Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas Day

Mr. Coco and I

Jersey and I
(We bought him the big fuzzy star pillow for Christmas.)

Jersey seems to love Christmas, he also opens his own presents. Once his were done he tried taking OTHER PEOPLES! *LOL*
(It was quite cute)

I bought these for my Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas.


My Mom bought me footie onesie pj's *LOL* I rather like them.

I was SOOO SURPRISED when I opened this from the Mr. C

He seems to have a short memory and most things I say... "He forgets"


But apparently a couple months back when I mentioned I would like to get the Dior Cherie perfume he put a note in his cell.

I was soooooo Excited when I opened it.

I also got a fleece leopard pj set. I love them immensely and am wearing them as I write this. I went boxing day shopping today, but I will tell you a little more about that next post.

Hope you are all enjoying your Holiday Season!


  1. Love your Christmas pics Mrs C, especially the first one. Love you in red and I love your vintage apron.

  2. So glad you had such a lovely xmas, Coconut! Those onsie jarmies rock my world and yay for perfume and doggy high fives! Sarah xxx

  3. Look like you had a fab Xmas, VC! You look fab in your all-in-one and Jersey looks very happy with his cushion. x

  4. Hope you cooked up a storm in your vintage pinny! You and Mr Coco look very serious in that first photo, was that the "proper" pic before any face-pulling, bum-pinching or giggling?
    Ahhh, Jersey is a cute high-fiving dancing doggie, but just the one cushion obviously wasn't enough for him!
    Yay for leopard print at Christmas! xxxxxx

  5. Forgot to say - I've given you a Liebster blog award! Cos it's Christmas. And you're worth it! xxxx

  6. What a great Christmas you had! Miss Dior smells so good - such a lucky girl. Love your apron and Pj's!


  7. You and Mr. Coco look so adorable, love Mr. Coco's,love your red lacy hot dress amor.
    What a great Christmas gifts you have, onesie pj's are the best present and the Dior perfume too. more good points to Mr. Coco.
    Jersey is like a real person. he dances,opens gifts. what else does he do?

  8. hehe I love your onsie pj's so cute! It looks like you had a lovely day. oh Jersey is so freakin cute he deserves a million presents.

  9. Those jammies are so cute! Great family pics. :)

  10. awww your dog is so cute.I love coconut mushrooms.I forgot to tell my hubby to bring me some.Love your pj's.Merry Christmas.xx

  11. Great post.
    Happy New year!

  12. Aww you and mr coco are so cute! I adore the vintage apron too. Looks like you had a fab xmas, have a fabulous new year chickadee :o) Scarlett x

  13. What a wonderful haul! Love the onsies. I have a pair and they are perfect for cold nights after a bath, they keep the cozy going. Jersey is such a sweetpie - here's to a new year full of presents and joy.

  14. ooooh this pictures made my heart melt away darling!!! i fall madly in love with supersupercute jersey;) oooh love that pictures and you got some serious great stuff!
    wish you very very happy new year darling!
    big kiss,mary

  15. Awwwwwwwww Jersey is such a darling for opening pressies:)). And good on Mr C for making a special note for our lovely little Moconut who deserves to be spoilt rotten because she is the most delightful blogger and always makes me smile!!! xoxxoxoxo

  16. You look like a couple out of an 1950's X-mas ad! :D

    Your Boxer is so cute, and spoilt! :))