Monday, August 6, 2012

Sometimes I feel sorry for stuffed animals sent to live in thrift shops

 This ballerina bunny seemed sad sitting on the shelf of a church thrift store. I didn't have the heart to leave it there. I find it odd I feel sorry for a non living object....
But there isn't much I can do about it.

 This box was sitting on a table at a garage sale. The top has written in pen "For Books" Naturally I thought books were inside and I passed by it. This happened two Saturdays back when my Grandma was still here visiting. Her and my Mom opened the box and said "Melanie Look" Inside was a small pile of vintage baby clothes. If you have been with my blog for awhile you will know that I have been buying up vintage baby items for my "Future baby coconuts" Who we will start trying for some time in the Fall.
(Eeeep it's really creeping up quickly isn't it???)

P.S. When out thrifting and saling make sure to always look in things
(Even if you think you know whats inside, you might just get a nice surprise.)
This also applies to BAD surprises
If you want to know more click the above link.

 This one has a few small age spots on it.
 *Gah* This ones so sweet
 Look at the inside tag (Baby Lingerie??) *hehe*
 This is just Gorgeous. It is so delicate and dainty. Above the dress is a little hat, I would have loved to have more info on this fancy little dress.
 This little pastel dress trimmed with green ribbon comes with the cutest little bloomers!
This dress was not in the box. I purchased it this weekend at Salvation Army for $1.
It makes me think of lemon cake iced with lace. Underneath is a little silky yellow slip.
 This was the most worn piece in the box. I think it's seen better days. But when I do have a little coconut. I want a few of little rompers in this style. They would be perfect for those hot summer days.

Finds for me!!!

 Buxton jewelry box $3 (My jewelry box collection might be getting a little out of hand but I just can't help it. Especially at that price.)
 It has hooks for necklaces and two drawers. It was a little dirty sitting on the store shelf, but every mark came off with a damp cloth.
 High heel shoe cell phone holder. Too small for my new phone but I am sure I will find something for it to hold on my vanity table. $1
 Found this at the flea market. $2 I am crazy about the black designed bottle.
 Found this one at the same time as the black one above but from a different seller. I paid her asking price which was $4.
 Found at the garage sale that had the baby clothes, this perfume was in a box of old perfumes & lotions. I paid $1. And some woman who came after it was already in my hand was glaring my down like a venomous cobra!

 This also will have a place on my vanity (Hazel)

Here is something that will NOT have a place on my vanity

 I don't know what it is about Mr. Brand but he just makes me laugh. I love watching him in interviews I swear he is in my top funny people inside my brain. Book was 50 cents at a garage sale.
Ballerina Bunny says *Bye Bye*


  1. You don't know what it is? Let me tell you... HE'S FRICKIN FUNNY!

    Those baby clothes are super gorgeous - can't wait to see your little coconut in that green frock!

    Sarah xxx

  2. I think your as yet unborn coconut has more clothes than I do! They're cute, although I don't think the knitted looking dress would be very practical - babies' weeny fingers tend to get tangled up in things with holes so I would keep it for display.
    Believe me you will soon be sick of cuddly toys - I share my house with way too many of the glassy eyed monsters and am forever having to sew up holes in them and clear them up from every room in the house. And I'm pretty sure it's worse with girls.

    Love all your vanity table finds xx

  3. Oh I so know that little voice that comes from the op-shop toy orphans. "Take me home". Yip they always do too!!!!!! The bunny is a happy toy now.
    I love the baby clothes so cute, I always wish they were in my size.
    Love v

  4. Baby clothes, cuddly toys and Russell Brand....nooooooooo!!! The first two scare me and the last one just annoys the heck out of me!! I do love Hazel's new bits, though. The perfume bottles are so pretty and the jewellery box is cute even though I bet it would collapse under the weight of just one of my stupidly big earrings! xxx

  5. More than a boxful of fab finds! Love the bunny - and the baby clothes are beyond darling. Is the white dress handmade? The other outfits are just precious - you will have lots of inspiration to crank out some Jr coconuts soon.

  6. Love it! You've got a nose for cool stuff!!
    I KNOW about feeling sorry for stuffed animals... I have that too. I can even feel sorry for my car when it's standing in the heat.....WEIRD right!!??!! ;P

  7. Ahh what a gorgeous box full of delights ;-) Those little clothes are adorable i love the little romper suits and the little white and yellow lace dress its very exciting ;-)) Those purfume bottles were great finds to as was the bunny. Enjoy your week, dee x

  8. So many great finds! I love the baby clothes, the giant jewellery box and the black perfume bottle the most. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to adopt lonely, inanimate objects to give them a loving home.

  9. cool jewelery box, I have one like it but with one drawer. It called to me, how could I leave it sitting there? Hermes perfum for a buck? Wow, great score. Grabby bitches at yard sales need to take chill pills and get over them selves.

  10. My mom has been saving all of mine and my siblings clothing for when I have children. My mom crotcheted a lot of baby clothes for us and both of my sisters aren't into home-made clothes. I love it. I asked my mom (rather insisted) that when we have children she make me baby blankets, sheets, and all sorts of clothing.

    You got some pretty cool things there. I love the baby clothes and the perfume bottles are nice. Good luck on making a little coconuts.

  11. The baby clothes are so cute, but I suspect just for special occasions. Babygros and vests are the order of the day for the first 3 months at least. They're just so easy! Can't say I'm a big fan of Russell Brand either I'm afraid. I'm sure he has his moments but he is just so up his own a**e! Like your other finds though xxx

  12. The baby clothes are fantastic. That must have been a wonderful surprise. I love the perfume bottles too.

  13. I knew Vix would be horrified by baby clothes and cuddly toys. I feel sorry for them sometimes too and have occasionally come home with them. I never buy baby clothes because I'm not sure I'll ever have one but... I do love them - they're so flippin' adorable! I love old perfume bottles too - great finds as ever!

  14. Oh amor look at all the cute baby clothes!
    I seen crochet dolly clothes ,but way to small for babies or not.I don't feel sorry for those furry monos kids are always buying them.
    loving your perfume bottles and that jewelry box I have a similar one at the moment it is not closing, I need a gigantic wheeled jewelry box.

  15. Ha, the FBC has toys and clothes, now s/he just needs to EXIST!
    We have a lot of cuddly toys in this house, yet I still see some in charity shops which appeal, and I point them out to one of the kids, knowing they will ask me to buy them! Last one was an otter hand puppet - impossible to resist!
    You know those baby clothes are cute but they might just be a tad impractical... All that lace and little collars, tricky to get babies in and out of quickly, not to mention the washing! Maybe for special photo shoots for the blog, Melanie - now THAT I'd like to see!
    Love all your goodies for Hazel. Don't let Russell Brand near your bedroom, such is the power of his sexuality, he can get a woman pregnant just through reading his book. Yeah, it's TRUE. And we don't want any paternity disputes, thank you. Just saying... xxxxxx