Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Missing treasure & Helga has a groovy dancing twin

Well Genie Coconut says: I have still not taken photos of my Garage sale finds. I am going to have to start doing this the same day I buy them.. because now I am trying to remember what I bought this Saturday. One thing I know is it isn't much. The past few weekends have been horrible for finding vintage.

But I did find the Turban hat above along with another one will I will show you properly in my next post. (You know.. when the barn is painted!)

(Not vintage) This is a old navy sundress I got for under $1

Pardon the wrinkles - Apparently watching a movie in it creates a wrinkle effect. Will be perfect for next summer in the hot heat.

Hawaiian dress I got for under $1 This should also see some use next summer!

This evening I went for my first bike ride of Fall. I love to ride my bikes, I find it very relaxing. The bike I am riding is named Casper and it was purchased on October 1 for a Twenty at Salvation Army.

In a few days Casper and I will be celebrating our 1 year Anniversary.

I rode past the river

And this weeping willow

Stopped at this tall grass to take a picture

Rode past this group of Canadian Geese

And stopped on a little bridge to enjoy this sweet sunset

Bye bye ducks

Yesterday I picked up 3 records. And I really loved the photos on one of them that is from 1967. Check out (HELGA) getting her groove on!

"Helga if this is not you.. then you have a twin Sister"

I about dropped the Vinyl once I spotted the resemblance.


I wonder who she is?!


  1. I'm sure it's Helga'a doppleganger, she's certainly got right groovy hip-thrusts going on there. Ooh I love the turban so much - you're so lucky, it'll be perfect for the cooler weather. I love Casper and the countryside you bike in is exquisite!! When I was preggers with #1 son, I read everything by Sheila Kitzinger and decided to go for it at home, so it was intentional. xo

  2. Your pics are always so cute, must aaadmit I'm getting rather jealous of your photo abilities you little minx. Sorry I'm battling with Sue's mac today god knows what spelling will happen. Casper looks very cute, I might have to come and go for a ride one of these days, don't put it past me, I'm already down for a trip to Alaska when VB is a bit biger.

  3. I am with Kitty you must teach us some of your photo tricks I love them.Helgas gunna love her LP cover lol

  4. Helga as I live and breathe, how fabulous!
    Your photos are amazing. I love you in that turban and Casper is a beauty, what scenery! I don't understand why the Canadian Geese come over to spend winter with us, it's far prettier there. xxx

  5. I love that hawaiian dress. Happy anniversary to you and Casper I hope you have a long life together ha ha. That is totally Helga's twin or she has a secret life she hasn't told us about.

    E :)

    Ps. I emailed you, not sure if i sent it to the right address.

  6. @Pull your socks up! I don't know too much about the turbans I just always seen fabulous ladies in the movies saunter around in them looking all glam. I suppose I will have to attempt it! *haha*

    @Kitty I am always jelous of everyone else's pics. I didn't have the slightest clue mine were anything to write home about. *lol* ALASKA!! I hope you and cutie VB have some freaking warm boots!

    @Nelly I use free photo editing programs. (If your talking about the top pic with all the crazy-ness going on) =)

    @Vix You think it's far prettier here I think its far prettier there! lol We always love what we do not have. And maybe the geese feel that way too. *lol* Although it costs lesss for them to travel. All I know is our parks are LOADED with them right now. And they are quite FAT! hehe

    @Vintage Sweetheart Thank you for the Anniversary wishes. LOL I am betting Helga may have had a secret life... Or maybe her twin is a long lost relative! =D
    I haven't checked my email in a couple days. *naughty naughty I know* I will get back to you tomorrow. As it is almost 2 a.m. here *EEEEPP!*

  7. marilyn manson does have a song about dopplegangers.

  8. Bloody HELL,as soon as I saw it I thought you'd nicked some pix of mine,but realised I haven't posted any pix like this!! Crikey!Who is that cow,how very DARE she?!!!!
    LOVE that turban,darling!!HAWT! Tell me my fortune!!!
    beautiful scenery,I've always fancied Canada because I've always heard it's gorgeous!!! Your geese visit us! they're very honky!
    Loving the Hawaiian frock,tre syummy!Perfect for riding Casper in the sunshine......

  9. Love that Hawaiian dress, what a BARGAIN! Happy anniversary :-)

  10. I am LOVING your blog....
    But not as much as I LOVE YOU, Mel.
    xox <3<3

  11. The photos ARE gorgeous, you obviously have the gift!
    And get you in your little turban, so cute!
    Helga's dancing twin - hahahahaha! Actually, I don't think her moves are quite as fancy as our Helga's!!!

  12. Love the turban.I always worry about my pea head when I wear hats and thigs.Love your dresses.Especially the hawaiian dress.I want a bike like casper.I love how you name your bikes.Canada is such a beautiful place.The photos are lovely and peaceful.