Friday, August 10, 2012

Caught in my pool! Frock on Friday

Ohhhh it looks like a big one!!
 Caught right out of my swimming pool!
 *Taking a closer look*
 Dress was found a couple weeks back and was part of a fill a bag for $5.00 I imagine with all the other stuff I bought I paid around $0.75 cents for it. The shoes came from a different fill a bag for $3.00 They probably cost me $1 because I didn't find that much that day.
I am wearing a string of pearls in my hair.
You most likely already seen my handmade shell necklace. But see the red small one?? I got it at a garage sale for $2.00 I don't know if it's real coral or fake coral... but I really like it either way.
 The bottom is my favorite. I am rather tempted to buy a set of wings and run around town!!!
Jersey is jealous of my CATCH O' THE DAY!
 He better be careful or I will scoop him up in the net too!

 Holy Heck LOBSTER LOLLIPOPS! I about fell right over in the store when I seen these!
 *Oh they are exquisite!*
 The sexy lollipop modeling pose!

Luscious Lobstersssssss......
The best part is... I have 5 more.


  1. You look gorgeous.. just like Tinkerbell if she were a mermaid!
    Lobster lollipops - cute!
    I'm always on the hunt for lobster stuff for you - but never found any...yet!

  2. Lobster lollipops, that is just TOO hilarious!!
    Have you eaten them all yet, or will you be saving one or some for special occasions??

  3. You look like a lovely mermaid! I wanted to be a mermaid when I was a little girl.

  4. How cute you look in your blue mermaid dress. I never knew that lobsters could be lollipops!!

  5. Very cute and funny too Tinkerbell. Ooops, I mean Mrs V.C.

  6. Wahaha, such a fun post make me smile :D! Love the dress and those lollipops! Now, watch out for lobsters & giant dragonflies when you go for a swim ;p

  7. That dress is beautiful! It really suits you.
    I saw what I thought was a lobster ring the other day but didn't have the pennies on me to buy. After long deliberation and endless conversations with myself and my husband over why there would ever be a lobster ring in the first instance, realised it was probably a scorpion. I do know the difference, honestly, and part of me is still sure it WAS a lobster.

  8. You look great missus. That dress is beautiful and the shade of blue really suits you. I love your drunken poses xxx

  9. Your hair looks so beautiful like that adn I'm loving the pretty frock and the drunken face! Cheers! x

  10. Your posts are always so refreshingly funny, and you always have the most interesting thrift finds. That dress looks great on you!

  11. Hahaaaaaaa!!! What a wonderful post Miss Moconut! That shade of blue is YOU!!!!! It's the most incredible colour on you - encore! Jersey's looking extremely frisky at the sight of a net (no doubt to chomp on) and hooray for lobster-pops!!!! xoxo

  12. Love the dress!
    I bought one in the same design (but red with flower embroidery) when I was in Mexico a few years ago.
    Great find!

    Can't wait to see what you snagged this weekend! <3

  13. Lobsterpops, ha!
    Oh how I love your Tinkerbelle frock, you look just gorgeous in it. Particularly doing your sexy face. And your having-a-little-drinkie (or5!) face!
    Jersey is appalled at his Mama's naughtiness, but I LOVE it! xxxx

  14. I love that dress - you look like a fairy! The lobster fairy! The hair with a string of pearls is such an adorable idea! mmmmm lobster lolly pops! xxx

  15. I can't believe I missed this post until just now! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy wings for that dress. Oh, and a net skirt that you can sew some battery powered fairy lights in to make it all extra classy!

  16. Love the dress on you! Hee hee, that last pic cracks me up.

  17. Tinkerbell drunken fairy!
    Your hair looks lovely with all the pears on you Ariel.
    lobster pops fotos!! you crack me up.
    Now I need some lobster lollys.