Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cleaning my nose pores ...

Now isn't that an unusual title? Well it's the truth! *lol* I really like using a pore strip from time to time. And I realized last week it had been a very long while since my last nose stripping adventure. So I picked up a new box and here I am to chat to you as it dries.

So my Birthday was good. Early in the week my Grandma called and asked if I would be able to come to her house for a B-day dinner. So Mr. and I and my parents all had dinner there. My Brother was supposed to come too but he got the Flu the night before. *EEEK*

Grandma always has great dinners and if you turned them down well then you would be crazy. After dinner she brought out a cake. It was called a tuxedo cake and it was simply delicious!

*With the age defining candles*

*Without age defining candles*

To tell you the truth I had two cakes *lol* Because my guy bought me a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. (A favorite of mine) Look it had green on it!

Thank God it's sweater season right away... as I will need to work this cake off on my elliptical. (It has been being used as a hat holder lately.)

(I am very glad I have told you about how we both call each other Loo because had I not... I bet you would just think I stole this cake off google! *hahahehe*)

I will show you the gift I got from my Grandma & Grandpa. (Step Grandpa but he's so cool I don't really see him that way.) I just wanted to let you know so you would not get confused when you read this.) Here is the card below. *Ahhh that kitty is just too cute* Notice the background? That is one of my pillows. "If you have never had a crab pillow you do not know what you are missing."

Grandma got me the card above, a cute little notebook (not pictured) And the gorgeous unique necklace below.

The necklace was in a velvet bag along with a note from her. My Dad's Dad my Grandpa (Who died when I was 4) bought this necklace for my Grandma on their honeymoon in 1955. Grandma was with him and picked it out in the shop.

The heart is Ivory and it has two gold nuggets. The one in the middle of the heart and the one in between the chain and heart. I know she gave me the necklace because she knows I will cherish it since I am crazy about vintage items and really love stuff with history.

Whenever she comes over to visit I am always showing her my newest 60's handbag or 50's heels. Alot of times she tells me "I had something just like that!" Some day I will have to show you pics of her back in the day. I am surprised she didn't have flocks of men following her home. Actually if she did they would probably flee in seconds once she chased them away with a baseball bat.

I did get some other cute stuff that I really like. But you all know what I have been wanting and waiting to get. The time is getting closer *SMILE* I am getting close to finding my perfect vanity table (Dressing table to some) I just can barely contain myself.

That is going to be my gift from my man and my parents also gave me some moola to go towards it.

*Well this is feeling dry now.. Maybe even a little itchy.

It's time to remove my nose cast! *lol* Thank you for keeping me company.

P.s. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!! ("You are all so awsome and fun I am glad I have found you through cyber space land.")

(And the comments about having babies)
*Some might have helped a little*



  1. You have reminded me I need to do one of those nose strip things to you funny gal! That necklace is gorgeous how sweet of your Grandma to give it to you! Those cakes look freaking delish yay for two cakes.

    Em x

  2. Hello my darling friend the old and wonderful 30yr old (oh those were the days!!) You are ever so cute (but I think I have said that umpteen times already,can you still fit your head thu a door? lol) I near had tears about the necklace that was the bestest pressnt ever!!
    I forgot about Loo glad you reminded me.
    Nearly thought you was talking about a baby when you said this "But you all know what I have been wanting and waiting to get. The time is getting closer *SMILE* " then I realised it was another baby a dressing table one lol. xxxx

  3. @Vintage Sweetheart I am glad I reminded you. Not only can we be nailpolish twins we can be nose twins too! *lol*

    @Nelly STOP SAYING IT NELLY!! What if my head gets stuck in a thrift store door? *lol*

    I cannot believe you thought I was talking about a baby. Now if someone gave me a baby for my Birthday that would be a whole different story. I would be EXSTATIC. (But that did not happen) hahaah
    Dressing table babies are not the easiest to find around here for a good deal. I am trying my best but want to make sure I purchase one that is everything I want... instead of buying any random one just because I came across it easily.

  4. hey sweetheart delated happy birthday!!!;) oh my god you got 2 cakes haha great and the necklace of your grandma is really really beautiful!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  5. Happy birthday! Love the necklace, what a special gift.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. The necklace from your grandma is beautiful, and things mean so much more when there is a personal connection and a story behind them. Of course you will treasure it.
    Glad you had a wonderful birthday. Looking forward to seeing the dressing/vanity table when you get it. Babies can wait a while but vanity - NEVER!
    PS. How can you manage to look cute even with a pore declogging strip on? No seriously - how?!

  7. Hello you almost-vintage lady! Glad you had a great day and were totally spoiled.
    That necklace is beautiful, what a wonderful present to have. Some pictures of your Grandma would be brilliant, I'd love to see them. xxx

  8. cute necklace and yes cleaning the nose is serious business

  9. What a special birthday present for you! I hope you had a lovely day. I used to use those nose strips but gave up and now use one of those scrub gloves for exfoliating. Much better.

  10. nothing better than a good nose cleaning and a chocolate cake on your 30th birthday.

  11. What a great birthday.That tuxedo cake looks delicious.I wouldnt want to share the loo cake too.I am dying for cake.That neckalce is beautiful.xx