Monday, November 28, 2011

Vintage purchases and Christmas decorating

Here is one of the fat lava jugs I picked up at The Salvation Army.

I got two of the same for $1 each.

The point of this location... I love the candy and nut decorated windows.

The point of this picture... To show you my first wool plaid skirt I found on Friday.

*Ooooh I adore it*

Anyone need some brown sugar for their Christmas baking?

The long petticoat!

So the Mr. and I went out to one of my fave locations to take some pictures upon arrival what did we see?? A BIG brown bear!!! *EAAAAKKK*

The bear was eating something.... Maybe a fish he caught out of the creek.

He was VERY BIG and scary... We almost turned around and drove straight home!!

I am scared of bears!




*HAHAeheh* "Grrrrrrrr"

Who did I trick?? ANYONE??

It's not a bear... it's me in that REALLY hairy faux fur coat I picked up for $10


Ghostly Gal

It fits me perfectly... it's just so much darn fluff I almost get lost in it!

After the pics out in nature I went home to do some Christmas decorating

"I can assure you... he is sniffing the lights around my legs" *lol*

*Rocking around the Christmas tree*

My tassel ornaments

*PAH* I was actually doing stuff other than fooling around! Look behind me the tree's almost trimmed.

I will take pics of that wedding dress I purchased very soon. But I didn't get around to it today. I am not even finished my Christmas decorating....

Tomorrow I have to gift wrap some doors! *hehe*


  1. First up OMGG!!!! I'm jealous of your petticoat find I want one so badly. That photo of you scooping is hilarious. You even make xmas decorating fun!


  2. I love f.l. lamps and to think you got two, for two dollars! Lucky coconut!

    I was looking and looking at that pic of the so called bear and thinking to myself: that doesn't look like a you didn't trick me...completely...

    I love the pic of you pretending to scoop out brown sugar - v funny. your plaid skirt is lovely too x

  3. I love that fur coat, I hope a frisky bear doesn't spot you and try to do naughty things to you. x

  4. Hehehe, you're too cute! What fun adventures. You really did trick me with the bear, but I thought he looked a little funny bending over with no legs :) Nice nipple tassles!!!! Xoxoxox

  5. Hey, you're a twirlin fool again - this time with nipple tassles, hahaha! So I see what you REALLY mean by doing your Christmas decorating... Bet the Mr enjoyed that!
    Love your scooping photos, and your petticoat wafting gif, but love your bear impression most of all! Bet that coat is snuggly warm. You do make me chuckle. And I like chuckling! xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Looks like you did an awesome job on the tree!!!

  7. Nice tree. I am getting ready to decorate this weekend.

  8. Thanks for the cheery post - love the fun with photography. The wool skirt is too cute. I'm afraid I'd be tempted to wear the frilly petticoat with the fur coat and pretend to be a Dancing bear.

  9. I have to admit, I kinda fell for the bear thing, ha!
    Anxious to see this vintage wedding dress!!!

  10. Mmmmm your skirt.You tricked me.I thought it was photo shop and thinking thats a strange looking bear.didn't eve think it was coat is gorgeous and looks so warm.I haven't started the christmas decorating yet.Probably sunday if I don't have to work.xx

  11. That skirt looks amazing on you :) the candy looks so yummy and bright! I thought you photoshopped a bear in there too but that coat is awesome! You crack me up with the tassles! I love reading your posts!

  12. Nelly has been telling me that I would pop on over and check out your blog, so I did just that this morning and my goodness you had me laughing out loud you crazy thing.

  13. I love your photos, always so funny. The one in front of the sweeties is fab! Great skirt too x

  14. hahahaha you are so crazy darling;) this pics of you really made me laugh a lot, what a cute bear you are ;) and those tassels haha you are sexier than dita von teese she only take off her clothes in this boring glass but you also make decorating your tree something sexy haha
    oh and i love this blue dress on you!!!

    You crazy minx!!
    I was actually looking at the "bear" thinking something seemed a bit odd...doh!
    Twirl your tassels,lovey!! I reckon that you in nothing but fairy lights and tassels would be a very fetching xmas eve outfit for Mr Cocnut!!!
    O,love that lava pot!Tasty!

  16. Oh the first thing I noticed was your tartan circle skirt - I absolutely love it! You can sweeten up my baking cupboard any day hon!!! Everyone needs a furry coat - if they don't live in Brisbane. Why I have a cupboard full of coats is anyone's guess. Cheeky tassels, schawiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!! I can see you as a burlesque dancer Coconut, you have the most cheeky, beautiful face. Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease come over and fix my eyebrows? I have serious eyebrow envy! xoxoxox

  17. The picture of you "holding" the scoop of brown sugar is just too funny! Loving hte wool skirt you picked up, I've started to really love my wool maxi skirts this fall/winter. Looks like you had a ton of fun, I can't wait to start decorating the house!

  18. I am looking for 1950's cellophane Christmas ribbon, vintage or reproduced. Within reason, price no object. Have any?

  19. LOVE your fur coat, what a bargain! :)

  20. I need me some more wool skirt, you are hilariously cute. you know that?
    that bear fur coat is marvelous, you almost fooled me but that bear did look different,lol
    sniffing the lights, yeah right.
    fab blue dress, is it knitted?
    cute breastest tassles!

  21. You're so funny, I bet you make everyday feel like kindergarden. :D