Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A magical dress and weekend purchases

 This Welcome sign was the only thing I found garage saling on Saturday.
The dress I am wearing is new I got it on sale at Winners last week. I don't purchase clothes new very often, but when I seen this dress I just couldn't resist.
It was just something about the ruffles and tiers that called my name.
 I pretended I was a fairy and ran in circles and jumped up and down in my backyard.
 I explored a forest of mushrooms and pranced barefoot in clover fields while the sun touched my back.
This dress is magic!

To add to the magic I was also wearing one of Desiree's Sassy Vamps headbands

Since I only found one thing in peoples driveways. I decided to visit some thrifts.
 I found this juice jug made in Italy
 These Geta sandals
 This Brass turtle dish (Who now lives on the back of my toilet)
 Brass Egyptian letter opener
 Schiaparelli Scottie tie (Cuteness)
 Angel baby figurine (My Mother's purchase) Lamb with rhinestone eyes (My purchase)
From two different stores ... but they seem to fit together sort of...
 First bloom this summer on my mini rose. It got all bug eaten in the beginning of summer and now finally has grown fresh leaves and one rose. I bring my rose inside in the fall and put it outside the spring. This is it's 3rd year alive.

I am linking up with Lakota's Ta-Dah! Tuesday

*Baaaaaa byeeeee*


  1. Wow! You really do look like a fairy!

  2. What beautiful photos! They really are magical.

  3. You look so pretty in your yellow frock and your skillz with Photoshop blow my mind!!! Loving the rhinestone-eyed lamb, he'll make a great companion for our cousin poodles! x

  4. Oh you have a magical dress too! Aren't they good for the soul?
    You look delicious in yellow, all sunshiney and cute and fairy-like.
    That little lamb with the crazy eyes has taken WAY too many drugs...
    Love the photos, especially the rose. You are clever, Mrs C! xxxxx

  5. What a lovely dress and such great finds! I especially love the tie and the lamb ornaments - they're fab!

    Nikki x

  6. The dress is so you. The finds are all fun but the lamp with rhinestone eyes has won my heart.

  7. I love your pretty yellow faerie dress. That second photo is so beautiful and whimsical. I think my favourite thrifted find has to be the Italian jug xx

  8. I love your fairy dress and I would love prance round like a fairy with you! That tie is so cute!! I love the giant 'shrooms too, great effect! The cherub and the lamb are pretty adorable too

  9. LOVE those first 3 pictures!!!!!!!!
    I wish we had garagesales in Holland... you always make me a bit jealous. (In a good way :D )

  10. Oh that dress is all magic on you!!!!! A very very pretty fairy in lemon and layers.
    The little rose is so precious, the colour is beautiful. Naughty bugs eating the rose bush.
    Love v

  11. You look lovely in your faery dress!

  12. Ooh I want to learn yours and Sarah's fairy magic with photoshop! Very cute dress and I'm quite taken with the toilet turtle too. Hmm, that sounds very wrong somehow...

  13. Aye, that fairy dress is enchanting amor.
    that little rhinestone eye lamb is just to darn cute.
    love the Italian watermelon jug, now craving watermelon drink.