Friday, September 30, 2011

Anchor's Aweigh my Frock on Friday

Today's Frock on Friday vintage frock is a 1960's polyester dress in navy blue with red and white stripes.

I added a thin red thrifted belt because the dress is slightly big.

"Well Hello Mr.! Nice to meet you"

"Hands off LADY!"

*The Flamingo*

*The frightened Flamingo*

I could not find my tri-pod which I usually always use for Frock on Friday pictures. But it is somehow lost... So I had to get my guy to take my photos. I dunno why but I don't like people taking my pics for me. I feel weird posing and posing and posing. My tri-pod doesn't mind and I don't feel embarrassed or silly with it. Also my guy is not the most patient man. When it comes to photo shoots. (Sorry Loo) *heh*

*LOOK at that Ladies undies!*

~To be in true spirit I wore striped undies under my frock.~


What kind of wretched woman shows her under garments to the world??

I must go now..... Thank you for coming in to take a peek at my frock.

Tomorrow morning I am going garage saling.

*HOPEFULLY* I have a better week than the couple previous.

Will show you my loot soon along with last weeks few items.

(See Anchors on Bandana)



  1. Oh my I'm shocked by your underwear display! I love red, white and blue together you look very sailoresque. A lovely frock for frock on a Friday. It is awkward doing poses in front of people my mum laughs at me. Sending vintage vibes your way I hope you find some goodies tomorrow.

    Em x

  2. I see anchors I dont see France But I saw VCs stripey underpants!!
    You are just so cute I love your pics.I adore that top pic you have on header how pretty are you?
    I am th esame re with pictures.I can let kids do it and tripod doesnt winge but feel weird when The Captain takes my pics lol.Hope you got lots if goodies, I havnet been gsaling for ages,

  3. oooh I'm loving your look in this post, im a HUGE fan of anything nautical as there always seems to be a sneaky anchor print in things i wear. Scarlett x

  4. I like taking an outfit right down to the foundations - you never know when you might be hit by a bus, right? I do like an anchor print so love that bandana, and the dress is fab on you x

  5. LOOOOOVE this fab look on you! The frock is KILLER - love the detail at the neckline - and the red accessories are FAB. Good luck with your garage sales!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Grrr Blogger wouldn't let me post! Trying again. What is the point of matching one's underwear to one's outerwear if nobody ever sees it? You were simply sharing. Sharing is good manners.
    The dress makes me think of a 70's stewardess outfit - you just need a jaunty neckerchief and you can fly!

  7. Such a darling vintage dress! And your spirit of joy is bursting through the photos, to make us all smile : >

  8. Ahoy there! Very nautical, and a little bit of a naughty peak at the undies too, there's a treat! I admire your commitment to continuing the colour scheme all the way, well done!
    I HATE other people taking my photo and definitely feel less ridiculous when it's just me and the self-timer. Your pics are always great. xxxx

  9. oooh this pictures of you are so amazing u look like a 50´s pin up, but a little bit crazy one haha the dress is so gorgous on you and also the headband oh and i lost my heart looking at your supercute doggy !!!
    love and kiss,mary

  10. I do like a bit of red, white and blue. You look fab as usual.

  11. its a very very groovy cute dress!

  12. you are so adorable and your outfit and the scarf in your hair.Jetta wants a play date with your puppy.xx

  13. Adorable frock, VC! You look so cheeky and I'm always up for a flash of gratuitous underwear.
    Wishing you loads of luck for a bumper haul of vintage goodies. x

  14. Some pretty neat stuff. The thing on the upper right hand side of that plate may (or may not) be a cornucopia?

  15. I love your nautical frock and your happy poses.
    your beautiful eyecolor stands out in these fotos.