Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the New Year...

I have 1 hour left of my 2011. I have been home ALL DAY and am grunging it up in yoga pants and a football shirt! *lol* Anyhow I wanted my New Years Eve to be special so I called up some friends and invited them over....

The Sparkling Champagne was to die for!!
And then my friends arrived. I made sure to have a few decorations. Some flowers and candle light. They were all pretty impressed and told me this was the best party they have ever attended.

Below is the group shot!

*Woohoo* *yay* *Hooray*
"Vintage Coconut throws the best parties"


  1. But did the crabs stay up as long as you did, that's what I wanna know?! Best to you and yours this year, little Coconut, much love.xx.

  2. Hey little coconut happy new year sweet Maybe this is the year when new little cocnuts will be made or born now wouldnt that be a party for us all?

  3. I can tell you your guests had a much more exciting New Years then I did! Love the last silly pic, never enough silly photos. xx

  4. Your friends look a smart bunch, nice to see they'd made an effort to colour coordinate their party wear to match each other.
    Happy New Year, VC! x

  5. You are your guest look like you had loads of fun.
    your guest look so shiny and colorful.
    love your last karate photo and beautiful champagne glass.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Hmmm, hope those guests didn't get too rowdy, they look a troublesome bunch! I'm sure you and Mr C could handle them though, especially after a bit of champagne!
    You look as though you are about to get your toes in your mouth in that last shot, which is a neat trick if you can manage it, hahahaha!
    Happy New Year to you and the Mr, hope there are many adventures to come! xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Happy New Year.What a fun night.I love your yoga pants.I should have worn my jammies.I was all dressed up and stayed in then had to take all the makeup forgot my pink champange too.I love your friends.I look forward to more fun with you this year.xx

  8. What fun!!!
    Sparkles and friends!!!
    Happy new year to the coconuts!!!!

  9. Hola and Happy New Year you nutty Coconutty! I would come to your party any time! Sarah xxx

  10. so happy I found your blog! Love all of your photos, our styles are similar so theres a ton of inspiration here.
    check out my blog if you get a chance =)

  11. Don't look now but I think your party guests are pretty crabby. Love the last silly pic.

  12. Bahahahaha!!! You crazy Coconut!!!
    Happy New Year,sweetcheeks!!!
    Yay,another year of opshopping adventures and fabulous frocks!!

  13. haha omg i´m really impressed you can put your foot next to your head haha did you worked in a circus as artist once and you haven´t told us yet? haha you are the best coconut i´ve ever met darling! your blog always makes me smile!
    love and kiss,mary

  14. Your post made me smile, big time! You little funny thing! Happy new year!

  15. Happy New Year! Glad your guests enjoyed the party and you did well to throw it together so quickly. Hee Hee.

  16. Haha love your crazy pics - Happy belated new year! Scarlett x