Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celebrating with cajun taco salad in a yellow sundress and helmet

(Me . Mr. Coco . My cute little cousin "Barely visible" and my 6'5" cousin whom I disguised in a fake mustache and sunglasses. *lol*)

 The past week and a half has been a busy one. I have had my Grandma, Aunt & Uncle and two cousins down for 8 days. (They live in another province of Canada and I usually only get to see them every couple of years.) They arrived on Monday the 23 of July and just left on Tuesday afternoon.
I had no time to blog while they were down really. We did lots of shopping celebrated my Aunt and Uncles 27th wedding Anniversary and we even ALL went Garage saling on Saturday. We had a 3 car line that also included my parents. *hahah* When we all pulled up the people had a real busy garage sales..... when we were done we all walked back down the driveway at the same time. *HAH* it looked quite funny.

 This is what I wore to my Uncle and Aunties Anniversary dinner. It's a bright yellow 80's sundress. It has black buttons that go all the way down the one side.
I am going to count this as a Frock on Friday dress as I am totally behind on my frocking up!!!

I made the the orange flower clip that's in my hair. I love it!! It sort of has a pom pom look to it.

This was my dinner a Cajun chicken taco salad. (One of the lowest calorie items on the menu.)
Thank God it's one of my favorites!!!

 I was so proud of my Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando action figure that I purchased for $3 at a garage sale. I JUST had to get a pic with him before we continued on saling.
He even came with his machine gun and a little gun too.

 My Hello Kitty phone case arrived. It's larger than my Rilakkuma and quite chunky (But the cuteness makes up for it! Plus it still fits in most of my purse pockets.)

 I found this adorable little plush at Value Village for $1.99
I also found a cool Japanese robe (But it's in the wash so I will show it soon.)

 Purchased at a liquidation store for $3.99 I just couldn't resist these Pj shorts by American Eagle.

 I found this resin coral pendant on sale at Michael's craft store for $2.99 (Reg. $7) *SHEESH* I would have never paid that!!!
I think $2.99 is a great deal. I am going to add it to a string of shells I have,  rather than on a chain. At least for the rest of summer. There is some good clearance sales going on at Michael's if you have one near you. I am waiting to get paid so I can go back and pick up a few other items I seen on a great discount price but didn't have the cash for. *Crosses fingers some will still be there*

 Here is me last night on my bike ride. It's getting dark earlier we usually ride in the light... but dusk hit faster than we were expecting. *EEEP* days are getting shorter!
In my previous post I talked about how I had gained unwanted pounds and was trying to get into a routine that incorporated exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week. Well I have been doing VERY good with that. I almost feel as if something is missing if I don't get in some physical activity. So far I have lost 5 pounds. *WOOHOO WOOHOO*
It's very easy to give up on trying to lose weight when you don't see any results at all. BUT sometimes when your not losing pounds you are losing inches and today when I measured myself I saw I have lost a half inch in most places since I last took my measurements on July 6th.

"If you are planning on losing weight, make sure you weigh yourself, take your current measurements & take a before photo. That way when you are not seeing results on your scale you will have other ways of knowing what's going on with your body."

You didn't think I ride without a helmet did you???

This is my Helmet I ordered from Japan a month and a half back. I LOVE it even if I do look like a big kid. *HAHAHAHA*
Every time I pass another cyclist they have to see Hello Kitty staring back at them.
I wonder what they think....

I have more vintage purchases to show you very soon. I just need to take the pictures.
Now that company's gone the house is EERILY SILENT!! It's taking me a little bit to adapt back to normalcy.

X______ Vintage Coconut


  1. Your helmet is very fetching, my dear...LOL I love the yellow sundress, and you and the gang look like you're having a ball in the pool. I'm glad you had such a good visit with your family.

