Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrift store finds GLUG GLUG GLUG

Yesterday I went out to some thrift shops with my Mom. I found these two leather purses. One was marked $1.50 the other $2. When I went to the till to pay the lady said your total is $2 and I said.... Are you sure?? And she said "Yes we are having a sale" *EAAAP* I was thrilled.

Both of these bags are a name brand called MASTERCRAFT which I find hilarious as ever since I remember Mastercraft is a brand name for a popular tool brand.

So I am pretty sure that means I should feel super tough carrying one of these vintage Mastercraft bags!


Recycled plastic bags woven into a funky shopper bag


Square embroidered table cloth $1

This book was on a shelf along with alot of others... but it caught my eye. What about it would catch my eye?? Why the little crab on the top of the spine. The BOOKS PRETTY AWESOME TOO! I have read it 4 times already. "Once to my Mom while she was driving, once to my Dad while he was trying to watch television & once to my Brother while he was eating, once just to myself because I find it so enjoyable. I have yet to read it to Mr. Coco but I will soon. Oh and that boat on the string...

$0.25 cents

Found Pattington in the bottom of a stuffed toy bin. Just reading his tag made me sad. So of course I took him out of that stuffed toy prison. He was $1 He is missing his hat. Until I find one .... I might just sew him up a new one with some yellow felt.

When I brought him up to the till... The cashier said the note made her so sad she was about to cry. *lol*

My Fof is going to be posted late... sometime this weekend. I didn't have time to Frock up today.


  1. I can't believe how cheap you can pick things up for over there (those bags are a bargain)!! I can't help myself with childrens books. My kids have a crazy amount of them just because I can get them so cheap at garage sales and oppies! Have been busy so will have to catch up on your posts. :)

  2. I agree - those are some rock bottom prices! Pratically giving it away! I love that first bag especially. I'm so glad Pattinton has a new home. It makes me "beary" happy. Teehee!!

  3. What gorgeous bags! I love the little teddy, how could anybody leave him behind? Glug glug glug you're a funny lady. xx

  4. yay!!! A teddy rescue!!! I can hear his wee voice saying " take me home miss coconut".
    Wow the handbags are just fabulous and the price was just amazing.
    Love v

  5. Great buys love the kelly bag ;-) Ahhh bless there bear some one must have loved him very much that note reminds me of Andy in Toy story broke my heart when he had to give his toys away because he grow up. Have a great weekend, dee x

  6. How could anyone leave Paddington behind (or throw him away in the first place)especially with that note attached to his coat is beyond me. And I'm not a stuffed toy fan! I'm so glad you took him home to live with you Mr C and the hounds. I'm sure he'll be a very happy little bear x

  7. Yay for treasures! I do like the recycled plastic bag and I have that exact table cloth!!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Darl you are so ready for a baby it's not funny :) Personally I can't wait to see a little weeny Coconut!!!

  9. We have two Paddingtons - big fan of marmalade sandwiches too! Still have some squeaky bath books too. Make sure you dry it off or they're prone to going mouldy.

    Those leather bags are pretty amazing, doesn't look like they've been used from that interior shot - great bargain.

  10. I love Glug, Glug, Glug. I'm sure Grandson #1 would have me read it over and over and over to him. :)

  11. Those bags are fabulous, what a bargain they were!!!
    You need to thrift your Paddington Bear a pair of kiddies wellies then he'll be perfect. xxx

  12. first what amazing bags you found darling and gosh this glug glug glug books seems really cute you could read it to mee too ;) love and kiss,mary

  13. well done for rescuing paddington! Can't believe the handbag bargains you got! xx

  14. Awww I love the book! It's so cute that the boat SQUEAKS!
    The bags are beautiful. All the thrift shops here are full of new junk at high prices!

  15. those bags are cute.The woven plastic bag is cool too.Love the book and paddington is so adorable.used to love paddington when I was little.xx

  16. I thought the "glug glug glug" was referring to you and Mr C having a big night out on the beer... But no, you are squirrelling away goodies for that Future Baby Coconut again!
    In the original book, Paddington Bear arrives in London from Darkest Peru with that note in his pocket, doesn't he? He does need his hat though, and Vix is right about the wellies too. Then he's perfect for the FBC too!
    Gorgeous and super-bargainacious bags, and in lovely condition inside.
    You HAVE done well!
    PS. Need a frock though, please! xxxxxxxxxxxxx