Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

It's Christmas eve and Santa will be here within hours. I had a pretty relaxing day. On Christmas eve we have a tradition to have Chinese food since on Christmas there will be plenty of cooking. The two previous years we ordered in, this year we went to the restaurant. I am stuffed to the brim and watching some t.v. with Mr. Coco.

I don't have an amazing amount of vintage Christmas balls. Hopefully by next Christmas I will have a few dozen more. But I love the ones I did find a couple weeks back.

*Hehehe* I could not resist this Gremlin decoration.

What's that green thing on the left?



The manicure I gave myself (which got lots of compliments from random strangers.) *lol*

I went out all decked to the halls in red and green.

Hope you are all enjoying this Holiday Season!


  1. Santa has already hit my side of the world! I hope he brings loads of goodies. Have an awesome holiday.


  2. Have a fabulous Christmas, Mr & Mrs Coco!
    Great decorations - especially love your Christmas pickle!! xxxxx

  3. oh my god this cute little gremlin is so adorable i wish i would have one for our tree too haha wish you a merry xmas darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  4. Happy Holidays,babycakes!!!
    Hope Santa was good to you!XXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Christmas pickle! It's all good luck, hope it carries into the new year.

  6. Merry Christmas.Love your ornaments.I especially love Gizmo,that is so cute.Love your nails.I didn't get to do mine from working and rushing chinese.Big hugs.xx

  7. Merry Navidad Amor!
    your balls are so pretty. Gizmo is awesome.
    your creative biatch, love your nails, no wonder you got compliments from strangers.