Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bringing the ocean with me

 I would have never created this necklace had I not come across this discount pendent at the craft store.
Since I am a lover of the ocean I knew I couldn't pass up this resin coral branch.
Not for $2.99
 I was going to buy a chain for it while still in the necklace section at the shop but then I remembered the 2 strings of souvenir shell necklaces I had at home that I purchased months back from a thrift shop for $0.50 cents a piece. *OooOohhh* I thought that might look neat.
 The shells I had looked a little like these ones above. They had no hardware just fishing line tied into knots and melted at the ends. They were also quite a bit longer than I wanted. So I cut them at the ties and removed some length of shells. I put the removed shells in a mini zip lock so I can use them in the future for crafting.
I then added a silver tone screw together clasp at the back. Once I finished I realized I could still just put the necklace over my head.  *whooops* *hahah
Here is my little mannequin girl in her vintage swimsuit modeling my creation.
In total I spent $4 on my diy creation.
(Minus-ing the silver hardware closure as it isn't needed)

 I did purchase this starfish pendent to go with the necklace..... But I like the coral branch all on it's own.
This pendant was also on clearance for $2.99 I might just end up wearing this one on a silver chain.

Here is me wearing my necklace for the first time on Saturday. I look a little miserable. I sort of was (It was rather hot & humid) I did not find even 1 item from any of the house garage sales I went to. Nothing interested me and the pickings were rather..... poor. But I did end up finding a couple treasures at the thrift shops I visited after.
(And thankfully those shops were all air conditioned.)

P.s. After making this necklace I wanted more souvenir stringed necklaces,  I went back to the thrift store I bought them from all those months back. (This is the one I that I blogged about in the past, you know the one who got taken over by new management and jacked up all the prices.) They had 2 more strings there... I seen the hanging price tags 2.50 each!!!
Guess I will have to find more elsewhere.

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  1. I love this funly necklace!It's so you!
    It's fun putting togther random found things.
    Clever minx! And you looked fab wearing it,the frock is a sweetie!I didn't think you looked miserable,just caught off guard a bot!

  2. Oh it came out really well, perfect for Queen lobster. I definitely used to have some of those shell string necklaces when I was younger x

  3. What a cute necklace, perfect for our lobster-loving Mrs Coco! You ARE clever!
    Love your frock too. Don't be sad - the thrift store prices may have gone up, but the vintage gods will provide, just you wait and see! xxxxx

  4. :D so fun! The whole un-needed clasp thing is something I would SO do. hahaha

  5. Very cool. You did a great job. Don't you hate it when thrift stores raise prices on things that are selling well? I've noticed a lot of thrift stores have wised up and started doing that. Too bad it really does put people off from bying second hand.

  6. Wahoo! We've been watching a lot of mermaid stuff lately (Iris into it) and that could totally be round a mermaid neck. Cool! You and your mannequin rock it!

  7. Great job Mrs C.
    Cheer up, I'm sure your next awesome bargain is just around the corner!

  8. What a gorgeous DIY Mrs Moconut!! I've always loved coral jewellery and the shell necklace looks even better with the beautiful rich red colour added - luuuurrrrrve it with the cool summer frock sweetie:)). Thank you so much for your kind words hon. xoxox

  9. Oh sweet well done it looks amazing with the shells. You are a clever miss coconut.
    The little summer dress looks so cute on you, even if you are so hot.
    Love v

  10. argh, I hate it when they have a make over and get all expensive! I love this necklace - you're super good at crafting. love your grumpy face - I love hot weather but when it get's too humid it's hideous. Show us what you do with the starfish!

  11. Love it! Good thing you wens to the thrift shops... a good ending to a hot day.

  12. I've got one of those shell necklaces you can have with pleasure, email me with your address and it's all yours!
    You look fab, I like your grumpy/cool face, looks like your channelling Victoria Beckham! You're better looking, though! x

  13. Love the necklace and love the dress you have on in the photo!

    1. oh this necklace is a dream, it totally reminds me of the little mermaid!!! i would love to have something like that too as i´m a seachild too;)

  14. Brilliant coral revamp. It looks great on you.

  15. Creative and cute - you AND the necklace! Love the dress too - better luck next thrifting treasure hunt.

  16. I love the necklace transformation amor!
    Your annoyed chi chi flaunting pose is priceless.
    *No autographs please*
    You been busy being a Coconut mermaid/fairy/biatch.
    Oh I will be probably be blogging even more. Will be visiting yard sales,thrift stores and swapmeets, Yay