Friday, August 17, 2012

Blindingly blooming bright

 I purchased this dress from Etsy for $15 on June 5th. I loved the brightness and pattern. Once it arrived I tried it on and (Eeeep it was a little tight in the chest area.) I SWEAR I measured properly!!! I have NO CLUE why it was too tight. But now 2 months later and after a few shed pounds. I was able to finally wear my Etsy purchase.
 The Mr. is afraid of Bee's and apparently he saw a bee flying around these flowers where I wanted to take a pic. He said "I hope the bee doesn't sting you." I made this face, making fun of him. saying "AHHHH I got stung."

 These pics are taken at a park near my house. This area of the park is called butterfly garden because they fill it with all sorts of flowers. (What you like my white tights??) Those aren't tights... those are my legs!!! *LOL* I swear my legs are Spf 50 naturally.

Now I haven't spent ANY time tanning this summer. We have had alot of sun ... but laying outside in the dry heat doesn't tickle my fancy. I am usually in the pool splashing around trying to cool off.
*Hundreds of yellow flowers*
 On my patio

*A little too much to drink*

On my last Blog post Lakota said:
Ooh I want to learn yours and Sarah's fairy magic with photoshop!

I don't know about what Sarah uses but I just use PicMonkey most of the time for my photo editing.
Which can be found here!

Happy Friday!! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I am hoping I have better luck with garage saling tomorrow than I have had the past couple Saturdays.


  1. Evil coconut lol!

    That is a pretty dress - congrats for getting into it! Love all the flowers. Pic 1 should be on your wall in a frame! x

  2. Love the dress and all the photos. I remember one time years and years ago when someone complimented me on my white tights...and it was my I understand completely...LOL

  3. You are a PicMonkey genius! That's the editing thingy I use but I obviously need to get more creative, your pics are fabularse!
    So, the knockers are a bit smaller then? And you squeezed them in that amazing frock, hurrah! I love it - it's gorgeous and bright, just like you!
    I don't tan well at all, pale and freckly and so prone to burning I don't even try anymore. So my turkey thighs could beat your chicken legs any day in a paleness competition! I sometimes splash on the fake tan to take the blue tinge off them, but I am learning not to care too much. Beauty comes in all shades, right?
    And you are just perfect as you are, my little Midwich Cuckoo!
    Good luck with your sales tomorrow, may the thrifting gods smile on you, and your legs! xxxxxx

  4. The dress is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the link to picmonkey, I will definitely be using it. I have also bought a few things online and been very disappointed to discover they don't fit. Here in NZ we have a very high rate of skin cancer but it does not change the fact that most people seem to think a tan is healthy. I like the pic of the chicken legs, it really made me smile.

  5. Scary pic!!! ;P
    Love your dress and so great that you can wear it now! Must make you feel happyyyy

  6. That place is magical amor.
    That dress looks gorgeous on you Congrats on your chi chi lost.
    adore love evil Coconut loca!
    I was introduced to picmonkey but have to mess with it a little more.
    I think we are bench tequila twins today.
    I am still laughing at bee foto.

  7. Waa, I haven't been to garage sales for months, but at least mine are all year round. Loving that beautiful bright dress on you and that hairstyle really suits you.xx.

  8. picmonkey, gotcha, I'll have to give it a try.

  9. What a fab tropical frock. Orange is quickly becoming a favourite colour of mine. I too share lily white leg syndrome. I will also have to deforest said legs before they are bared to the world in their lily white glory. Looking forward to seeing your weekend finds! Xx

  10. Such a CUTE DRESS. So Summer. I love your white legs. You are lucky. I'm a freckler. I have polka dot legs. Believe me. They are gorgeous....not!

  11. Love your photos, I would happily hang the first one on my wall it's such a pretty picture, and thank you for the picmonkey tip, I've been wondering how you create such fabulous scenarios so now I can go experiment.
    I'm with you on the white legs, mine have a hint of blue as if I've bathed then in GloWhite, always mean to fake tan them but I'm too lazy.
    Good luck at the garage sales! xx

  12. That last picture is so funny! And that dress is spectacular!

  13. I love how evil you look in that last picture! That dress is fabulous on you, hooray for it fitting you.
    I use Picmonkey but I didn't know you could create such masterpieces as that. I see play time coming on later!
    Good luck with the sales! xxx

  14. Wow i'm LOVING the dress!! Really great pics xx

  15. Ooooooh Evil Coconut - I love her!! I love your new frock and so glad you're getting to enjoy it while it's still summer:)). I hate tanning too - it's soooooooo boring!!! Any colour I acquire during our summer is purely incidental and very patchy:(. I much prefer your all-over even colour:)). xoxox

  16. I've just discovered pic monkey. it is amazing. I love your dress but I'm laughing at your legs as they really do look like tights. Mine are similar and in true country bumpkin style my forearms and face get the tan! I love your pic monkey magic, it always makes me laugh. oooh also love your Wednesday playing Pocahontis in Adams Family Values hair! xxxxx