Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Recentley Thrifted & Happy Holidays

"Can't stop the obsession with the FAUX FUR!!"

I found this one on Sunday whilst visiting dollar tag sale day at one of my local thrifts. I like to pay ten or under for my faux fur coats... but sometimes I am willing to splurge a little more. I paid twenty for this one.

See the yellow gingham curtain in my door window? I found that for $1.99

(It makes me happy)

$1.79 for this Mamselle M brooch

*Woohoo Moconut*

$2.79 for this pineapple necklace

$3.25 for this Thistle Brooch.
(I bought this for one of my Mom's friends who is Scottish)

Found these little rascals this afternoon $0.50 cents each... The little deers were prancing all through the gifts under the tree and getting tangled in tinsel and ribbon. They like to eat candy canes and light bulbs.

Funky Men's clip-on tie $0.99

LOL I dunno but when I saw it ... it was a HAVE to have situation $0.99

$0.50 for this Syrup dispenser... I think this is one of the nicest I have came across so far.


  1. Cute!! Looks like you'd better get selling soon or you'll be overloaded like Nelly is, LOL!! Happy holidays, young thing.xx.

  2. @Kitty I am re-starting my selling in the New Year. And am keeping up on my RE-DONATING items I am no longer THRILLED to own. I am sure my local Salvation Army thinks I am some wacko!!

  3. I think you may well be thrift queen of the year!!!
    LOVE the new coat,and I rather fancy the pineapple brooch!XXX

  4. You could use those ties to wrap presents with instead of ribbon, I love the second one most especially. Stay warm x

  5. I love the pineapple and the M brooch. That coat is awesome!

  6. That new coat was worth every penny, you look gorgeous. I'm rather admiring the light-blub eating deer, too. x

  7. Those deers are adorable ;-)) And so are you in your new coat ;-)) Have a wonderful christmas and i hope its a fun new year for you. dee x

  8. Ooh another gorgeous faux fur coat (I've just been admiring Curtise's). Love the deer too. Have a good one.

  9. Your coat looks very cosy! Love the pineapple, too cute. :)

  10. Love the thistle brooch and the little deer are so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Now this is getting spooky! Both in green frocks and faux fur last Friday, both showing off our pimptastic new furs today!
    I've got a little confession - I've found another one... Addicted? Moi?
    Now - you are rivalling Vix in the bargain queen stakes, that's a great haul. Love your cheeky bambis (sounds like a euphemism for something but it isn't), will Mr C be wearing the funky ties, and your M for Moconut and pineapple are gorgeous.
    Good festive shopping! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Faux Fur, brooches, deer and that Haute Couture tie! What a super haul. Your look lovely in your pixel hat, btw.

  13. M for Melanie how perfect. Your coat is stunning I wish we had the weather for coats over here but our winters aren't very cold. I hope Mr Coconut appreciates the ties lol


  14. Nothing beats a furry coat for Chrimbo. Might have to wear mine today, now! :)

    I love that strange horsey thing pattern tie. So 70s!

  15. Ooh it's all about the fake furs, you must have quite the selection now, I was reading some of your old posts and I'm sure they featured heavily ;-)

    I think that thistle brooch may double up as some kind of dagger, be careful your mum's friend isn't charged with carrying a weapon! Love the idea that the deer eat lightbulbs and candy canes!

  16. Awesome find on the fur coat, what a bargain, it's so pretty and cosy looking :)

  17. Just love that coat.very gorgeous.Love the pineapple necklace.so cute.And those little deer are adorable.xx

  18. Love the gingham curtain and the ADORABLE DEER!!! Happy xmas! Sarah xxx

  19. I love all your gorgeous furs.
    I am eyeing your cute little deers and gingham curtain.