  2. Such a cute yellow dress! The hair matches perfectly :) How exciting to have your relatives all go garage sailing with you! I can't get my family to participate even if it's in our own yard! hahaha

  3. I wondered what you were up to Miss Coconut! The yellow dress is gorgeous on you - and I love the hair flower, OF COURSE! Sarah xxx

  4. Hey, Mrs Coco is back in town!
    How lovely to have a house full of family and to go to garage sales all together in a posse! Probably quite exhausting though, and I bet the house does seem really quiet and empty now they have gone...
    Well done for getting started and keeping going on the weight loss - don't lose too much, Mr Coco needs something to hold on to! You always look gorgeous to me, but I know it's about how you feel.
    Love your yellow frock, I am rather into those 80s-does-50s dresses at the moment. And yay for finding random hair flowers - the universe wanted you to have it, Melanie!
    More posts, please please please-I miss you when you're gone! xxxxx

  5. I love the synchronised swimming shot of you and your family Mrs C. It's fab x

  6. You're back, I wondered where you had gone and I like your bike very much!

  7. It's been very quite without your regular updates....I'm glad you're back! How cute is that yellow frock. And I love your hair too. Good on you for getting fit & loosing some weight. It's depressing when you see the gradual spread that happens each year. Oh dear I do love food too much me thinks! Xx

  8. Oh sweet you look just gorgeous in that yellow summer dress!!!!! Well done on the exercise and losing the weight. Good girl!!!!!! Hello kitty helmets make you go faster it's a fact!!!! Tee hee
    The phone cover is so cute.
    Love v

  9. eeek! all that Hello Kitty stuff!! I love it! The dress is gorgeous - yellow and black are a great team. Hurrah for weight loss - something I have to do! xxx

  10. Keep it up, keep biking/walking. Moving is good for your mind and body. Love the shot of you guys in the pool, very Esther Williams!

  11. I love all your stuff! (dress, phone cover,helmet, bike.. :)
    Losing weight can be frustrating... But don't give up and KEEP ON GOING!
    Love the picture of the funny :)

  12. You're doing and looking great, I love you in that yellow dress and your swimsuit shot! I really want a bike and have just bought new ones for the boys, but apparently we have 'nowhere to keep one' for me - boo. Have been watching what I eat more though and am hoping to be inspired to get off my arse by the Olympics!

  13. I'm glad that you got to spend time with family. It's hard being away from family. I know I appreciate the time I spend with them even more.
    Congrats on loosing weight. It's a great motivator to keep losing weight. I've slowly been losing weight and the doctor says it'll stay off better that way.

  14. Great to have you back. Needless to say I LOVE your Hello Kitty stuff. The helmet, the plush and best of all the iphone cover. Where did you get it? I must have one!! That yellow dress is awesome. I love that shade of yellow. It really suited me when I had black hair but it kind clashes against the red now:( xx

  15. What a great yellow frock! That taco salad sounds delicious! The Hello Kitty case is adorable.

  16. Amor,
    Keep up the good work! You look gorgeous in yellow dress.
    Ahhhh Hello KItty heaven adorable phone case and your helmet.
    I been wearing my sweating girdle I usually lose more inches than weight.
    Mmmm that taco salad looks so good.

  17. I wondered what you were up to! Having a fab bit of family time is a perfect excuse for not blogging!
    Digging that yellow frock,and salivating over your taco salad!!MMMMMMMMMMMMM!I want one now,but I am supposed to be cooking thai tonight!
    We have to wear helmets by law,but I reckon car drivers should wear them too! You're more likely to have a head injusry in a car crash...........dammit!
    I've been a lazy so and so with Winter; I've hardly touched my bike.But I have been walking and using my cross trainer!

    1. i already missed you here in blogland:( but of course family comes first, and it´s nice to spent time all together, the yellow dreas you wore on your aunt´s and uncle´s anniversary is absolutely fabulous!

  18. You look fabulous in your canary yellow 1980s frock! Yay for getting into exercising and losing weight (not that I could see that you needed to loose any anyway!) xxx