Friday, December 16, 2011

Green & Faux Fur (FOF)

Hello it's Coconut & here is my Frock on Friday

I got this dress a couple weeks ago on a dollar tag sale.

Striking a pose

I bet you didn't know Jersey was at my feet... he thought he was going to be in the pics too. *lol*

I can't leave him out


I picked up these guys for $5 and wrapped them up for Mr. Loo for Christmas. heheh I can't wait till he opens them.

I bought this mirror this afternoon from Salvation Army for $3

I will post more purchases soon. I am getting a little behind. Even thought my blog posting has slowed a little... my thrift shopping has not.



  1. hE HE you've wrapped your loo door up!
    You look great in that dollar dress! Your eyes are an amazing colour!

  2. Fabulous frock and faux fur hat combination!!!
    Perfect for wearing to the loo!That's how dedicated we FOF gals are!!!

  3. Ooh fab frock and faux fur! Love your loo - and is the door GIFT WRAPPED? Now I wna tto gift wrap my front door! I am such a copy cat!

    Sarah xxx

  4. oooh green loves you and i love your hair here! and the faux fur hurt of course!!! doggy and you look fabulous ;)

  5. Hey, we matched on Friday - green frock and faux fur! That must mean we're like psychic sisters or something... Do I sound crazed? I think the Christmas pressure must be getting to me!
    Back to YOU, gorgeous - wonderful frock, and a fur hat goes with every outfit, I find.
    Enjoying your festive loo! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Your frock, fashionable. Your doggie, adorable. The figurines for Mr. Loo, inscrutable. Here's to being ready and 'able' for the week ahead.

  7. Love the dress.pretty colors.also love the hat.Your dog is so cute.At least he likes to be in your photos.Those figurines are adorable,and I just love that new mirror.what a great price.xx

  8. I love your sea foam frock and fax fur hat.
    It has been freezing so i been wearing all my fur hats.
    Love that you gift wrapped your loo.
    Cute-ass figurines, i bet those are for you.
    Fabuloso.,Gold mirror what a bargains amor.

  9. That frock is such a pretty colour and your furry hat tops it off beautifully. It's always good to see Jersey and those figurines are crazy. x

  10. I cana't believe you wrapped your door lol. You always seem to get things so cheap maybe I need to visit Canada. I love your frock perfect for winter.


  11. Cute hat! I love your style! =)

  12. Love the hat! Jersey is such a cute puppy!