Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some stuff I purchased recently & hats with names

~* Fancy Hats *~

With Names

I really like this one. It's velvet net & sequins.

I am going to have to show you the top of this one sometime. The top is a bunch of sweet little flowers under the net, it actually reminds me of a cake.
$4 for Sparkle Net & Cotton Candy Ruffle

This one has got to be my favorite. The owner told me it was her Mother's and she used to borrow it when she was a teenager. She told me "I am 71 now, so that just tells you how old it is." Her Mother is 91 and going to be moving to a care home. I am really glad I was able to buy these hats as I will cherish them for many years to come.

The original owner of these hats is the woman I have named Flamingo lady.
Now obviously I gave her that name for a reason as some of you know. But since I have some new followers I thought I would fill them in. I purchased two pink flamingos from her a few weeks back.

These three pics below are knitting patterns I bought for 50 cents each. I am going to frame the pics and put them on the wall in my sewing area.

~ Big branch of grapes with matching candle holders ~


Now these book ends are one of my favorite finds. I purchased them at (Flamingo Lady's) last garage sale. They belonged to her 91 year old Mother.

What's so great about them you ask???

Well just look below


Were you expecting that?? I sure wasn't.. but as soon as I knew the secret of these bookends I wanted them!


Okay so you have seen my wood owl chopping board I got from a free bin at a yard sale. Well I picked him up a friend at a garage sale. Pork CHOP cost me .25 cents.

~ Yellow hand mixer .75 cents it looks so good with my matching nails. ~


~ AM LLOYDS radio ~


~ Plastic molded Scottie dog ~

.25 cent

~ SO SWEET Strawberry Shortcake pillow ~

.25 cents

So you may know I have a thing for ocean animals... like CRABS AND LOBSTERS.

Especially Luscious Lobsters... and guess what??

I found one at a garage sale for .50 cents!!!

*Squee Squee*

"I like apples"

*MmmM* "come here apple"

*MUNCH munch munch*

(Lobster has springs on all legs claws and antennas... So he likes to dance and wiggle. How can you go wrong with that?)


  1. Hahahaha, this post has made me chuckle!
    Where to start?
    Hats - divine!
    Bookends - they are amazing! Of COURSE they would have a decanter and glasses inside, it's obvious...
    Knitting patterns - I love the photos on old patterns, you find some particularly funny 60-70s ones, especially with men or kids. I added personalised captions and framed a few for Christmas presents for friends last year.
    Crazy apple-munching lobster - why not?
    Great finds!
    Love Curtise x

  2. the hats are wonderful,I really like the red one!The lobster had be giggling.Great finds!

  3. Argh! What fabulous things!
    I love all those hats on you, I have a massive head and they never seem to fit me.
    The book ends are just amazingly fabulous, I've never seen the like befire. Flamingo lady must be a right character, I'd love to see a photo of her back in the day.
    I think I have the same whisk only in duck-egg blue. Is it Tala? It matches your nails beautifully!
    A lobster? Each time I see one I always think of you! x

  4. Those hats are gorgeous! The book ends are so cool I would never have expected that to be inside. Yay for the flamingo lady she has almost decorated your house with the amount of goodies you have bought from her.

    Em x

    Ps. We are nail twins my nail polish is Mellow Yellow!

  5. OMG, so much here. Love the way your nails match your hand whisk - genius! The hats are fabulous and I just love looking at the pics of old knitting patterns and the like.

  6. You are so gorgeous on your pics and those hats wow!! I hope you got some info on the previous owner name birth year etc I love info on things lik that.
    You got some great things I love Id have it all cept the lobster that Id send to you unless it was edible lol

  7. Oh that bookend decanter set is just too funny and too fabulous and too kitsch for words!!!! OMFG!!! The hats are great too, will you actually wear them all? Or just hoard and display them?? LOL

  8. LOVE those stunning hats - they are all so beautiful and what bargains! The bookend are frickin BRILLIANT! ANd I love the owl chopping board.

