Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nifty stuff I picked up this week (LOTS-O-PICS)

Yes I am behind on posting. *heh* The stuff pictured is my Saturday garage sale finds and a few finds from thrift shops from this week. I figured better hurry and catch up because Friday is just 1 hour away for me. *Whoops*

In fabulous condition from the late 50s
Below are two pics from the inside. AND then the best part. Inside the book was 2 receipts from 1958 they were from a dry goods store. They are in perfect condition and I think they are awsome. I just don't know if I should keep them in the book or frame them. I am worried if I frame them. They will end up fading. (Any suggestions?)


I could sit there and read a book on that sofa.

Here is the first

And the second which is from 6 days later.

I bet you she was hiding these from her Hubby. Hence being inside a sewing book. I mean really I doubt he would have found them. *heheh*

Pink Pyrex


Milk glass beehive pyrex


Red gingham apron

.25 cents

~Will be perfect for attempting my first red velvet cake~

Corduroy Fedora


Funky blue lamp


Little plastic makeup bag

.50 cents

Black handbag


3 watkins cookbooks

.99 cents each

(Picture from the salad book)



Glass owl pin cushion

.25 cents

Some of the cutest magnets EVER

.10 cents each

.60 cents spent

Black leather heels

.75 cents

These fit me perfectly I almost fell over when I spotted them.

Meet my newest child *haha* This is my 3rd big size Kewpie doll I also have 2 minis. So I have a total of 5. I cannot get enough of these adorable things. I especially love this ones outfit.



Is my weirdest purchase from Saturday.

I paid .75 cents for this GIANT

A nice old couple was having a sale. Most items were for woman and the Husband looked sort of bored. But he had his own table of veggies from his garden. He was SO PROUD of his vegetables, I could not even explain if I tried. He had every right to be too. He asked if I had seen anything like his stuff with a big grin on his face. I told him I don't think so. And grabbed a glove of garlic and said "I will take this one" I could tell he was tickled with the purchase.

And it made his day that people were buying his home grown food.

Now below are 3 items I purchased that are not vintage. But I had to have em!

Fringe ROXY handbag

(Looks as though it was used for a week and then tossed aside)


Some of you will hate whats below others may not. But heck I live in Canada and you can bet your little butt I am not going to have cold toes all Fall and Winter.

What we are talking about here is UGGS. Some hate them some love them. I have always thought they were kinda cute but would NEVER shell out the $200.00 or more that they cost. I would look em up on E-bay every now and then and the bids would just go higher and higher. So I pretty much gave up.

Well I am happy to say I finally will for sure have warm feet this fall. I found my Uggs at a garage sale and paid $3 for them!




So hooray for being a CHEAP Azz!

The boots have only been worn a few times. I am going to buy some Suede cleaner and then waterproof spray and after that I can be happy and Slobby looking. MAUAHAHAHAHHA

Flamingo candy dish

.50 cents

I screamed when I saw this in the thrift shop & my Man was embarrassed and said *Shhh* "HEH sorry hunny" I got lost in excitement.

My God I have a feeling this was a crazy long post. I will be seeing you all in a few hours for FOF!

To my new followers: Welcome, I hope this long post does not scare you away. *laugh*


  1. I love every single thing you found during the week Ms Coconut (even the Uggies, but I'm an Aussie so what would you expect!) but my most favourite, the thing I truly love above all else you've shown, is that GORGEOUS BLUE LAMP!!!

    p.s. I have a Kewpie doll collection too and there's nothing better than home-grown garlic...we buy ours from an old Italian man. Yum!(not the old Italian man, the garlic) Last year we grew our own, this year I was too slow and missed the time to plant.

  2. OMG, I scrolled down and gasped in wonder at every damn thing - even the garlic! Love the lamp, the apron, fringey bag and the flamingo candy dish best. Fabulous bargain on the Uggs too.

  3. @Kylie You gave me a good *LOL* about the Italian man *YUM* hahahaah.
    I would like to see your kewpies in a post sometime. I will have to take a pic of my 5 together. =D

  4. wow heaps of cool stuff! YOu're daggy just like me (as if you weren't already :) in your uggs now, they are the best thing for garage sale-ing. That big blue lamp would look good with a double 50s whipstitch shade I reckon. Hurry up with your FOF post, I'm not doing an outfit myself today (still too sick) but will do a round-up and would like to include you if ok.xx.

  5. @Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms
    haha who knew Garlic could amaze people.
    If only the man that sold it to me knew I blogged about it.

    @Kitty About the lamp: Yea I do not think that the one that is on it was the original... JUST A TAD too much blue.. I bet some dude in the 70s changed the shade when he was on a acid trip. I am keeping my eye out for a new one as the blue one is slightly damaged.
    Your still sick? =( *sigh* I hope you feel better by next week we need your FOF'S
    You can include me in anything unless its a "what not to wear" *LMAO*

  6. Uggg you shall have warm tootsies this winter.I saw a few things that popped my eyes out Looks like you had a super week thrifty wise.Come on now show me your FOF.

  7. @Nelly It's 1:52 a.m. Friday LOL The only thing you would see now is me with MESSY HAIR and sweats. It may be best to wait till I have gone to sleep then wake up. ;)

  8. YAY!! Awesome haul! I would also have squealed had I seen that flamingo dish. I have a little flamingo obsession. I am an ugg=lover.

    I have never had a kewpie but I would LOVE a little collection of those..

    And I would have bought that guy's homegrown veges for sure!

    Have a happy Friday! It's over for us!

  9. Oh man... I love it all, especially: the flamingo bowl!!, the fridge magnets, the old cookbooks, the shoes, the apron and THE LAMP! Well done, love!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Those shoes, those shoes! I love them. I'm not surprised you were excited to find them.
    The flamingo bowl is a triumph, that would go down so well at a glam cocktail party with some savoury nibbles in it.
    Home-grown veggies are the business. I bet that garlic tastes wonderful. xxx

  11. I love everything, those magnets are so cool. Most awesome shoes ever. I struggle to find vintage in my size damn my big feet! My mum has a naked kewpie in the shed maybe I will give it a home.

    E :)

  12. Oh My god im so in love with all your finds, esp the flamingo bowl! That is amazing! Scarlett x

  13. Sweetie, your post wasn't long ENOUGH! You know we love looking at stuff other people find at garage sales. Funky lamp my eye--that lamp is AWESOME!!! Personally, I would never buy someone else's used shoes, but on the other hand, I'm constantly taking MY used shoes to the thrift store where they apparently fly out the door (size 10) so obviously I'm in the minority on that.

  14. Holy feck,darl!!! A motherload of goodies!! I think I like the shoes the best,but all up,you've done bloody well!! Ha,I'm not into uggs,but I appreciate them!!! A fine Australian export,that!!

  15. Eeeek a cupie doll.Creepy cure.Bet your right about the receipts.She was hding those love those lamps.And droool the flamingo dish.I would have had the same

  16. Holy cow! Where do you find goodies for those kinds of prices. Well done! That lamp is amazing! Sherry: )