Friday, December 2, 2011

Frock on Friday & Recently thrifted


So this above photo of me sorta looks like I am smoking...

But I can assure you I am only blowing fluffy pieces of whatever the heck the plant is seen behind me... Why?? I dunno I felt the urge too and followed through.

(Maybe I should have just not explained anything at all)


So here is my Frock

It was thrifted last weekend. I paid about $0.60 cents for it.

The inside tag is so faded it is barely readable... but finally I made out that it said Jillian. (It sort of reminds me of a dress Edith would wear)

I have been watching episodes of (All in the family) like a crazy woman. And I am always lusting after Edith Bunkers dresses

(Now they really aren't anything extravagent or amazing... just cute house dresses)

But I still love them. This one is my favorite so far!

(Maybe because it's green and checkered)

*AHHHH it's COLD out here, the water behind me is frozen*

But this post is about the dress... so if I come down with a cold I am blaming all of you.

Now for some recent thrift finds

$0.99 Salvation army

This blanket is made out of wool yarn and its quite heavy.

Anyone know what sort of stitch it is?

My new (to me) sewing basket *SCREAAAM*

That's pretty much what I did when I saw it on the shelf at Salvation Army.

I paid $2.00 for this beauty

I have a small round sewing basket like this that I got for free from a garage sale.

It is not the most pretty and had some issues... This one is twice the size and I will be able to fit SO MUCH MORE in it.

Below are two little flocked cuties I also found the same time as everything else.

*Awwww* Red Mice

Mr. Coco (DID NOT) think they were cute... He wasn't very ecstatic I was purchasing them. So I said "Well Hon I cannot leave two little orphaned mice without a home on Christmas"


$0.50 cents each

Alright see that GIANT gold tinsel ball?? It's about 2 feet across in size.

I am pretty sure it was part of a vintage Christmas Mall display or something.

I paid $1.99 for it. Then didn't know how the heck I was gonna hang it (Because a Tack totally wouldn't cut it) ... So we screwed a lovely hook in the ceiling and VOILA


I find it *ENchanting*

I purchased 2 of these electric window candles for $0.99 cents each.

I have my years where I am not excited about Christmas at all and years where I am absolutely thrilled. This year.....

I am THRILLED! So you all are just gonna have to put up with the bits of Christmas in my posts.

I hope you do not mind.


P.s. My previous post is a Giveaway so if you missed it.. go take a gander and if your interested in participating leave me a comment.

Thank you to all who have followed my weird little blog.


  1. The neckline on your dress is really lovely. I have just been catching up on your posts and was totally taken in by the bear one, I am short sighted and even made the picture bigger so I could see it and I thought, that's a funny looking bear, but what do I know......and then I realised it was you in your amazing furry coat!

  2. I really like the dress, and the meeces are so cute! I love the gold ball :)

  3. Holy guacamole - that lake is FROZEN and you're standing around outside in short sleeves?!


    I like xmas too and I look forward to your festive posts!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Oh and I ADORE your knitted blanket.

    S xxx

  5. Good grief, I'm in awe of your bargain hunting skills - the dress, the blankie, the gold tinsel ball, every damn thing, in fact - all bloody brilliant and such bargains.

  6. Festive posts A-OK by me! How cool is that tinsel ball? I love that you had to screw a hook in specifically for it!

  7. Your dress is so cute.I love all in the family too.I miss that show and try to catch it when it is on.Edith reminds me of my gran when I was little.She was the sweet one and my granpop was the grumpy one and we always called them edith and absolutley love that sewing basket.I have been looking for one to keep all my patterns in but haven't found anything yet.I want those little mice.They will go so cute with my little red deers.That giant ball is amazing.Reminds me of the christmas story.xx

  8. Mr Coconut is crazy those mice are the cutest thing everrrr!!!!!!!!!! Xmas wouldn't be without that big ass tinsel ball. Thank you for freezing your butt off to show us your frock it's very pretty.


  9. If you're going to decorate your house you need to make a huge statement and that massive tinsel ball is mad but fabulous.
    Love that frock and those red mice. I think you should make them into earrings, I love them. x

  10. Love love love it all! And at such bargainacious prices too. Vix has competition in the bargain hunting stakes!
    Blanket - fab. Huge gold ball - why not? Red mice - of course, is Mr Coco mad? Sewing box - delightful. Frock - gorgeous, what a pretty neckline. V-Coco - funny, funky and adorable! xxxxxxxxxx

  11. That sewing basket is in fantastic condition! The mice are cute and I can't believe you can buy a dress for 60c (looks great)!

  12. I love your 60 cent frock and the little bow on the side.Edith had the cutest house dresses also loved her daughters frocks and hair.
    cute sewing basket and I would of taken the red mice with me too. that big ass gold tinsel ball is perfect for parties. We over decorated our room for Christmas too.

  13. Ohhh! I'm in love with the mice! <3

    Really cool finds, as usual. :)

  14. Aw, your excitement for xmas is contagious!!! Love it.