    Sarah xxx

  9. You are just so adorable. I'd give up my 1950's working Packard Bell TV to look as young and cute!

    Great finds, too, lucky you!!

  10. i abslutley love these the hats.The pattern pics are pretty.Wish i could knit i want some of those tops.Those books ends are amazing.i never find cool stuff like that.

  11. Oh my!!! That dark red feather hat is absolutely gorgeous! What a find!

    Those book ends are so devilishly deceiving! They are fabulous! xxx

  12. @Pastcaring *Laughs at your comment about the bookends*
    I found a book at the library making fun of old patterns. It was hilarious!!!

    @art deco dame I will have to invest in some kind of hat box to keep these looking as good as they do. They seem so delicate, and would be marvelous dust collectors. *haha*

    @Vix I have never imagined you having a massive head Vix, so its not obvious in the slightest. You look 100% tiny to me *lol*
    The wisk doesn't have a brand. Instead it has a design of a sheild on the top yellow handle.
    I suppose its better than seeing crabs and thinking of me. ;) hehaha

    @Vintage Sweetheart The bookends really suprised me too. But when they accidentally opened when I went to pick one up. I knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM. And my guy was like... You really want them?? (Asking in a way like he didn't think they were the coolest ever.) *Woohoo for being nail twins!!!* Sadly I have to change mine tonight for the first day of Autumn. But I will keep a little Mellow Yellow. lol

    @Loo xx from jumbles and Pompoms
    I didn't realize the nails and whisk matching until I went to take pics of the whisk. Then I got all super excited over it... *What has my life come too?* hahah

  13. @Nelly Oddly enough it turns out my parents know Flamingo lady a little. I found this out when she e-mailed me back about the slide trays and I recognized her name.
    I cannot believe you would NOT keep the LOBSTER!! What kind of woman are you?? =p *heheheh* The lady I bought the lobster from was this cute little old lady. And when I had it in my hand she ran up and said "Are you gonne buy my sweet lobster? He sure is cute isn't he??" So my conclusion is.. She must sort of have the same fondness for them as I do.

    @Kitty I know I will for sure wear Sparkle Net & Cherry Feather because they are nice and small and I don't think they are TOO DARING to be out in public in. But Cotton Candy Ruffle just screams for looks , stares as she is so fancy and big. I think I would be too shy to wear her. I just did not want to seperate her from her Sisters. I will use her for a photo prop and dress up though.

    @Misfits Vintage There is no way I could complain about the prices on the hats. But that is why I would rather thrift shop and garage sale. Cause had I bought them off E-bay or Etsy I would have been paying quite a bit more. I buy from either of the two E's when I spot something I HAVE TO HAVE and I cannot wait to try and find it myself.

    *lol* Ranch you gave me a good laugh.
    a 1950s Packard Bell just sounds way too important to be giving up. Your comment made me feel a little better though as my Bday is in under 24 hrs and my mind just woun't stop harrasing me about it. I have never seen you but I imagine you too be quite cute as you have such great style in everything you purchase for your home. I picture you to match your purchases. *heheh*

    You know what I was told by some thrift store workers? They use the old patterns for wrapping breakables because (NO ONE BUYS THEM.)
    I was shocked!!! and thought (Yea right no one buys them... no one buys them because your ruining them all by tearing them apart and wrapping glasses and tea cups in them.) I wasn't brave enough to actually say that though so I just thought it. But it did make me quite pissed!

    @VainGlorySinner The book ends have to be one of my fave sale finds this summer. I suppose they would be in my top 10. I love sneaky secret things. lol

  14. Love that glossy orange feather hat! =)

  15. I love, love, love the first hat. I got matching mules.

    The grapes are so cool!

    I bought the same Scottie a few years ago and gave it to my Scottie mad friend, along with a M&S Scottie tin when she were on vacation in London.

    Great finds as usual babe!

  16. Love knitting patterns and Scottie dog - hand mixer looks like hard work!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger