Friday, March 16, 2012

The bright crazy intricate designed dress

I did a HORRIBLE job of Frocking this Friday. I did wear a frock trouble is... I only took two darn pictures. And I didn't even get the whole darn dress!! (That's your fault Mr.)
I was very rushed today as Mr. still had to go do his last shift before the weekend. So I rushed out the door to go to the "Bag sale" Thrift. I didn't find too much this time. These pics were taken in front of a cute old house on the same street as bag sale. (I love that little front porch area.)
I bought this dress in a (Buy 1 get one free sale) The total was $5.00 so I suppose I paid $2.50
I am crazy about this big giant ring. It makes me think of black licorice whenever I wear it.
Here is the daisy headband I got from Des.
When I look at this picture it creeps me out. I think it has a weird trance vibe to it. It has to do with my eyes and the top leaves on the headband... "YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEPY STARE INTO MY EYES"
Am I crazy or do you get what I am saying?

(I adore this headband so much!! I have always loved Daisies)
I wore a daisy hair flower almost all last summer.
I have a purple dress I want to wear this one with. It was too wrinkled to frock up into today. But that's probably a good thing since I totally didn't snap much pics.
This is the one Mom wore Yesterday in her Birthday photo.
Thank you all for wishing her a Happy Birthday I am going to get her to read your comments soon. (I know she will be thrilled with the ones saying her and I look alike...) because I used to always swear I was adopted. Most people don't see a resembelance between My Mom & Dad and I.
Fuzzy photo but this headband is very pretty. The whole base is green leaves and then the roses on top!
Thank you very much Des & Stylist for doing your fun little giveaway & for the Stylist pulling out my name!!! *WOOOT WOOOT*
Something else came to Canada for me this week.
It was a gift from Em!!
(I love cute packaging)
Em sent me a LOBSTER, PRAWN, CLAM, SHELL apron she bought at Kylie's garage sale!!!
OMG!!! I love it immensely. I am going to wear it the next time I bake (Which will have to be soon now) Also in the package was those red & black leopard earrings. I loved the card... and instantly thought "mmmm Tomato soup" Then I realized... it wasn't soup... it was tea! *hhaha*
Thank you Em!
Lastly thank you to those who became a "Liker" on my Facebook store page.
I was having a horrible time figuring out how to do and work all the stuff on there. (Then I finally realized) I was supposed to have a "Personal facebook account" So I could be (A Administrator to the page.) So all in all I had to create ANOTHER facebook account so I could actually properly run that page and "LIKE" other businesses and stuff.
My name on there is Melanie Sparkle. I tried Melanie Coconut and I got a message saying (They didn't think that that was a legitimate name.) But yet ... I tried Melanie Sparkle... and it worked like a charm. *LOL* *Roll eyes*
~* Have a good weekend Everyone *~


  1. Oh they all look so beautiful on you lovely Moconut!!! I had some trouble with the purple one due to using crappy quality ribbon but you can't see it when it's on - I can't wait to see you rocking these babies this summer! Yes daisies are very trance-like xoxoxoxo

  2. I've never noticed the gorgeous green of your eyes lucky you are to have them. The headbands are very pretty, you look like a storybook Princess, especially in the roses one. And yes, you do look alot like your lovely, pretty Mum x

  3. Love the dress and the headbands! The last pic is my favorite...what an expression! And, yes, you do look like your mom. (My daughter thought she was adopted too, because her resemblance to me isn't immediately noticeable.)

  4. Wow, Melanie, you're rocking those hair bands, Big time, Love the orange dress and the black ring but my utter favourite is the apron Em sent - beyond fabulous. Xx

  5. I love this flowy colourful frock! I'm so happy you like the apron. I thought of you straight away when I bought it. I slso love your big ass hair flowers. xx

  6. Oh those hairbands are so pretty! Are they handmade by your friend?

  7. Gorgeous dress! I love the pattern. & the headbands are lovely too!

    Catherine, XO.

  8. Cheekbones ahoy! Those headbands look great! Em found you some perfect stuff! xxx

  9. Amor,
    Orange frock really brings out your featutes.
    Arent Desireesitas flower headbands the bomb?
    I wear mine all the time.eyeing your orange bangle too..that delicious ring does remind me of liquorice. I loving the big red rose headband too. your eyes are mesmerizing.

  10. You look cute.I agree with dora it does bring out your features.Mmmmm black liquorice.Now I want all those pretty head bands.Ohhh and all the lovely gifts.xx

  11. oh i want some of thise flower headbands too, i think i have to make one by myself.. especially the roses look so good on your black hair...well the daisies too!!! but i think it´s not the headband it´s you and your natural fabulousness ;) and the print of your dress is amazing too. oh i didnt know you have a facebook page too but i will look now for you;)
    love and kiss,mary

  12. well i couldn´t find you on facebook :( can you send me the link?

  13. What a divine frock, VC! I love it so much! Loving the headbands and laughing at the lobster Em sent you, what could have been more perfect for you? xxx

  14. oh you are soo lovely!! you rock in that dress!!! and your!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy Sunday!!

  15. Ha! Sparkle is more legitimate than Coconut!!! I absolutely love that last mad pic of you! Sarah xxx