag) $4

I found this table mirror this Saturday for $7. I have been looking for one for Hazel (To: new readers Hazel is my 1930s English Vanity/Dressing table I purchased last month.) I was going to buy a brand new one for $20-$30.

I am glad I held out... Because when I seen this mirror on the shop shelf (dusty, dirty & tarnished) I thought.. That is sort of cute! I grabbed it and read (MADE IN ENGLAND) And I thought "Hazel is made in England! OMG she will love it, it must be meant to be."

(I wish I was joking but I am not)

The mirror frame looks to be silver plated its quite black in some areas. The mirror is in great condition and the back of the mirror is backed in some sort of blue velvet looking material.

I was given some money from my Grandma who lives eons away... Of course I needed to spend it as soon as I could right? Who saves money?!

So uhmmm I went shopping...

I found some bras

My heart was sort of loving the leopard one... BUT DRATZ it was too small. So obviously I went with the one I am pointing at. (In case you were curious)

Reg price:$36 I bought it for the clearence price of $7

"Come on now I know some of you are nosy"


P.s. Nelly I have been wearing your lovely scarf all around town!

Then I bought this makeup. I always purchase drug store makeup, I have never been one for Fancy Shmancy. But now if you can get it on a bargain.... Well that is a whole different story. I seen this stuff last month and loved the look of it.

Cable knit sweaters and buttons OH MY!

I wore the electric blue this afternoon... I have never even WORE blue eyeshadow before and was sort of worried I would look like Mimi from Drew Carey.. but I ended up loving the look!

Can't beat that price I could have bought two eye shadows from Walmart for about $20

The first edition of Yahtzee (Which I can't wait to play!) $3


This cute pink bottled perfume was brand new at Salvation Army. I paid $1.99 for the bottle and it smells like a bouquet of flowers. *mmm*

Two Deco men's grooming brushes. $4 for both and they are green!


Who doesn't like my makeup??


  1. We had snow this time last year, I'm so glad it's you and not us this time (maybe it's the curse of Hazel!) Hahahaha!
    That mirror is very pretty, it's going to suit your vanity/dressing table a treat.
    The bedding is fab and I love the blue eyeshadow, it really suits you. Who is that crazy lady? She's a bit like Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served!
    Nice to have you back! xxx

  2. Lovely to see you back ;-) Bless Hazel is going to love that mirror its gorgeous ;-) Snow lovely as Vix said we did have it this time last year but you can have it for us instead if you like ;-) Lovely buys and you have the most lovely shaped eyebrows i have seen in a long time. Have a lovely week, dee x

  3. We just have rain. Never mind.

    Love your bargains as ever! :)

  4. You're back!!!! Yay!!!!
    I've missed you, it's good to have you back with some goodies to show us.
    Great bedding; very pretty mirror, perfect for Miss Hazel; that make-up is beautifully presented, it's almost a shame to use it but the blue eye shadow looks good on you; and the perfume looks just right for Hazel too.

    And the last pic - well, I prefer you dark, not too sure about the frock, and... I don't want to be personal, but have you gained a few pounds? Just saying!
    Welcome back Crazy Coconut! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Welcome back! I'm so glad we don't have any snow at the moment. Last year (as Vix mentioned) we had snow for weeks and weeks! It was about 10 inches high in my back garden and all over! It being so near to Christmas made the already slow royal mail even slower!

    I love that dressing table mirror, it's quite elegant looking - perfect for dear old Hazel!

    I love the look of the Cargo makeup palette! So unique! Love your blue eye makeup too! xxx

  6. Not at all like Mimi Coconut darling lol So glad your ok and back to entertain,I sent a couple emails but dont think you got them.
    The mirror is so cute Hazel will be happy

  7. You do not resemble Mimi in any way, shape or form. You might have her crazy sense of humour though...
    I love the blankets, especially the first one and your vintage Yahtzee game too. What a great find that was x

  8. AHHH so glad to see your face in blogland again, I've missed ya! Those blankets are gorgeous and that mirror is so cute even Jersey likes it. The only thing you have in common with Mimi is your both NUTS! (in a good way of course)


  9. Gosh! Who is this Mimi person? You could be twins! ;-)

    Very pretty mirror and I really like the way they were trying hard to sell the educational but FUN! properties of Yahtzee. x

  10. Great, someone else obsessed with bedding. Me too. Love it. Can't get enough of it. Loving the mirror and the vintage Yahtzee too. Great finds yet again VC.

  11. So glad your back.Was wondering where you mirror is beautful.I am sure Hazel loves it.I have been looking for a table mirror as well.I'm still trying to get used to sitting at Rose putting my make up on.And my room isn't bright enough to make sure it's evenly the bed spreads.very pretty.Love the blue eye shadow on you.I am the same way with blues.I worry I look like 50's barbe.She is the only one who can pull that finds.xx

  12. heeey i already missed you blogin ;)i can´t believe it already had snowed twice there!!! oh what a shame the leobra doesn´t fit it looks really hot mmeeeeooow;) oh and the blue eyeshadow is divine!
    love and kiss,mary

  13. Loooove the eyeshadow! I was Mimi one year for Halloween. That mirror is so pretty but SERIOUSLY I loooooove the Yahtzee game!! I love Yahtzee, I have the hand held game and the one for the computer and the Nintendo ANNNND the board game lol

  14. There you are!!!
    Ha,I love Mimi,she is waaaay cool! I should probably put her on my Style Icon list!!!
    Crikey,you've been getting some fab scores!And snow!Twice! It's exhausting! I expect there's more where that came from!

  15. Yes I was wondering where you'd been! But I dare you to do the FULL Mimi-style eyeshadow and show us!!!!

  16. Amor,
    wondered where you gone?
    I love snow, just adorar your bedspreads.
    I also get super excited when I find lingerie.
    Your blue prosti eyeshadow looks great on ya. love Mimi!We all need a bit of color in our lives.
    cute perfume bottle,the board game should get you busy in the snowy the color of the men's brushes.

  17. Tried that shades of blue look when I was a kid (using my big sister's Yardley of London!) and my dad marched me into the bathroom and made me wash it off saying - we don't paint our faces in this house! Thus ended any future career as a painted lady... or a clown.

  18. Ooooh snow! Making me think of christmas - hoorah! Im love bedspreads too - you finds are fabulous :o) Scarlett x

  19. Oh I love the mirror's reflection just as much as the mirror!!! So glad Hazel has a new friend to keep her company:) The make up kit is so cool - perfect for a ditz like me to tell me exactly what goes where (I swear I'm hopeless!). Yum to the bedspreads, I had one in green (YES I KNOW) shades that you would go nuts over, but the cats sharpened their wicked claws on it and shredded it - boo! xoxoxoxo

  20. Love the deco brushes and Yahtzee!

    Your doggie is SO cute! <3