Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday and Frock on Friday

* Happy 9th Birthday to Jersey my best Boxer bud *

He was trying to nap with his blue Hippo when I was snapping his picture.

He sleeps with his little terry towel hippo every night. I paid .75 cents for it at a garage sale. Today Jersey had a Birthday cheeseburger (He only gets this once a year) And we bought him his own polar fleece striped throw blanket, so he will nice and cozy all winter long.


Today was a little busy it's almost 11:00 p.m. Friday here. I am really cutting it close. But I was out shopping for half the day (Which is where I found this FOF dress. I paid $1.00 for it at Salvation army!) *woo* Then I came home celebrated my doggies B-day and took him for a walk!! Then I had to go back out and pick up some needed items from Walmart.. Which is where I took these photos.

~ Oven Mitts with Roosters ~

~ Pillows that match my outfit ~
I really liked both of these!

~ Oh Dear how did that get in there?! ~


~ Strappy Buckle ~

~ Fall Flowers ~

~ At the Super Market sniffing Tide ~

~ Dress Label ~

~ Yepp that is where I will be in 10 hrs ~

I haven't shown you my finds from last Saturday. I didn't find much but the stuff I did find I really love... So I will add them in with Tomorrows finds.

Have a good Weekend


  1. A most excellent dress. Love the piccie of Jersey and his soft toy.

  2. Way cute, hon! I can SO see you acting the cutesie (but evil and clever on the inside) sexy secretary in that! Hope you had better luck than me at the sales this week, I got up at 5.30 and drove around for 3 hours and only came home with 6 necklaces and 3 pieces of fabric-crap! But I'm off to a big swappy at 4am tomorrow so should find lots you have swap meets where you live??

  3. Ooh that frock is FABULOUS - the collar is exquisite - and it fits you like a dream. Any chance of a close up of the fabric? Is it striped or checked?

    Happy Birthday Jersey!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Happy birthday Jersey he's so gorgeous! You are hilarious and that frock is fab it actually looks a little bit trippy in the photos.

    E :)

  5. Frocktacular frock,darl!!! Love all these pix,I snorted over the "sniffing tide"!!! I love taking silly pix out and about,and am so glad you do too!!!

  6. Happy Birfday to your pet friend!

    The frock is fab!!

  7. Hi there, that frock looks fabulous on you. So smart and sexy - and all for Walmart!
    Cute pic of your dog with his hippo - all together now, aaahhhhhhh!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate the support.
    Love Curtise xxx

  8. Oh I love the pin stripe and the pointy white collar! This dress could so be gothed up with a waist corset, sort of Lip Service style!

    I love that you treat your dog to a cheese burger for his birthday! I hope he enjoyed every single little morsel of it! xxx

  9. haha how cute is your baby with his hippo haha so adorable how he looks at the cam ;) and i really like this dress, i think i have to sew me a black dress with white collar always look so fabulous!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  10. Happy Birthday, Jersey! His Brit cousin was licking me at last week's car boot sale, I think it was a tactic to try and get me to drop the vintage frock I was holding.
    Loving the posh frock, you look like a very naughty secretary, and cheers for the gratuitous label shot, I do love a spot of label porn. x

  11. Cute dress!! I love pinstripes And what a precious boy! Happy birthday to Jersey! How sweet that he cuddles with his hippo!

  12. Happy belated birthday Jersey! That dress is super cute, love your cheeky photos :o) Scarlett x

  13. you are so cute.and I just love your doggy,what a cuddly boy.xx

  14. You always cheer me up with your silly poses, makes me giggle. :)
    You're so cool. :D