Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Frock on Friday of my 20s First day of Autumn!

Happy Autumn to whoevers turn it is to have it in the world.

Fall is my favorite season. I love the colorful leaves in the trees and on the ground. The crunch they make when you step on them. Riding my bike through them and watching them fly away. I also like the slight chilly air. I am a person who loves to be cozy. I love blankets and fuzzy things... Autumn is when I get to use all my favorites ... but still not be freezing my butt off!

*Pattern of my vintage cotton house dress*

*Nails painted for fall*

*Standing outside of Chinese restaurant I had lunch at this afternoon*

Today is my very last day of my 20s. When I wake up in the morning I will be 30. What does 30 feel like? Well of course I do not know yet... And I do not think I will know... because I still feel the same now as I did when I turned 20 or even 19 for that matter. I have never had a Birthday bug me.. this would be my first.

I think it's because I have things planned for my early 30s. Starting a family is one of them. (It scares the heck out of me.) I totally want kids!! I am just scared to HAVE them. (You know the part where you go into labour and give birth.)

I know most people are not excited about that part.. but I seriously have probably worried about it since I was a kid. (Wishing I had been born a boy so I would not have to have a baby.) *I am not joking* I talked to my best friend this afternoon and told her how I was moody. She told me she was excited to turn 30 she could not wait. (She is a year older than me) I thought to myself.. "Of course she WAS excited.. she already had a baby!!" *HAHAHA*

So I suppose I will have alot of growing up to do and fear to get over in my 30s.

Why can't there be such thing as a Stork?

*My Guy and I*

After lunch

When I was a kid I wanted my ears pierced SO BAD. The problem was not that I was not allowed to get them done. I was too scared.

I used to have dreams I got my ears pierced. I was SO HAPPY!! Then I would wake up.. feel my ear lobes and NOTHING! I would really be sad. Sooo many times I would be at the mall with my Aunties and we would pass a salon and they would ask "Do you want your ears done today Melanie?" In my head I would be saying yes but I always answered no. Sometimes I even ended up in tears over it. Mom would explain to them that I really did want to have earrings but I was so scared it would make me frustrated to the point of tears. Well I am happy to let you all know that my ears ARE pierced. I finally got it done when I was 14. *lol* My Husband (At the time boyfriend) told me he would go get his done so I could watch and see that it wasn't so bad. Then we would get mine done after his. I watched him do it (Of course he never shows fear) So I sat down held his hand and finally after dreaming of it for yrs I did it. I probably would still be earring-less had he not did what he did.

*Fallen green apples*

Leaving restaurant headed to vehicle

*Back seat of vehicle*

People in the front rolled down their windows ALL THE WAY!

*Stopped in at Salvation Army on the way home*

This is where I bought the dress I am wearing from.

Price paid: $1.00

*Jersey celebrating with plastic fall leaves I bought from the dollar store*

Have a good weekend


  1. You never told us you had a hunk of a male coconut!!!! lol so love your blog and the way you do the pics,Enjoy being so young matey coz u be hitting nearly 50 b4 u know it and thats really not fun at all.Scares me and I have 3 yrs left.
    I do remember being nervous about being 28 but 30 na maybe coz I was about to have baby 4 at that time.
    Cant wait till you have a mini cocnut be the spoiltest lil cocunut ever with all its bloggy aunties.

  2. I with Nelly your guy is one hunky dude. Happy birthday for tomorrow if you don't blog. 30 is not so bad you can still act 15 if you wish. I can't believe it took you that long to get your ears pierced, thank goodness you got talked into it. I was totally talking about how terrified I am to have a baby the other day. I want them to just magically zap me one, giving birth looks like it hurts too much ha ha. Lucky I'm still young and I don't have to worry about it for a while. I bet you will be a rockin' mum.

    Em x

    Ps. Now I know your name I can stop calling you coconut in my head, unless you would like me to continue thinking that way.

