Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Bo Coconut Frock on Friday

"OOooh Hello"

It's Frock on Friday

I found a cute little Hawaiian print type dress this week and that is what I planned to wear. *Stupidly thinking it would fit proper without trying it on*

I cleaned it, ironed it and then went to wear it.. * Ooopsie a little tight.

So I had to quickly choose another I got at the same time.. and this is it.

Now I am not going to say I hate it.. But I am not in love with it either. This is a dress I am going to re-sell. Yes I think its cute.. but it's TOO FLOWEY AND RUFFLY. The easiest way I can explain it... is I felt like *Little Bo Peep*

If only I had a cane and a lamb.

It was a good hopscotch dress. I hadn't hopscotched since school years. And if you wanted to know.. "I still have it!!" *haha*

The shoes were comfy and have a small heel. They didn't do well in playground gravel.

I wore these sweet little earrings which are clip ons. I didn't really feel any pain until I got home and my earlobes hurt. When I took them off I had ouchie indentations.

"Little Bo peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them..."

P.s. after looking at baby sheep pictures I would actually like some.


I found these sunnies at Salvation Army I paid 2.00 for them. The frames are in great condition. But the little lady who previously owned them.. must of put them face down alot the lenses are scratched right in the middle. Does anyone know the average cost to get new sun glass lenses put in old frames? Because I really want to wear these next spring and summer.

Last thing (Do you remember Flamingo lady??) Well last week someone posted a ad trying to sell some slide projector trays. I recently picked up a projector so I went to take a look. (It ended up being Flamingo ladies house!!) And I suppose she was wondering why I would be interested in them. And I told her "I LOVE OLD STUFF" And she told me ("She's cleaning out her Mom's basement and having a garage sale this Sat") I hadn't seen any ads until last night. *WOOO* OH MY LUSCIOUS LOBSTERS! That is going to be the first sale I go to. I am quite excited because I bought alot of stuff from her garage sale a few weeks back. I hope her Mom's stuff is just as good.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Hahahhaaa,lucious lobsters!!!!
    I've just started wearing slip ons,and feck,don't hey hurt!!?? Bugger!
    Your Bo Peep frock is lovely,but as Vix says,if it doesn't make you feel fabulous,then out the door it goes!!! Poos for the frock that didn't fit! I always too lazy to try things on,so that happens to em a bit......XXX

  2. woops,meant CLIP ONS!!!! hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeXXXXXXX

  3. Get yourself on eBay, VC. You can buy self adhesive pads to pop on to clip-on earrings and they stop that vile pinching.
    That dress is a beaut but hell, flog it if it doesn't make you feel like a princess. You're too gorgeous to compromise.
    Good luck with the sale tomorrow. I know you'll do us proud. xxx

  4. Definitely listen to Vix re the clip on soft things - they make such a difference - and also the frock business. BUT I think you DO LOOK fabulous in it. And I ADOOORE those bird earrings!

    Happy garage saling - hope you find some absolute treasures. (And take loads of pics for us, your nosy followers!)

    Sarah xxx

  5. I think you look sweet in that pretty little dress, you don't look very happy in your pics though...probably because you have lost your sheep...anyway I think the dress suits you and I love the blue birdy earings. Hope you unearth some treasures at the, and have a great weekend too x

  6. I know you don't like it much but you look so cute in it!! Especially the hopscotch photo! Love the earrings.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Those earings mde me drool Love em.You could also turn them into peirced ones maybe but I think what the girls said is better.
    I am dieing to see what you got at the Gsale you lucky girl think of me when you see hats or bags or .....just think of me lol

  8. I love the pics of you playing hopscotch - my kids play it "wrong" and I bite my tongue to avoid taking over in my role of Hopscotch Queen;;)). I love the cut of the dress, maybe if it was GREEN you would like it better? I'm so jealous of your garage sale trip this weekend - I can't wait to see pics!! xoxo

  9. It is a cute dress indeed! I get why it has to go if it's not your style. Those clip ons are gorgeous shame about the pain thats why I leave them behind at oppies but I might follow Vix's advice. I wish you luck at that ladies garage sale, lets hope she has even better stuff this time around!

    E :)

  10. Love that dress.and my favorite color blue.Love those shoes and those earrings are so cute.Can't wait to see your finds from the yard sale.xx

  11. very cute dress. love it's details and colour.

  12. (Sorry about that, the cat distracted me and I hit enter instead of space!)
    Cute and funny post! Cute dress too! I can relate to being hesitant about liking an item 100% if it's not my style. My mom gave me a modern-made, short-sleeved, v-neck teal-colored knit sweater for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love color but the v-neck is so not me. I prefer jewel-neck styles. There is something about v-necks that look "off" on me. So, the sweater just hangs in my closet. I may donate it. It is a shame because I have a 50s black print circle skirt that would pair gorgeously with that sweater but that darn v-neck prevents me from wearing it. Anyway, those earrings are lovely! Too bad about the pinch effect! I have a couple of pairs of vintage clip-ons that do that too! My ears look they were smooshed! lol!

  13. clip ons are a b*tch! But sometimes you just have to wear them. I just bought 3 of these style dresses, now I must find some sheep and take pics cause I've already taken pics by a hopscotch I made in my backyard.

  14. Im now totally lusting after some birdy earring now - they arew too fabulous, just a pain that they hurt. You are so cute in that dress but as Vix says if it doesnt make you feel fabulous then get some bucks on ebay :o) Scarlett x

  15. oh wow you look so gorgous here!!! i love your hair so much!!! and the earrings..and the dress and everything!!!;) you sexy thing;)
    love and kiss,mary

  16. Ohhh, lovely dress!
    Those earrings are to die for!