Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yes I am still residing on earth...

I have just been slightly busier this weekend. I was sort of sad when I realized I would not have time to partake in Frock on Friday because I had plans to make pies with my Grandma. It was our (second annual pie bake) I asked her last year to teach me and we had alot of fun. So when I felt like pie again this summer I asked Grandma if she wanted to do it again and she did.

We made four pies. 2 apples, 1 pumpkin & 1 Rhubarb, strawberry & cherry.

See all those apples I sliced up?
And look at Grandmas orange pyrex bowl on the table.

Grandma rolling out dough

Strawberry, Rhubarb & Cherry filling *mmm*

That's me forking the edge of the pie crust under the watchful eye of Grandma O.

I just got the apron I was wearing two days before. The ric rac is so cute!

Pies with only a few minutes left of baking.

See the closer front one? I cut out a M and a O on it for My name and my Grandmas. We called it the MO pie. I wonder if anyone else has ever baked a Mo pie?

On Saturday I did go garage saling. I found some stuff which I will share with you either tomorrow or Tuesday. I better do it quick before they find places to live. Normally I keep everything in a box after I buy it, so I can take pics right away. Then after the pics are taken I find a place for them to go.

Talk to you again soon!


  1. How sweet to bake with you Grandma! I want a mo pie.

    I look forward to seeing your finds.

    E :)

  2. Yay pie!! Yumness! You are so lucky to have a grandma to cook with.. tweak your culinary skills and learn life's important lessons from... I think that would have been a lovely way to spend a weekend! :o)

  3. love the last pic of you and your granny.
    pies look scrumptious x

  4. I want some mo pie too.How great to still have gran around love the pics send gran greetings from this gran downunder xxx

  5. Mo pie lol how cute!

    I wish I'd been able to visit my Grandma before she passed away, but living 3,000 miles across country, it was never meant to be. Glad you have the chance to spend time with yours, I bet she is pleased you love vintage!

  6. Yummy pies, fabulous aprons and cute pics - couldnt get any better :o) Scarlett x

  7. SO CUTE! Pies! Grandma! Apron! MO! I have never had a sweet pie. Maybe I ought to have a go at a gluten-free version.

    Sarah xxx

  8. Such cute pictures, lovely to see your darling Grandma!
    I'm not a fan of pasrty but I'd scoop out that delicious filling and eat it all, it looks and sounds delish! xxx

  9. Your Grandma is an absolute honey and it looks like you've learnt from the Pie Queen herself!! What a fantastic job you both did. I'm not a sweet tooth but homemade pies don't last long around me. Gawd I'm drooling:)) xoxo

  10. Oh my word, I've just discovered your blog and there is so much to love! I've scrolled down and drooled (sorry, disgusting habit, I know) over your fabulous buys (the suitcases and vanity cases, your gorgeous frock etc etc) and marvelled over your lovely pies. I'll most definitely be back!

  11. Both of my grandmothers are long gone, unfortunately. I can't imagine my maternal grandmother being even remotely interested in spending time in the kitchen with her granddaughter, and my paternal grandmother, well, she would've but she was such a bad cook that there was no point other than to spend time with her! She was full-blooded German and made the most horrendous German Chocolate Cake EVER! We bought a GCC from a supermarket one time and it had mold in the center and it was STILL better than Grandma B's!

  12. omg that pie looks so yummy i would eat the whole pie now haha
    i want mary janes in each colour!!! but i got now some in nude and others in orange!!!!;)
    love and kiss,mary

  13. All I can say is Mmmmmmm pie.What a nice day to have with your gran.I miss doing those with mine.That strawberry,cherry looks so yummy.Love the MO pie.Lovely pic of you and your gran.xx