  3. Hiya little Coconut! I agree, your man looks very hunky!
    Sounds like we are a lot alike on the pain front-I too am the biggest chicken in the world. I got my ears pierced when I was six-they did the first one then had to chase me around the shop to do the second one coz the first was so painful!
    Re;the baby thing, I was booked in a voluntary caesar simply due to fear of the pain but VB came early naturally-I had no choice but to go with it. Ended up not too bad as they got the epidural (best drug on face of planet, trust me!) in in time and she was out within 3 hours...moral of the story, there is a GOD!!!

  4. hey sweetheart!!! i really love the pattern of that dress, it is so fabulous and the colours are so great and perfect for fall!!! i also love your nails matching with your dress;) and the supercute doggy!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  5. Your fall dress is gorgeous, really love that print. I think you look cute with your hair all windswept, your who-thinks-this-is-funny? expression is priceless.

    Happy 30th Birthday. I think the 30s are a great decade (speaking as one who is long past them - same age as Nelly, since you ask...) Old enough to know yourself and what's what, young enough to have time and energy to do it all!

    As for babies - well, I've had 3 and all the births were different so you can't predict. But as Kitty says, if the earth mother/whale music/natural my-cervix-is-opening-like-a-flower thing isn't for you, get an epidural! Diamorphine is pretty damn great too!
    Don't fret about it, if you want a little coconut - go for it!

  6. Wow! Groovy!

    Happy birthday and welcome to the dirty 30's!

    Is it Ok to say you snagged yourself both a handsome dog AND man? Good finds. :D

    Seriously, I think you would make a really cool mami, hunt around for vintage baby and kids stuff and give that little coconut the coolest toys. You should make a little coconut soon, hey, why don't we plan to do it at the same time, that would be swell, we can talk about morning sickness and swollen feet. :))
    You make a coconut, I make a pineapple.

  7. Happy birthday! 30 isn't bad at all and it goes fast to forty (I have a b-day in a week from Wed). like you, I also harboured an intense fear of child birth and determined early on I would never, ever, never go thru it (even if I wanted kiddos); however, fate wouldn't have it and I had an oops at 32. And another oops at 36! :/ I made it thru the labours (well, an emergerncy and scheduled C-sections) and have no memory of the pain (just my whingy-ness and fear! lol).

    You look absolutely lovely and I love your style! I agree you will be an incredibly fun mom!

  8. Happy dirty 30.I will trade you.I am not happy I am great photos.I love the fall the most and miss it alot.The south doesnt go through many changes in the fall.It stayes warm.:( Cute photo of you and your man and your cute puppy.xx

  9. Argh,this is the third time I've tried to comment...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY,my darlingheart!!!
    30 is the new 20,I believe!!!
    Love your frock here,I hope you are getting thoroughly spoilt as I write, and are wearing another fabulous frock!!!

  10. O,I spent a great deal of my life being a scaredy cat,but realised I was missing out on so I stopped.Best decision I ever made was to not be scared.I still hve my moments,but I work through it..........XXX

  11. You and your man are so freaking hot! That outfit you're wearing is so me I might have to come over and steal it off you.
    It took me 25 years to get my ears pierced, not 'cos i was scared but just because I couldn't bare to spend 6 weeks in lame studs while they healed. I mean what's the point in wearing jewellery if it isn't massive?
    I hope your Thirties are the best decade ever for you. You wait until you reach 40. It rocks!!!

  12. Happy birthday darling woman!!! I adore the print of your dress and your fall nails and the pic of you wearing sunnies in the car is amazing!!! You look like a sexy groupie on the cover of a Woodstock album ... grrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I've had four babies - all vag births. I used to be scared I would split in two. I assure you, it doesn't happen. The actual delivery of the baby is between about 6 seconds and 2 minutes. The rest of the time in labour is going through the contractions. So in a way, it's like getting your ears pierced - the gunshot moment is quick! God, I hope I haven't scared you! Love the pic of The Coconuts. xoxoxoxoxox

  13. HAPPY 3-0!! You and your Mr, Coconut make a great looking couple! I love your outfit!! I turned 30 six+ years ago and loved it but the fact I am getting closer to 40 is starting to make me worry a bit. lol!

  14. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your's a great time of your life.